Thinking Magically™ | iPad Incantations (Part 2)

As part of my continuing series of explorations of Ancient Magic | Modern Tools, I previously posted an article about my iPad Incantations. Well, Apple has released another wonder-filled commercial about the iPad, and it just begs to be used with my technique. I gave a hint about this on my Facebook page and, once again, it got a lot of attention.

So, let’s expand upon the method together . . . here.

As usual with Apple, their promotional words are simple, intense, and commanding:

If you ask a parent, they might call it intuitive.
If you ask a musician, they might call it inspiring.
To a doctor, it’s groundbreaking.
To a CEO, it’s powerful.
To a teacher, it’s the future.
If you ask a child, she might call it magic.
And if you asked us, we’d say it’s just getting started.

We are going to take this advertisement and turn it into an intoxicating description of . . . YOU! In other words, you are going to re-write this great iPad commercial as if you were the product or, as I outlined in my original iPad Incantations post, you are going to assume that YOU are the one receiving worldwide promotion.

As you now have come to realize, I believe that most success involves starting with a desired goal; focusing on the outcome, first, and only then discovering the path to get there. This technique is no different. So, we are going to begin with finding the 6 most powerful words to describe you (or who you want to be). In the iPad commercial, Apple uses: intuitive, inspiring, groundbreaking, powerful, the future, and magic. Naturally, you can use some or all of those same words. But . . . here are few others for you to consider when describing who you are, or who you want to be:

adorable, adventurous, aggressive, amazing, attractive, beautiful, brave, brilliant, captivating, certain, charming, clever, colorful, confident, curious, delightful, determined, dynamic, elegant, enchanting, enthusiastic, excited, faithful, famous, fantastic, funny, gentle, gifted, glamorous, glorious, gorgeous, graceful, handsome, happy, helpful, honest, important, imposing, joyous, magical, magnificent, optimistic, outstanding, passionate, perfect, powerful, precious, remarkable, saintly, strong, successful, super, talented, trustworthy, victorious, visionary, wild, wise, witty, wonderful, worthy

Of course, you can always add to this list to suit your own situation and the goals you want to easily accomplish.

Now, pick 6 adjectives that are important to you in describing you. As an example, let’s use: visionary, intuitive, powerful, imposing, passionate, and – of course, magic! With these 6 words, we will work backwards. When someone thinks of you, who do you want to say you are a visionary or are intuitive? Who do you want to say you are powerful? Imposing? Passionate? And, who would think of magic when thinking of you?

Once you discover the 6 adjectives to describe you and match them with the 6 categories of people, you end up with something like this as a formula for success:

If you ask my family, they might call me a visionary.
If you ask my friends, they might call me intuitive.
To my co-workers, I’m powerful.
To my competition, I’m imposing.
To my wife . . . passionate.
If you ask anyone who meets me, they might call me magical.
And if you asked me, I’d say . . . I’m just getting started.

I encourage you to develop your own deeply personal ad campaign and then effortlessly consider, skillfully adopt, and certainly incorporate it into your daily notions of triumph.

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© 2011 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.
iPad is a registered trademark of Apple.

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