Thinking Magically™ | How Badly You’re Prepared to be a Magician

“In order to excel, you must be completely dedicated to your chosen sport.
You must also be prepared to work hard and be willing to accept constructive criticism.
Without one-hundred percent dedication, you won’t be able to do this.”
– Willie Mays

In my new book, The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life, I ask you to make a choice:

To live a life filled with Magic . . . or not.

Naturally, most of you reading this will have already decided you want to be a Magician.

I find it fascinating, however, that our parents, our schools, our religious institutions, and usually even our mentors didn’t prepare us to make, let alone live out, that choice with any substance or sustainability. Think back over your life – all the things that have defined you, currently set who you are, brought you to where you are right now – and notice you have been (sometimes intentionally) raised to live with an uncertain view of yourself.

Let me put it another way.

Who are the consistently successful and happy Magicians in your life that you have been able to model? I’m willing to bet there have been precious few, if any, when you revisit your past.

Don’t get me wrong.

We’ve all had extraordinary people in our lives.

We’ve all had heroes.

We’ve all had people from whom we’ve received sage advice.

But were they amazing Magicians that we can model?

The fact is . . . you’ve been badly prepared to live a life of Magic.

What can we do, then, to help define what this magical life we claim to want really is?

We’ve never seen anyone else living such a life. The life we want to live has all been revealed to us through our imagination, our books, and our movies.

Instead, in the “real” world, we’ve had the ignorant and the uninspired and the thoughtless amongst us tell us that the Magic we want to believe in isn’t real . . . because they’re afraid it might be real.

They tell us that believing in Magic isn’t for grown-ups . . . because they’ve forgotten how to play.

And they tell us that, if we’d just get a “real job” and understand how the “real world” works, we could actually make a “really decent living” for a change . . . because they need people like that to work for them and to further their limited vision.

So, if we’ve been so badly prepared for the amazing life we want to live, what can be done to infuse us with what we need to be a Magician?

Consider adopting and adapting these 7 steps . . .

STEP 1. Accept that you don’t need a prior wizardly role model to live a life of Magic. Oh, you will have those people who help to shape and mold what you are becoming. But Magic is very personal and shows itself through you in rather one-of-a-kind ways.

STEP 2. Understand that, in choosing a life of Magic, you are really accepting your own personal power, effectiveness, and ambitions.

STEP 3. Declare your personal power, effectiveness, and ambition. Then, learn to listen to them. They will speak to you with a precision and a path forward.

STEP 4.  Discover the signs and portents and omens that life lays out for you each day. Start treating the world as your own personal and giant Rorschach test. Your Magic is waiting for you to uncover your true self.

STEP 5. Start taking care of yourself better. If you are going to savor a magical life, you have to be in shape to recognize and enjoy such pleasure and fun and delight. Get out and move.

STEP 6. Learn to believe in and trust yourself more. What if you were your own role model? Think about that one for a moment. What if everything you need to become the greatest Magician ever is already inside you just waiting to emerge?

STEP 7. Take action. Magic is just wishful thinking unless you’re actually doing something to make your dreams come true.

Albert Einstein said: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

Perhaps now is the time to put your past behind you and start living your life as though everything is filled with Magic. In fact, now is the time for you to promise yourself that you will only live a life filled with Magic and start putting aside everything that does not further that intent.

Yes, you’ve been badly prepared to be a Magician. There have been times when you can’t imagine that living a life of Magic is anything other than your selfish imagination playing tricks on you. You’ve hit a wall on the path of being a Magician and wondered if the “others” are right . . . you should get “real.

Still, something keeps nagging at you and propelling you forward into a world of delight, fun, and enchantment. I say that’s the real Magic. . . the ability to choose that delight and fun and enchantment. And you can start living that way right now . . . you’ve actually been prepared for it from the moment your were born.

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October 1, 2015 2 comments

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Thinking Magically™ | Stop With The Guilt Already. You Just Don’t Want To Change Enough.

September 27, 2015 1 comment

“Chronic remorse, as all the moralists are agreed, is a most undesirable sentiment.
If you have behaved badly, repent, make what amends you can
and address yourself to the task of behaving better next time.
On no account brood over your wrongdoing.
Rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean.”
– Aldous Huxley (Brave New World)

I’m going to talk about something today that most of you won’t want to admit happens to you because it’s an uncomfortable truth.

And I see it and hear it all the time.

Here’s the setting.

Something challenging or bad or in conflict has occurred between two people.

One of them says to the other, “I just feel guilty about [you fill in your favorite guilt trip]” or “I feel guilty that [fill in what happened or what was said] happened” or “I feel guilty even asking you about [fill in whatever you’d like here].”

Then, there’s either an awkward silence (as if the person receiving the guilt-ridden announcement is supposed to finish the sentence for the other person) or the guilt-trip is then offered as an excuse why something was or wasn’t done or is about to be done.

Let me point out that this article is not about condemning someone’s feelings of guilt.

This article is not about judging what someone might or might not feel terrible about.

This article isn’t even about a person’s current feelings at all.

This is an article about responsibility and ownership of one’s actions and doing what has to be done to change for the better.

I want you to consider the next time you talk about “feeling guilty” to someone whether you’re using it to make an excuse or whether such a feeling is motivating you to actually change something for the better.

We, as a whole, have sometimes gotten so used to talking about our guilt as the actual outcome or consequence (or even as a cultural or societal or religious theme) that we’ve forgotten (or chosen to overlook because it’s easier and less painful) that real guilt is the real realization we’ve really done something wrong AND NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING.

It’s not the outcome.

It’s an emotion.

If you judge something you’ve done or said or allowed to be wrong, then you understand that the “thing you did or said or allowed” needs to be changed the next time around. Pay close attention to that last sentence because, if you’ve done or said or allowed something, then you own it.

You have responsibility.

When you have responsibility over something, then you also have the power to control it (in various degrees).

However . . .

I don’t see or hear many people who claim to feel guilty all the time actually accepting responsibility in a productive way and thus they aren’t changing anything at all. By simply saying “I feel guilty” without doing anything to modify the situation or keeping history from repeating itself, they aren’t taking ultimate responsibility for their words and actions.

Instead, they “feel guilty” and that outward acknowledgment of their feelings is the supposed to be the absolution in and of itself.

Let’s back up a moment and continue our discussion with the fact that real guilt serves an actual purpose at the appropriate time. Among other things, guilt helps to keep you from doing things that are harmful to yourself and others. Guilt can provide us with necessary boundaries.

So, I ask: What happens when we use the claim of feeling guilty, instead, as a way to rationalize or dismiss behavior or feelings or thoughts that continue rather than as an impetus for change?

The answer is: Nothing happens.

And that’s the whole point I’m asking you to take to heart. I want you to make better things happen.

If you’re feeling guilt, it’s likely arising from one of the following basic scenarios:

You did something.

You didn’t do something.

You believe you did something (even if you didn’t).

You believe you didn’t do something when you should have (even if you did).

Once you figure out the scenario your guilt fits into (yes, it might be more than one), the next thing to do is ask yourself:

How is my guilt serving me?

In other words, what is your guilt telling you?

Then, I want you to use your personal power to make things happen differently in the future. This starts with being insanely logical about any given situation. In other words, you might want to use the great question posed by author Byron Katie:


That’s right.

Be bold.

Anytime you’re feeling guilty (and that guilt is not keeping you from hurting yourself or others) ask: Is what I’m feeling guilty about true? (Note: You’re not asking whether the guilt is true. You’re asking whether the underlying factual premise is true.)

If you discover that you’ve made up some story (or there’s no story at all) to support your guilt, you can then move on from there.

If you discover that something is true that supports your guilty emotion, then take the time to deconstruct what you’ve done or said that brought you to the point of feeling guilty. Once you make that realization, you can then create an action plan to prevent the same things from happening or being said in the first place.

You will be transforming disempowering habits and replacing them with actions that help you create the outcomes you desire.

Now, that’s Magic.

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about finding your own personal Magic? If so, then consider reading The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. You can order my new book right now through Amazon  >>>


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Thinking Magically™ | If You’re Not Worried About The High Concept Fueling Your Magic . . . You Should Be

September 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Most writers can’t tell at the premise stage whether they’ve got a good story because they don’t have the training to see the deep structural problems in the idea before writing it as a script. The extraordinary fact is 99% of writers fail at the premise. This is the great unknown gatekeeper that keeps most writers from being successful. If you screw up the premise, nothing you do later in the writing process will make any difference. The game’s already over.
– John Truby

Hollywood-types like to talk about, push, and buy high concept movies and television. You might never have heard the term “high concept” before. But it’s one that every Magician needs to know because it helps you to be more effective.

So, what does “high concept” mean?

In its simplest form, it means a movie or television show that is powerful and salable and immediately craved because, among other things, it’s highly entertaining, new, and has an emotional focus. A high concept can usually be put into one forceful, exciting, and seductive sentence. When you hear or read that sentence you immediately want to know more.

Now imagine such a sentence used by you that makes you or your desired outcomes forceful, exciting, or seductive.

Let me digress for just a moment. Your high concept is not the same as a tagline you might use. Going back to our television and movie discussion, let’s look at Pixar’s movie, Toy Story (which shouldn’t be a surprise to you that Steve Jobs owned Pixar at the time it was made).

Toy Story’s high concept explores the question: What if your toys are really alive?

It’s taglines ranged from “Proud to be a vegetable!” to “Watch out for little green men.”  Not very high concept are they?

Can you now see why you don’t want to confuse the two?

Okay, back to our discussion of you, your Magic, and high concept.

I want you to start thinking of yourself and the Magic you have to offer with a new perspective. Start asking: What do I have to say, in one sentence, that will have people spreading the word about me?

Or, to put it another way: What do I have to say, in one sentence, that will make people want to learn more about me and my Magic?

Most people—including your competitors—don’t have an inkling of what they can or should do to create a high concept for themselves and what they have to offer to the world. The good news is that, now that you know about the (high) concept, it’s actually going to be simple for you to create (I said “simple.” I did not say “easy.”).

I used the term “simple” because that’s what you are shooting for. You want your sentence to convey your message in a simple fashion. For what I do, my high concept is three simple words: Making. Magic. Real.

Making. Magic. Real.” (especially with the periods in place) delivers a promise. It delivers three mighty actions (creating, manifesting, and experiencing). The heart of my promise is that I will help others obtain the happiness and success they want. In today’s world, a person’s life would change dramatically if they were both happy and successful. Finding that kind of Magic, will change everything for most people.

I use numerous taglines. The most compelling ones are: Stop Wishing. Start Having. and Do You Want More? Those taglines are of different construction than my high concept and they deliver a different feeling to my audience. They also have a different purpose.

Now, it’s your turn.

What is your high concept?

What is the promise you are inherently making to others?

What do you have to offer them that is practical and tangible?

My work is all about Great Magic.

What is your work all about?

Start with filling in the blank: I offer Great _______________.

Now ask yourself: What can I say about my Great ____________ that will move someone reading it or hearing it?

Finally, put your Great __________ into a “what if” scenario that is dramatic.

In my case, I have “What if Magic is real?

What’s your dramatic offering?

Once you frame the high concept for yourself and your Magic, you’re going to find that it actually shakes up and stimulates you. You’re going to find it motivating. You’re going to find it exhilarating. And you’re going to find that your Magic is thrilling all over again.

You see, in the end, finding the high concept that fuels your Magic really isn’t about selling anything to anyone else. It’s all about you discovering or rediscovering your own enjoyment of Life.

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about finding your own personal Magic? If so, then consider reading The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. You can order my new book right now through Amazon  >>>


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Thinking Magically™| Can You Be Happy Forever?

September 13, 2015 Leave a comment

I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself.
For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is
determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.
– Martha Washington

Can you be happy forever?

I think everyone’s happy. We always do what brings us pleasure. Even avoiding pain is pleasurable so that, too, brings us happiness.

On a certain level we’re all happy all the time.

But, I also know that we get bored after awhile and we eventually want more. So we delude ourselves into thinking we’re unhappy.

Here’s what I know to be true.

Most people, when you ask them, when you push them, actually believe themselves to be happy. They’ve reach a certain level of attainment or fulfillment and they’ve rationalized that, while things “might” be better than they are, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” (so to speak). In other words, most people plateau as to what they experience about happiness and how they live through Life. They might be somewhat, kind of, or relatively happy forever . . . but it’s not the kind of happiness they might otherwise choose to experience forever.

I think everyone can agree with me that old habits are insidious.

Breaking them is insurmountable for most.

Many are charmed by old habits into believing that everything is okay and nothing needs to be changed.

For me, it seems that a person’s level of perceived happiness is very much like an attempt to intentionally lose weight. The desire to achieve a certain weight is there (much like the desire for more or better happiness). We do whatever we believe necessary to improve our health and lose weight to some ideal amount. Results start to appear. Then . . . we level out (something that’s been called “weight plateau”). We get confused and angry and disappointed because there doesn’t appear to be any reason that amazing gains (or weight loss) don’t keep happening.

It is then that many people become discouraged and give up. And if they’d only kept going a little while longer, even better gains would have been realized.

Unfortunately, we go back to our old, comfortable patterns (and our old weight . . . or worse) and excuse the failure away.

We’re all pretty good about apologizing to ourselves about failure and justifying why we let it happen or why it happened to us.

Bringing this back to a discussion of happiness, the challenge for you—as a Magician—is to find consistently successful ways that allow you to break free of complacency, break your old patterns or habits of happiness because they’re keeping you from achieving even greater happiness, and develop even more powerful ways to create astonishing outcomes.

Being happy forever doesn’t entail some untrustworthy or crafty way of redefining happiness. Happiness is whatever happiness means for you. I’m not here to change what you define as happiness.

Rather, I’m here to encourage you to actually embrace what brings you pleasure (so long as you’re not harming anyone). To stop vindicating what you have now and to start moving towards what you really want.

You can be happy forever. That will require you to start making the concept of “change” a component of your happiness.

Why do I say this?

Because new, novel, refreshing, and surprising “stuff” gets and keeps our interest. That “stuff” might be an experience, a feeling, an actual thing, a conversation, a person, and on and on. Whatever that new “stuff” might be for you, you must come to realize that your happiness is built in part on your amazement and astonishment with the “stuff” of Life.

Why do you think technology companies keep releasing new iterations of their offerings as often as they do (yes, I know some of it is built around new breakthroughs and components and materials)? Much of what they do is a way to keep your attention. It’s called giving you a surprise (just look at the way Apple, for example, teases you with product launches before anything is actually available).

You can learn to do exactly the same thing for yourself.

Here are three suggestions to get you started:

1. Create a personal manifesto or worldview that you can return to time and time again to keep your perspective fresh.

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2. Commit yourself to staying flexible and to changing your course in order to make your dreams come true.

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3. Start doing stuff rather than just thinking about it or talking about it.

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You can be happy forever.

Indeed, you’re going to be happy forever. That can’t be helped.

What can be helped is that you can start realizing a greater happiness beyond your current wildest imaginings by simply engaging in the few simple techniques that I’ve outlined.

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about finding your own personal happiness? If so, then consider reading The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. You can order my new book right now through Amazon  >>>


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Thinking Magically™ | 10 Overlooked Principles Everyone Should Use To Enjoy Their Magic

September 6, 2015 Leave a comment

“When you’re touched by magic, nothing’s ever quite the same again.
What really makes me sad is all those people who never have the chance to know that touch.
They’re too busy, or they just don’t hold with make-believe,
so they shut the door without really knowing it was there to be opened in the first place.”
– Charles de Lint (What the Mouse Found and Other Stories)

In this article, I’m addressing the real you.

The rebel.

The nonconformist.

The habitually restless.

With your great thinking and great dreaming and great doing comes great freedom.

And with your great freedom comes the luxury of the great frustration you feel from time to time because you know how matters of this world could be different . . . if only “they” would listen to you.

Too often, however, the magical folk I know eventually become too cunning. They look outward and see things they want to be different. They take to heart Gandhi’s saying, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” In creating, then, they tend to adopt an arbitrary, vague, and external mindset.

Imagine how things would be different if, instead, you become the very change they wish to see in yourself.

That’s a very important and often overlooked distinction. Given enough time, we get so caught up in the act of creating that we overlook that our Magic lives and breathes and grows inside us. You cannot find it out in the world without finding it first in yourself.

You risk a great deal of confusion unless you come to understand and know this fundamental aspect of Magic.

Your adventure, quite frankly, is to initially ignore what you believe to exist outside of yourself and discover what has been with you from the time you were born.

Your responsibility is to be an architect for your outcomes. To intend and plan and attend to results.

But that’s not all . . .

You also have an obligation to be the carpenter who takes the intentions and plans of your architect and then works and builds those desired outcomes so they have a tangible existence.

We miss so much Magic when we neglect to see ourselves as BOTH an architect and carpenter. So, I want you to start looking at your Magic with the following—often overlooked—principles in mind:

1. Great Magic exists in the Present. It is recalled from the Past. It is imagined for the Future.

2. Great Magic is—in equal measure—both a function of your will and a purpose for your character.

3. Great Magic reveals your spirit. It strips you bare.

4. Great Magic is what makes everything else seem real. (And you thought it was the other way around, didn’t you?)

5. Great Magic is fearless. It is cunning. It is reassuring. It’s use is a lot like coming home.

6. Great Magic is an honor. Always—always—deserve your Magic.

7. Great Magic is what people will remember about you. Everything else is nonsense.

8. Great Magic requires your care. If you don’t care, why should anyone else?

9. Great Magic changes you. You will be pared down into a significance you haven’t even imagined, yet.

10. Great Magic uses as little fantasy as possible. It will destroy the deceptions you have about yourself (and just about everything else).

Rebels, nonconformists, and the habitually restless create legacies through their Magic. Can you take these 10 overlooked principles to heart so that you, too, become unforgettable?

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about how to create a life of Magic? If so, then consider reading The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. You can order my new book right now through Amazon  >>>


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Thinking Magically™ | How Well Do You Know Your Own Magic?

What matters most is not what your obstacles are but
how we see them, how we react to them, and whether we keep our composure.
– Ryan Holiday (The Obstacle is the Way)

I get it.

You’re a Magician. [A clap of thunder is heard.]

You create things. [More thunder . . . a little rolling kind this time.]

The world bends to your will. [Dramatic music plays.]

The Universe conspires for your success and happiness. [Big, echoing kettle drum finish.]

Still . . .

Something is standing in your way. You continue to wake up each day or go to bed each night with that nagging feeling that you ought to be more than you are or you should be doing more than you’re doing.

What is standing in your way? And how do you keep this from happening time and time, again?

So, today, let’s discuss how to recognize the first sign of a Magical Challenge.

I’ve said before that Magic is not just what you think about. It is what you DO.

The biggest hinderance that all Magicians face is not their intent. It is not their desire. It isn’t even their ability to imagine a particular outcome.

The biggest challenge we all face is moving from wishing to doing and then on to having. In other words, most people simply won’t commit to the time and energy and deeds it takes to manifest a result. If you are going to be consistently successful and habitually happy, you must place your dreams in the order they deserve.

If you don’t think your dreams deserve a first place setting, then why should they appear for you in the “first place?”
Your desires, passions, dreams, and imaginings have come to you for a specific reason. They fulfill a particular purpose. If you don’t DO what is necessary to bring them to life, they will wither and fade away. I assure you that, if you want particular types of success and happiness, you have to dedicate yourself to making them happen instead of continuing to wait-and-see or living through hunches and reactions.

Let’s try this . . .

Take a moment and find three adjectives that fully describe your relationship with your Magic. Adjectives describe attributes. For example, I have often described my own Magic as:




(In fact, that’s the type of impact I dedicate myself to having with others.)

What are yours?

Still having some difficulty coming up with your adjectives? Do this, instead:

What are three adjectives that do NOT describe your Magic. In other words, who are you not?

Now take those three non-descriptors and write out their positive opposites. Fun stuff, huh? What have you now discovered about yourself and your Magic?

George Bernard Shaw (in Mrs. Warren’s Profession) wrote: “People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, make them.”

Given the three adjectives you’ve chosen (or discovered), what are you now willing to do to make your desired future happen?

The first indication that your Magic is “not real” or “out of balance” is that you find yourself inconsistent in your steadfast and resolute actions to bring your imagination to life. When you lack that consistency, you send yourself internal messages that your Magic is false and when you start down that path you begin to feel like an imposter.

When you don’t have distinct and clear lines about what is and is not good for your Magic, your life becomes a blurred mess.

Magic is not a casual activity.

Magic is not about reckless deeds.

Magic is not a passing fancy.

And it will not tolerate sloppy handling.

Can you commit right here and now that you will start being detailed oriented and protective and deliberate in crafting your dreams and narrowing in on what has to HAPPEN to start living an ecstatic life?

“But,” you say, “you don’t understand my particular life. I’ve got real problems right now that need my attention and I can’t play around with the Magic you talk about.”

Many have said the following, but I like this particular version attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “It is said an Eastern monarch once charged his wise men to invent him a sentence to be ever in view, and which should be true and appropriate in all times and situations. They presented him the words: ‘And this, too, shall pass away.’”

I understand and appreciate the challenges that each and every one of us face. Those challenges and problems and obstacles are in our lives for a reason (even though they might not feel so good at the time). Part of getting to know your own Magic is also learning how to rely on and use it as the challenges “pass away.” Too often, we give our Magic lip service during the good times and don’t believe we can rely upon it in the bad times.

Take the time, today, to really start to examine your relationship with your Magic. Get to know it better. I think the two of you will like each other!

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about how to create a life of Magic? If so, then consider reading The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. You can order my new book right now through Amazon  >>>


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