Thinking Magically™ | iPad Incantations (Part 3)

Ancient Magic | Modern Tools embodies a notion that I hold; that the ways of magic and spellbinding of long ago can be boosted by the gadgets of today. In fact, where others see contraptions, I see possibilities for enchanting, forming wonder, and captivating people! To that end, I previously posted two articles about something I call iPad Incantations. Today is the third in a continuing series in which we explore one of Apple’s latest ads and learn to turn it into a real tool for self-growth and empowerment. So . . . ready to create a compelling life?

First, here is the latest in the line of Apple’s amazing iPad 2 ads:


The script for the commercial is simple:

For some it’s a lifelong passion

For others, it’s something discovered yesterday

We all have things that speak to us

They drive us to get up early

And stay up late

Getting lost in the things we love has never felt quite like this

You may have easily noticed by now that Apple ads (as well as any other well-done and fascinating ads) are the perfect template to create a way to enhance your spiritual and physical well-being. These types of ads are so successful, I believe, because they naturally touch us and help us to understand, face, and affect our world. I’ll even offer to you that these types of ads are a form of contagious magic. They are undeniably effective because they presume the potency of the Principle of Contagion; once you and the ad reach each other, the ad continues to work on you even though that initial contact has been broken because it incredibly affects and touches you. Perhaps that’s why it’s called viral marketing and is so successful.

To use this in an intense and seductive way, take each of the Ad’s script lines and turn them into an impression to which you are compelled to respond. That’s right, take a piece of paper and pen or your computer, and write out the following headings:

My lifelong passions

What I discovered yesterday

What speaks to me

What drives me to get up early and stay up late

What I love getting lost in

After your headlines are written (perhaps each on a separate page), go back and start to fill in the white spaces on the page. Just write. Fill the page up! As I’ve urged you in other exercises, don’t censor how you are responding. Let your stream of consciousness take charge and let the ideas and feelings and thoughts pour forth!

Once you are done creating, put your writing aside for a little while. Give yourself a break, and go do something outdoors or engage in some activity that will take your mind away from this exercise. Then go back and read over what you have written. You will see some very obvious and powerful patterns emerge; messages from your heart and soul that are well worth paying attention to!

In case you missed the prior iPad Incantation articles, they can be found at the following links:

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