Thinking Magically™ | This is How I Bring Magic to the World . . . You Can, Too

Someone needs to tell those tales. . . . There’s magic in that. It’s in the listener, and for each and every ear it will be different, and it will affect them in ways they can never predict. From the mundane to the profound. You may tell a tale that takes up residence in someone’s soul, becomes their blood and self and purpose. That tale will move them and drive them and who knows what they might do because of it, because of your words. That is your role, your gift.
—Erin Morgenstern, The Night Circus

I am a magician. What you are about to read is a small sampling of how I bring my magic into the world. What you are about to read also served as a jumping off point for my forthcoming book (it will be out in July).

I create and transform and have fun.

I entertain people with illusion so they remember what a smile is all about and can then recall that smile at any time. I enlighten them with stories so they come to a deep understanding about themselves and the world they have created. I embolden them with charms so that they feel better about themselves and what they’re going to accomplish. I inspire them by showing that the impossible can be done so that they redefine the limitations they’ve put on themselves. I manifest real results so they have something to model should they want the same thing.

I’ve carefully chosen to only do magical work and only work with magical people because I recognized long ago that I want to live in a world where that type of work and those type of people are honored, outcomes are deserved, and transformation is something that is embraced rather than to be feared.

I see and hear from so many people who ignore their deep-seated and truthfully-felt callings and thus live their lives working for and under others. I constantly dare them to live the life of their dreams. I constantly challenge them to define what happiness means. I constantly invite them to be . . . magical.

Let me do the same for you today with the following questions:

What are your most cherished ambitions, desires, and dreams?

If you could sit down and ask the wisest person you know only one question, what would it be?

Why are you continually wishing but rarely having?

When are you finally going to live a life of happiness (because you’re running out of time)?

Look back over your answers to these questions.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop refusing your own magic—
your own ability to choose how and when and where and why you do and think things?

Can you look at the answers that you’ve written and surrender to the person you are really meant to be?
Imagine what a world filled with your own personal magic would look like, feel like, be like. I want that for you.

If you want that type of magic in your life . . . I have some suggestions for you.  Because this is your life and you should live it the way you want to.





One upon a time, magic was an open and integral part of mankind. Everything was possible. Opportunities were endless. My blog posts are full of ideas and inspiration and encouragement for you. Take any of these bits and pieces and create your great magical story.

But—be warned—there is no turning back once you choose a life of magic. You will have a different status. You will have a different mindset. You will have more confidence and more creativity and more connection with your source. You will be treated differently.

I invite you to join me in remembering what it’s like to be magical, and recreating what it’s like to do magic, and becoming the embodiment of magic, itself. To put it another way, I’m asking you to celebrate the power of choice and new beginnings and powerful outcomes with me.

Everyone deserves to live a life of abundance.

Each of you deserves to feast and be filled on what the Universe has to offer.

Each of you is worthy. You don’t have to suffer.

Go ahead. Get lost in your magic.

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . Would you like to learn more about choosing a life of Magic? Then you’ll find my soon-to-be-released book, The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life, interesting. I’d love to send you free updates and fun information as we get closer to the publication date. To receive your very own Most Magical Secret updates and be notified when it goes on sale, click here >>>

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Thinking Magically™ | 6 Ways to Have a Wonderfully Magical Mindset

My meaning simply is,
that whatever I have tried to do in life,
I have tried with all my heart to do well;
that whatever I have devoted myself to,
I have devoted myself to completely;
that in great aims and in small,
I have always been thoroughly in earnest.
—Charles Dickens (David Copperfield)

Successful magicians—those who habitually know what they want and get it—all possess one thing in common. They have a wonderfully magical mindset that includes an amazingly high level of dedication to what they see as their purpose. To put it another way, they’re not part-time magicians who dabble in prosperity. To achieve at a high level, you have to be totally occupied by the magic that you do, how you do it, and what you want to create with it.

Think of it this way: Magic is a matter of priorities. It is a determination of what’s important in your life and what is not.

It is a choice of what comes first.

Magicians who get what they want, when they want it, and as they want it, have a knowledge about themselves that transcends mere belief. A belief is really more of a vague understanding. It’s a mental construct that something might be true. But knowledge—well that’s a different matter. In 1910, J. Krishnamurti in his book, At the Feet of the Master, wrote: In all the world there are only two kinds of people—those who know, and those who do not know; and this knowledge is the thing which matters.

Knowledge is a tangible, palpable, and perceptible realization that . . . something is true.

This knowing ultimately gives magicians that sense of confidence you see in them. They know that they can handle anything that comes their way. They can puzzle through the game of life. They can take our pliable world and make things out of it.

So, what can you do right now to create a wonderfully magical mindset of your own? Here are 6 suggestions. Use one or all of them to your advantage.

1.  Figure out what you want. I’m currently finishing my new book, The Most Magical Secret—4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life. Part of the book is designed to help readers understand, once and for all, what they really want to do. To realize what they want to accomplish. Why would I spend so much time and energy on that? Because I learned long ago that when a magician has a purpose they are on fire. The challenge with most people is not that they don’t want to be successful; it’s that they haven’t taken the time to define what success means for them in the first place and what it will look like when they get it.

2.  Be a leader. Magicians and their magic change the world. If you want to really step into your own, just accept that you are a someone who inspires others. Take the time to figure out what differentiates you from everyone else. Then take the time to refine that uniqueness into someone who brings good magic into the world.

3.  Always be a student. Yes, I’ve said that you have to be confident and be a leader. Remember, though, that you are also always learning. By being in that learning mode, you will constantly have new things to keep your interest, inspire your creativeness, and allow you to bring value to everything and everyone around you.

4.  Take some risks and don’t be afraid to be ridiculed. Magicians take risks that others won’t take. Their creativity takes them places others won’t go. Their need to manifest results keeps them cutting-edge and ahead of the pack. Magicians are often ridiculed. They are the geeks. The unusual ones. The oddballs and the eccentrics. So what? Take to heart what William Purkey wrote:

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.

5. Love your magic. Love it so much that there isn’t anything else you’d rather do. Part of being a successful magician is being happy—not just bringing happiness to others. Take the time to cherish and nurture and have a romance with your magic. Take the time to remember when you first discovered magic. Remember the wonder that filled you up, excited you to the core, and urged you forward to discover more.

6.  Take a stand. Successful magicians stand for something. And they stand against something. Have you ever taken the time to define what you stand for and against? Going through such an exercise really brings clarity and focus to your worldview and gives you a purpose like never before.

As a magician, you are going to touch people’s lives—even if they don’t realize it. It’s time you started paying more attention to your own mindset so that you’re fully prepared for the responsibility of changing the world. I want nothing less than for you to go out and inspire others and build a better place for us all. Your wonderfully magical mindset is going to let you do just that.

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Thinking Magically™ | A New Book From Scott

May 14, 2015 2 comments


You Don’t Have to Already Be Living the Dream

As a subscriber to my Thinking Magically blog, I wanted you to be one of the first to know about a new book I’ve written. It’s called The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic LifeThe Most Magical Secret reveals my tried-and-tested methods for finally moving from wishing to having. Instead of going through each day hoping that serendipity will lead you in a new, different, and better direction, you will discover how to transform yourself into a powerful, goal-seeking, outcome-creating human dynamo in as little as 4 weeks. When you’re ready for ambitious results instead of merely being the result of someone else’s ambition, the principles in this book will help you ease the heavy-lifting and will cause you to manifest powerful, positive, and profound outcomes.

Think of this book as a journey that brings you liberation, focus, and accomplishment – all in one simple and easy-to-implement formula. In other words, I wanted to create a system that allows you to optimize your chances of success and finally start living a life of abundance.

My guess is that you want MORE out of Life. You want to finally figure out what you want in Life and then make those dreams a reality.

You’re not interested in simple affirmations that might or might not work. You’re not interested in a rose-colored glasses approach that doesn’t bear fruit. You’re not looking for an approach to Life that is built on the concept of getting something for nothing.

To put it another way . . . you don’t have to already be living an ecstatic life to know that you want one. But, you do know that you don’t want to continue living Life the way it is right now.

The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life hasn’t been released yet. But it will be, soon. So, I want to make certain that you’re part of the book’s launch. To do that, I’ve created a Most Magical Mailing List ===>

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The Foundation for Happiness and Success

The time has come for a shift in the way we think about both happiness and success. It’s now time for us to participate in our own prosperity. Unfortunately, most of the people I see go through life simply reacting to what comes their way. But they don’t take charge, because they are either unaware of what they really want or they don’t know how to get it.

I’ve been writing about creating a life of abundance for years in this free blog. And I’ve found that there are profound themes that keep appearing.

So, I decided it was time to create a concise, to-the-point, and outcome-oriented book – The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life.

In writing the book, I discovered that the
groundwork for living an ecstatic life lies in the following:

1. Understanding your purpose in Life

2. Knowing what you want

3. Knowing how to get it

4. Taking action

Imagine what a day filled with those four basic items would be like. The amazing part is that there is a system you can use to create more days just like that.

I work with people who are constantly reacting to other people’s ambitions instead of responding to their own, positive desires. I’ve even had people tell me that they’ve become afraid of being happy. That’s no way to live. Yet, many of these people have come to believe that there’s no other way to get through Life.

So, I’ve decided it’s time to start a magical happening dedicated to you living the life of your dreams. And you can help me by being part of that change.


Being Part of it All

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And, you never know, I might even be giving you some secret behind the scenes lessons .

I look forward to sharing with you. Here’s to your magical happiness and success! – Scott

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Thinking Magically™ | The 11 Traits of Believable Magic

“I can believe things that are true and things that aren’t true
and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not. . . .
I believe that life is a game,
that life is a cruel joke,
and that life is what happens when you’re alive and
that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”
– Neil Gaiman

Do you have what it takes to be a wonder-worker?

Would you like to trust in your magic, again?

Can you wield an enchantment strong enough to make your dreams come true?

Will you place enough faith both in yourself and in something greater than yourself to carry you to the end?

Are you enough?

Is your magic enough?

All of these questions, by the way, beg a far deeper and more important question:

Is your magic capable of being believed?

To be a consistently successful magician, you must be congruent. Your decisions, actions, and emotions must correspond to what you believe and vice versa. If you aren’t magically congruent—if you think, do, or feel in such a way that denounces your magic—then you’re just sending yourself internal messages that conflict with what you want and you will fail.

One of the ways you can start creating believable magic is to take note of your own characteristics. Here’s a list of the top attributes I have seen in those who systematically create the life of their dreams:

1.  They are clever, well-informed, and quick on their feet. Magicians are puzzle solvers. And they love a good challenge. Everything is a game to them—and they won’t give up until it is won or solved. They know themselves well enough to go with the punches when necessary and know how to punch back when appropriate.

2.  They are imaginative, inventive, and flexible. Magic is born of nothing if not from creativity. Magicians know how to use their creativity to not only invent a method or practice of getting what they want but to stay supple as the world works with and through them.

3.  They develop their own rules for success and are disciplined when it comes to using them. Magicians don’t like to be told what to do or how to do things. Oh, they’ll listen to those masters who’ve gone before them and then they’ll take those techniques and instantly twist and turn them to their own liking. They are unique and will fight to the death to keep that uniqueness.

4.  They are focused, stubborn, and somewhat compulsive. Once a magician puts a goal in their sights, very rarely do they let that focus go. And don’t try to persuade them off the path they’ve chosen. That won’t go well. It’s that strong motivation, in and of itself, that heralds the successes that they’ve already accomplished and will yet achieve.

5.  They are restless. Once an effect is perfected, magicians are quick to move on to another effect they want to create and bring to life. It’s not that they aren’t happy with what has already been accomplished, it’s just that they want more. They want new stuff. New outcomes and creations and manifestations are their lifeblood.

6.  They are conquerors, fighters, and lords of their own domain. Magicians are, at their core, warriors. After all, they’re battling against what the rest of the world tells them is “real.” It is a magician’s ability to bring their brute force and will to bear on any situation that distinguishes them from everyone else.

7.  They love learning new things and becoming an expert at them. Remember the discussion about restlessness, above? Well, magicians don’t just want new stuff—they want to become masters of it. This means they’re willing to put in the private time and effort to become completely proficient at whatever new “thing” comes their way.

8.   They enjoy the Arts. Magicians love to express themselves. Indeed, if you look at the type of magic they demonstrate to the world, you will see themselves reflected in what they do and achieve. Because magic is an expression of the magician, magicians love anything that provides them with other avenues of manifestation and reflection.

9.  They are unearthly, spiritual, and love rituals. Magicians are not tethered to the world. They can certainly be religious, but not always. They are, however, always on a path of personal transformation. They give great deference and respect to their subjective experiences and find meaning and ecstasy in those experiences. For that reason, they tend to have personal customs that, once discovered, are used time and time again to ensure continued success.

10.  They are respectable, reputable, and trustworthy. Magicians have a life theme that can be easily recognizable. They follow patterns that are authentic and so can be trusted. Magicians understand that they are responsible for what they create. And they bring honor to the magical profession.

11.  They have an ancestor who was magical. Most magicians can point to a family member from their past who demonstrated or evidenced similar qualities and characteristics and traits that they have—even if they and their ancestor never met before.

We tend to think of magicians as eccentrics and loners. There’s much more to successful magicians than what might first catch your eye. Above all, they and their magic are believable.

So . . . do you believe?

The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . would you like to learn more about living the life of a Magician? Then you’ll find my soon-to-be-released book, The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life, interesting. I’d love to send you free updates and fun information as we get closer to the publication date. To receive your very own Most Magical Secret updates and be notified when it goes on sale, click here >>>

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Thinking Magically™ | The Unique Challenges of Being a Magician

“The brick walls are there for a reason.
The brick walls are not there to keep us out.
The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.
Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough.
They’re there to stop the other people.”

– Randy Pausch (The Last Lecture)

It’s very interesting to hear and see what happens when you tell someone they can live the life of their dreams; that you have the power of a magician to create anything you desire. One of the things that happens is that many people immediately believe that Life will instantly become easier, more palatable, and more carefree. Well, that’s true. But that does not mean you will cease to have challenges. Far from it. In fact, you will likely discover that you have more demands placed on you (by yourself and others) than ever.

I’ve said it before: Magician’s don’t walk through brick walls. They walk through what others think are brick walls.

If a magician thinks there’s a brick wall, then there’s a brick wall. They have to do what anyone else would do — find a way over, through, under, or around it. Of course, a magician might just decide to make the wall disappear (and that’s a topic for another article).

Most of the time, the brick walls that a magician faces are internal barriers; feelings and beliefs that stand as obstacles to an end result that is desired. Let’s use today and explore some of the unique challenges that magicians face.

1. Describing and distinguishing your magical self. If I ask you, “Who are you really?” what will you answer? Who you view yourself to be as a magician has far-reaching implications. Why do you want to be a magician in the first place? What are your obligations as a magician? Are you prepared to be responsible for all that you create? I think you can easily see how describing and defining your magical self can be a daunting task for anyone.

2. Describing and distinguishing your magic. Many times you will be tempted to just let your magic happen or let something or someone happen to you and then relate it back to your magic. It’s far easier to do that than to take the time to figure out precisely what your magic is in the first place and what it does. Additionally, there may be a part of you that keeps whispering, “This magic stuff isn’t real.” You’ll be tempted to put the act of describing your magic on the back burner. I suggest that it’s time to get uncomfortable and figure out, once and for all, what your magic is. If you can’t describe it, you can’t use it fully.

3. Being a hermit and going it alone. When you start to embrace your magic, you may feel alone in the world. Certainly, there are times when you need to have alone-time to get in touch with who and what you are and what you want to accomplish (see Items 1 and 2). It’s easy to get into the habit of going it alone. It’s easy to think that you’re so unique that no one else “gets” you and so you must be a loner. I suggest that being a magician and using your magic to impact the world requires you to get out in it.

4. Feeling emotions like never before. The act of creation is, if nothing else, an emotional act. You have brought all your passion and delight and desire to bear. That means you’re going to have to get used to being flooded with emotions and learn to adjust to and filter them. I suggest, when you start to feel overwhelmed with emotion, that you keep asking yourself, “Is this real?” For example, if you suddenly start to feel afraid, ask yourself if what you’re afraid of is real. If you start to feel agitated, ask yourself if there’s anything real that should cause you to be troubled. Sometimes, you just have to relegate yourself to letting the strong emotions pass. Trust me, they will.

5. Magical project management. Many magicians think that the mere act of “doing” magic is enough. But as you progress in your magical realm, you’re going to find that there are many things you want to accomplish and manifest. Every successful magician that I know also plans their magical projects. Some are more important than others. How funny, though, that most people tend to put most of their attention on those things that are less important. Perhaps it’s because the less important goals are easier to accomplish. Again, get uncomfortable and go for the magic that brings you closer to your desires the fastest or with the most import.

6. The “real” world. John Lennon said, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” As a magician you will reach a point where you just want to create a wonderful life; one with little stress, an overriding calmness, and no obstacles. Then Life will throw you a curve ball. You might feel the need to forget or forego your magical life purpose and just get your hands dirty in order to survive. I’m not suggesting that you ignore the “real” things and people that happen to you. I am suggesting, however, that you come to understand that “real” is such a messy term and that you always remember you have more control over your life than you might otherwise imagine.

You can see that these 6 challenges are ways of thinking that we do to ourselves. Isn’t it amazing how we’ve learned to hinder ourselves and create barriers to success? Just realizing that these 6 supposed brick walls can pop into existence anytime and anywhere is enough to prepare you to walk through them.

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The-Most-Magical-Secret-Cover-3dOne More Thing . . . Would you like to learn more about living the life of a Magician? Then you’ll find my soon-to-be-released book, The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life, interesting. I’d love to send you free updates and fun information as we get closer to the publication date. To receive your very own Most Magical Secret updates and be notified when it goes on sale, click here >>>
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Thinking Magically™ | The Art of Uncomplicated Magic

“As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler;
solitude will not be solitude, poverty will not be poverty, nor weakness weakness.”

– Henry David Thoreau

In getting people to recognize and use their personal magic, I am often amazed at how complicated they want to make things.  Even those who are otherwise incredibly successful seem to want to add layer upon layer of elaborate intricacies. It’s as if more detail equates with more magic. It’s also as if adding more detail gives them an excuse not to execute on their “well laid” plans.

I suggest to you that the most effective magic usually comes from uncomplicated magic.

Now, don’t think for a minute that simple magic means you only get simple results. Using simple magic only means getting into an uncluttered mindset. Most of us move through the day with a confusion about what we want, when we want it, and how we want it to happen.

We remain disturbed when things and people don’t go “our way.” Yet, if we take the time to actually deconstruct what is happening in our lives at any given time, we come discover that we didn’t have a clear and concise vision in the first place. We don’t have an “our way” that can be thwarted.

As a magician, you are truly unlimited in choosing what transformations you want to happen in your world. Still, because magicians are so creative and imaginative, you will be tempted to choose nothing because you can choose everything. You can lead yourself to believe that, by choosing one thing, you eliminate another opportunity or creation or outcome. You stall. This vicious cycle of uncertainty and hesitation ends up costing you valuable time and you actually lose out on everything.

That’s no way for a magician to act.

I challenge you to start centering your magical intention and attention on one or two uncomplicated goals or outcomes. Albert Einstein actually described the perfect test to determine whether you’re dealing with uncomplicated magic or not: “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.

Here are some themes to explore to help you develop uncomplicated magic:

1. What’s most important to you? (Hint: Your first answer will likely not be the truth. So, when you get your quick answer, then ask: “What’s important about that?”) By finally coming face-to-face with what you truly value in life, you get very clear about what you need to create.

2.  What can you get rid of that’s not important to you? (Hint: Your first answer will likely be the truth. So, when you get your quick answer to this second question, go with it.) Michelangelo said, “I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.” So it will be with you. You will see the magic in yourself and reduce the complexities in your life until you set the magic free. In getting rid of what’s no longer important to you (or perhaps never was), you might consider using the mantra: “Let this bless someone else.

3.  Dismiss what everyone else wants and understand what you want. Part of the complications we allow into our lives come from others. Can you get to the point where you simply don’t care (for a short while) what anyone else wants? Allow yourself to actually live in the Now — in the moment — where no one needs anything from you and you don’t have any obligations to attend to. Learn to devote all your magical intention and attention on you.

4.  Do small deeds to receive mighty results. Some of the people I work with believe they have to do epic deeds every single day. That belief eventually leads them to days when they are so overwhelmed with the thought of having to accomplish something imposing or impressive or impossible that they get stuck in place and do nothing. Or, they set out such a long list of epic deeds that they can’t bring everything they’ve got to any one thing. I love that you have larger-than-life goals. Sometimes, though, we let those same big dreams keep us from actually accomplishing them. You’re not living the life of a magician by merely dreaming big. Set your magic free by doing small magical deeds each and every day. They’ll all add up in the end and conspire to get you what you want.

 5. Let there be a pause between your magical moments. You need to give yourself time to breathe and decompress. You need to give yourself a buffer in case one deed takes longer than planned. And you need to stop being busy in order to be successful. Many people I see keep flitting from one task to another, thinking they’re being effective and efficient. They are neither. Start to experience your personal magic like you experience music. Paolo Coehlo wrote: “ . . . music only exists because the pauses exist . . .” Take the time to create space in your life and you will be rewarded with even more focus, even more energy, and even greater magical results.

Magicians can be a very serious bunch. We want what we want, when we want it, and how we want it. We believe our magical work is all-important and all the rest is trivial. Some days, life is all about slowing down and taking the time to breathe and enjoy what you have. It is in that respite that you discover the fire and the passion and the momentum to continue on.

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Thinking Magically™ | Apply the Law of the Vital Few to Your Magic

April 19, 2015 1 comment

“80% of success is showing up.”
– Woody Allen

Vilfredo Pareto was a Professor of Political Economy at Lausanne, Switzerland and lived from 1848 to 1923. One of his observations was the fact that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by only 20% of the population or, to put it another way, the majority of wealth in Italy was owned and controlled by the effective few. This 80:20 rule has come to be known as the Pareto Principle (or the Law of the Vital Few, as I like to use it) and was originally popularized by Joseph Moses Juran (1904 – 2008) when Juran expanded the Pareto Principle to include observations such as 80% of a problem is caused by 20% of the causes.

Many, many public speakers from all industries and walks of life now tout Juran’s breakthroughs. Naturally, it has become very fashionable to discuss this in the context of business management.

I thought it would be interesting to take what is so fondly shown off in ordinary ways and apply it to a magical way of life.

Let me start you off by admitting that I have not found a Pareto quotation that easily defines the 80:20 rule. Rather, there are simply a plethora of different versions and renditions; clarifications such as:

80% of your perceived value will come from 20% of your work.

80% of what you’re heard to say will come from 20% of what you actually say.

80% of your problems come from only 20% of your employees.

80% of your solutions come from 20% of your employees.

80% of your products are used by 20% of your customers.

80% of your income is paid by 20% of your clients.

80% of your income derives from 20% of your own efforts.

And I could go on and on. What they’re all saying is simply: The vast majority of your outcomes evolve from a smaller percentage of your actions than you might at first imagine.

What does all this mean for you as you follow a magical way of life?

Well, as magicians, we’re concerned with both the process of doing magic and the results of that magic. The Pareto Principle affords you an easy way to determine precisely how to you should be focusing both your deeds and your decisions.

Take a moment and contemplate the following:

80% of your abundance will come from 20% of your desired outcomes. What are the goals that will bring you the most abundance?

80% of your outcomes will occur because of the support of 20% of your friends. Who are the friends who will help you acquire or achieve what you want?

80% of your results will come from 20% of your effort. Which of your deeds are most likely to bring you your desired effects?

80% of your personal power arises from 20% of your intentions. Which of your purposes are most likely to increase your ability to control outcomes?

This is just a sampling of what you can do with the Pareto Principle as applied to magic. Once you explore the questions I’ve given you, start expanding the inquiry to determine how you can be more effective and efficient with your attention and intention.

When I ask you to focus on the goals that will bring you the most abundance, you necessarily have to prioritize what’s important and what isn’t.

When I ask you to focus on those friends who bring you the most help in achieving your goals, you must rank your friends and then determine whether (using the Pareto Principle) you’re actually spending (wasting) 80% of your time with the least helpful of your network of friends.

When I ask you to realize that most of your power comes from your highest ranking intentions, you start to gain clarity on what you should be concentrating on.

Let me put this another way using the context of the title Law of the Vital Few (and you’ll see why I like this name better because it’s much more dramatic). Simply put, small things are vital, many things are superficial.

All I’m asking you to do is to think about the Law of the Vital Few.

Then start considering how you spend your time, your efforts, your energy, and your heartbeats. Now, start focusing on the 20% of your life and intentions and desires that really matter rather than continuing to do what a lot of us do — spending 80% of our time and efforts and energy and heartbeats jumping from one shiny object to another without any real, consistent focus or results.

Put another way, only 20% of your personal power is really needed to bring you 80% of what you want. It’s time to start prioritizing, don’t you think?

Magic is all about transforming realities. The Law of the Vital Few helps you create those transformations in a wise manner.

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