Thinking Magically™ | A Gift For You – New Shadow Thoughts Release

“I will soothe you and heal you,
I will bring you roses.
I too have been covered with thorns.”
– Jalaluddin Rumi


Are you ready for some Magic? Let’s find out.

I’m so excited. My new digital collection of Shadow Thoughts is here. And it’s filled with daily enchantments designed to keep you powerful, positive, and profoundly motivated.

You have three ways to save, post, like, and live them:

DOWNLOAD THE PDF: CLICK HERE to access the download as a PDF.

DOWNLOAD INDIVIDUAL IMAGES: CLICK HERE to access the Shadow Thoughts images individually so that you can download and use them as wallpaper and SHARE THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

DOWNLOAD ZIP FILE OF ALL IMAGES: CLICK HERE to access all the Shadow Thoughts images in one compressed file.

I’m certain you’re going to find this new release fascinating and that you’ll get a lot of inspiration from this download. Plus, I’m more than happy for you to share it with those special loved ones and friends you know will benefit from a little more Magic in their lives.

There are no strings attached. I’m gifting this to you because you’ve been part of the adventure.

Here’s to your continued success and happiness. – Scott Here’s to your continued success and happiness. – Scott

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Thinking Magically™ | I’ve Decided

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing,
the next best thing is the wrong thing,
and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s cut right to the chase . . .


I don’t need to know your backstory.

I don’t need to know your hurting.

I don’t need to know your excuses.

I need you to make decisions.

I need you to make choices.

I need you to pick what you’re going to do each day.

I’ve learned that most of us, while we say we want more good stuff in our lives, treat each day as an endurance test. We wake up, hope it’s going to be filled with love and goodness and fun and then set off on a journey of reaction, replies, and acceptance.

Very few of us start off each morning with a pledge that we are going to create the life we want.

How would your life be different if—upon waking and before you even get out of bed—you take a few deep breaths and, as you’re inhaling, you say the following simple dedication:

[On each inhalation]

Today, I’ve decided to find the Magic in the world.


Today, I’ve decided to show my love to the world.


Today, I’ve decided to make each moment a success.

Of course, you can create any version of these tiny statements that you want so long as they are intended to have big results.

The point is not to turn this into an exercise in the use of affirmations. (I’m a big fan of affirmations as a supportive and supplemental tool.) The idea is to get you to start resolving to have a purpose each day. And then, as part of the decision process, actually DOING what needs to be done for each of your days to make that choice a reality.

Let’s back up a moment.

How many times have you thought about all those things that would make you happier or more successful? Probably a lot. You might have wondered how you got to where you are and how things might have been different if you’d make other earlier choices. Oh, you might even have found yourself in a rare moment of resolve and declared that—tomorrow (or some other vague time in the future)—you’re going to “start that diet,” “exercise more,” “really pay attention to those you spend heartbeats on,” “learn how to finally read a balance sheet,” etc.

All this abstract thought, however, hasn’t really accomplished anything, has it?

Oh, wait, it has accomplished something: Most of us have become experts at thinking about stuff. We’ve gotten into a habit of using our minds and letting all these crazy things float in and out of our consciousness.

Unfortunately, we haven’t become experts at actually DOING what will let us make happiness and experience success.

The cool thing is that this habit of only thinking can be turned into a habit of “Saying and Doing” so easily and instantly. Only when we “Say and Do” do we start participating in the very happiness and success that we want.

The words “I’ve decided” were carefully chosen.

I’ve decided” causes you to act.

I’ve decided” causes you to shape your actions.

I’ve decided” causes you to make up your mind.

I’ve decided” takes you away from putting up with things and people that happen to you and moves you towards DOING something.

You can have all that you’ve ever dreamed about if you DECIDE to have those things and people and events in your life. When you make that decision, then you won’t stop until you DO everything that’s needed. Otherwise, you’re just allowing other people decisions to act upon you.

Here’s to your DECIDING and DOING!

Peace out.

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Thinking Magically™ | Building A Way Out

Depression is the inability to construct a future.
– Rollo May

During a recent exchange on my private Facebook group, The Most Magical Secret, there was a discussion of the challenges many of us are facing at the moment. I later posted about recent reports that suicide rates for those in midlife (45-64) are at a 30-year high with the steepest growth since 2006. Each of you reading this has the unique ability to impact all of this for the better!

Indeed, we have the skill set and personal growth tools to bring hope (a vision that there is a positive end in sight and that there is a place to go for help) to those around us.

So . . . I’m reposting/updating a portion of what I wrote with the intent that we commit this week to creating a magical REVOLUTION . . .

. . . That we each commit to creating tools for others and help bring their pain, stress and worry to an end. Life is too precious, in my view, not to make this our obligation.

I had asked those in the Facebook group:

What do you think are the biggest reasons for people’s current pain, stress, and worry?

The responses were interesting and quite in line with the actual studies that have been done.

All of the responses, of course, have to do with massive change (or loss) that someone experiences. When you go through changes like this, it feels like you’ve been kicked in the gut. It feels like your power has been taken from you, or that you’ve given it away, or that you’ve let it slip from you.

And sometimes you don’t quite remember how it all happened.

It’s neither an empowering place to be nor a mighty place to work from.

These situations are raw.

They’re maddening as hell.

They erode your confidence.

And they suck your Magic away.

I could go on and on. Suffice to say that I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) a few things. If I might, let me pass a few of them on to you in the hope that today they do just that; that they provide you with *hope* and *power* and *energy* to move to a more creative place:

1. Everything happens for a reason. However, we must learn to walk with and embrace the Mystery of life. Sometimes we just need to trust in ourselves, our future, and our life skills. It’s all going to be okay. Remember that above all else.

2. The doubt that you feel . . . the doubt that robs you of your power and your identity and your desire . . . is temporary. This, too, shall pass. Get mad. Get pissed. Get a plan. Go through the stages of grief. Then, get going. Time is precious and you’re wasting it by not getting up every morning, giving thanks for what you do have, and then making the best of what you want to create that particular day.

3. Take it a day at a time. (From someone who plans everything and is a control freak, that’s saying a lot. I’m still learning this one by the way.)

4. Trust your instincts and your intuition. You’ve been gifted with what’s happening to you right now for a purpose. I don’t know that we always know what that purpose is. But I do know that the Universe has a way of conspiring for your own good. So, what if your primary obligation tomorrow (or whenever you’re reading this) is just to be . . . Happy? That’s it. Happy. What does happiness look like for you? When you start moving towards “that” and stop moving away from anything that is “not happiness,” the world and your disposition and your soul take on a different shine.

5. You might fail or fall down or get slapped in the face again. Yep, shit happens. To the best of us. You don’t have to like it. I certainly don’t. My first reaction is to turn on my warrior mode. Others will retreat as their initial reaction. Still others might simply become indecisive. The point of such a failing or falling or hurting is to understand there’s a part of you that is growing with each defeat or bumped knee or bruised jaw. This isn’t about philosophy or theory or some vague “it’s going to be alright” position. This is the cold, hard truth. I’ll say it again: Shit happens. But . . . so do you. Clean up the crap that’s been dumped in and on you. Then move on.

6. There is always someone in this world who loves you. Being loved, by the way, is an awesome responsibility and experience. Revel in it and use it as fuel to move to a better place.

7. Magic always comes with a price. Sometimes we don’t know what that price is until after it’s paid and when we look back on our experiences with 20/20 hindsight.

8. You have a support system (and you might not even know it). It’s okay to be weak and need help and cry out and accept help. It will keep you humble. And it will show you that, yes, you do matter. To a lot of people.

9. Don’t lose your humanity. In times like this when it is so easy to move to a stress reaction mode. Do that often enough, and you become the worst version of you. Take a step back and gain perspective. Meditate. A lot. Find your center and keep remembering who you really are. In times like this, where there is a whirlwind of change, it’s so easy to lose yourself. The easiest way to find yourself again is to laugh. Often. Hard. Deeply.

10. Love. Often. Hard. Deeply.

Thanks for letting me share with you.

Peace out.

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Thinking Magically™ | On Becoming The Vision Of Your Audience

A vision is not just a picture of what could be;
it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.
– Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Imagine what your audience sees when they are with you.

Imagine their vision of you.

Of what you’re doing.

Of the other people with them.

Of the world around them.

Is that vision clear? Is it fuzzy? Is it partially in focus? Is it focused?

Now, imagine that you and your Magic are a type of glasses for your audience.

You’re a spectacle!

You’re a way for people to see better and to protect them.

What happens when you start envisioning yourself as a pair of eyeglasses that someone else sees through? There’s a mighty obligation and a responsibility and a demand in that type of power.

To continue with my eyeglasses metaphor, I want you to start imagining that you are bending the light that enters your audience’s eyes (what other people think is reality) so that they see precisely what you want them to see.

What do you and your Magic and your message have to appear like in order for that to happen?

Many of you already know that I’m a fan of the Persian mystic and poet, Rumi. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from him:

Magic makes a straw a mountain by artifice;
again, it weaves a mountain like a straw.
It makes ugly things beautiful by means of sleight;
it makes beautiful things ugly by means of opinion.
The work of magic is this,
that it breathes and at every breath transforms realities.

So, how do we, as Magicians, communicate a vision that others want to adopt, agree with, and share?


STEP ONE. You must be the center of what’s going on (or move your audience’s attention to you so they think you’re at the center of what’s going on). Magic reaches out and grabs your audience by their hearts and souls and minds. It is not passive (although it can work its “Magic” in very subtle ways.) You must set your intention to be the center of attention first and foremost. Without that intention, your efficacy as a Magician is precarious, at best, and doomed to failure, at worst.

STEP TWO. Imagine out loud with your audience. Tell them a story. Let your audience share your wonder, ideas, and dreams with you. Your audience is not filled with mindreaders. Life is not filled with mindreaders (although many of the people you encounter like to fantasize and delude themselves into thinking that they know what’s going on inside you). Once you realize that you must share with them, you will stop taking for granted that your audience is going to go on your journey with you.

STEP THREE. Get your patter (your script, elevator talk, pitch) down cold. You can’t move them if they don’t understand you. You can’t stir them if you they don’t process what you’re saying. Every word you utter as a Magician is important. Every single word. It was Mark Twain who wrote: “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter—’tis the difference between the lightening-bug and the lighting.” If you’re going to the lighting for your audience, then you have to select your script with the utmost care. After all, if you don’t care, why should they? (Hint: This step means you actually have to rehearse your Magic.)

STEP FOUR. Be a magnet for your audience. Your job, as a Magician, is to be compelling. To attract them to see what you want them to see. To influence them so they see the wonder you are gifting them at each turn. Part of the secret of being compelling is to be entertaining. It’s not enough to be magical; you must be interesting, amusing, and different.

STEP FIVE. Guide your audience. Have a beginning, middle, and end to your magical display. Have a point (or else you’re pointless). Give your audience something to connect with, be anchored to, and be excited about. Hey . . . Here’s an idea . . . How about giving your audience something to live for? Remember, of course, to give your audience the time they need to listen to, absorb, and act upon what you’re saying and doing. Finally, you’re audience wants you to succeed.They are anxious to be moved by you. They are eager to learn from you. They are wishing that you’re Magic is real. Don’t disappoint them!

When you start paying attention to what your audience sees and experiences with and through you, your Magic truly begins to shine and take on a power like never before. You are the eyeglasses for those around you. Keep your lenses clean and deliver a sharp image.

Now go out and make it a magical week!

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Thinking Magically™ | Are You Moving Your Audience (and where are they going to)?

“People will forget what you said.
People will forget what you did.
But people will never forget
How you made them feel.”
– Maya Angelou

Quick. Think of a Magician.

What did you see?

Now . . . Think of you.

What did you see?

Is there a difference between the Magician you imagined and you?

I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve watched a Magician perform for an audience only to see that the Magician has lost sight of their biggest obligation—taking that audience with them on an adventure. Many Magicians, as talented as they might be, get lost in their own trickery, skills, and cleverness that they overlook the need to shift an audience from where they are to a place that makes them feel better.

Much of this can be attributed to a Magician’s belief that the goal of Magic is to get to a climax or end or outcome; to get the audience to gasp in awe, to hold their breath in disbelief, and to shake their heads in amazement. THAT’S NOT THE GOAL OF YOUR MAGIC!

If the destination for your Magic was the simply the effect, then the point of any musical piece would be the final note, the import of any dance would be the last step, and the significance in any sporting event would be the closing score. We all know that we listen to music to enjoy it while it’s playing. We dance because of the dance, itself. We participate in or watch a sporting event for the challenge and contest that is going on—not just to declare a victor. If these were not true statements, then the best musician, finest dancer, and every champion would be judged solely on how quickly they completed a task.

Stop rushing through your Magic. Your audience will thank you. Your heart will thank you. And your Magic will reward you.

We don’t stir an audience through the speed of our Magic.

We don’t excite an audience by relegating them to merely observing our Magic

We don’t tempt an audience with our Magic by showing off.

If you’re going to MOVE your audience—for a moment or a lifetime—you have an obligation to make them feel better. In order to make someone feel better, you must know where they are when you first encounter them.

To know where any audience member is at the beginning of your time together, you must use your imagination to understand them. When you fall prey to the delusion that simply because your magical skills are good people will love you, you fail to understand your audience at all. To put it another way, if you’re simply DOING your Magic for yourself and believing that your audience will blithely come along for the ride with you, you’re only fooling yourself.

Here are some steps you can take RIGHT NOW to start planning your audience’s experience of you and your Magic:

STEP ONE: Always be wondering what your audience is thinking about at every step through your Magic. That means staying curious about THEM, not you. That means staying curious about THEM, not your technique. That means staying curious about THEM, not how magical you are.

STEP TWO: Understand that real Magic—real Magic—would scare anyone. Why should your audience stay and listen to/watch/interact with you? People don’t like to be fooled. They like to be entertained and empowered and left with takeaways they can use for themselves and share with others.

STEP THREE: Pretend you’re sitting in your own audience—that you’re visiting with yourself one-on-one or with a group of people watching you. Would you stick around for more than 5 minutes if you were EXPERIENCING you?

STEP FOUR: Have a point to your Magic or it is pointless. Great Magicians make a dent in the universe and they do so by powerfully impacting the people they’re around. What is your call to action?

STEP FIVE: Always keep imagining greater Magic! When you become complacent—when you essentially sleepwalk through your Magic—you lose your audience, your lustre, and your impact.

You have a unique opportunity to change the world and those in it with your Magic. Don’t lose that opportunity by failing to move your audience to new heights, failing to bring them in contact with true emotion, and failing to leave them in a better place than when you first found them.

Now go out and make it a magical week!

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Thinking Magically™ | Every Magical Detail Counts

“I saw in details while she saw in scope.
Not seeing the scope is why I am here and she is not.
I took each element separately and
never looked to see that they never did fit together properly.”

– Erin Morgenstern (The Night Circus)

Does a Magician have to give particular attention to the details of what they’re doing or intending or causing?

I know many people who, while they are great dreamers, are terrible when it comes to executing and planning and projecting the details of making those dreams come true. I’m a big-picture guy, myself. But, I also love planning my way around the nooks and crannies (and periodically rearranging them to suit my tastes, style, and needs). What’s your style? Can you embrace the separate parts of your dream with the same enthusiasm and attention you give to the outcome you want?

I completely understand that your imagination is what drives the details that need to be focused on. Today’s article isn’t about abandoning your creativity for the sake of triviality. It’s about focusing your creativity on the small parts so that the planning and execution is “fun.”

Your vision of the future may, for example, include making more money, getting healthier, finding the love of your life, or expanding your career opportunities. That vision may be elaborate or simple. It remains nothing more than a “scheme,” however, unless it is accompanied by the tactics—the plan—for attaining your goal.

My experience is that those who only dream their dreams, end up wondering why those dreams never materialized. On the other hand, it is also my experience that those who get caught up in tactics without attending to a strategic vision, get lost and don’t make much of a dent in the Universe.

I happen to love puzzles. I can visualize how a solved Rubik’s Cube is supposed to look after it’s been apparently hopelessly scrambled. It won’t do me much good to stare at the jumble of colored squares and wish the solution into existence. Likewise, it won’t do me much good to start guessing my way through a solution by simply turning the pieces based on various hunches. I consistently and repeatedly solve the cube by knowing the specific patterns and turns and twists that have to happen in order to put the puzzle in its solved state.

That required me to first learn the various small steps to get to my desired outcome. I had to learn to solve the first layer, then the second layer, and then the last layer. There are specific, learnable patterns and algorithms to apply. The fun part, for me, is that there are various solutions so I have options. Still, they’re options that all require attention to detail. If you miss one small step in the process, you can’t get the outcome you wanted.

If you need even more motivation for paying more attention to the details of what you want to achieve, think of this: Who would you rather have working for you—an employee who is constantly approximating and haphazardly getting you the success you want to achieve as a business owner or the employee who won’t stop until the job is done correctly and on time?

Again, I’m not asking you to abandon your big-picture approach to your quality of life. I am asking you to consider spending more time in and on the details of what has to happen for that quality of life to appear for you. After all, if it’s not important enough for you to focus on, then why should it be important enough to be in your life in the first place?

One way to start practicing and developing your attention to detail is to start creating checklists for your projects. Take any dream that you have and start doing the following:

1. Determine the individual action steps that need to be taken to lead you from where you are to where you want to go. Think of this step as creating a GPS turn-by-turn map. This should be as detailed as you can make it.

2. Verbalize your checklist with someone else. I think you’ll be (pleasantly) surprised at how you will immediately see any defects, mistakes, or omissions in your actions steps when you say your action steps out loud to someone else. Saying them out loud to yourself “can” work so long as you make certain you aren’t rushing through the process and rationalizing any skips in the process. Talking to someone else prevents that from happening (because if you skip something, it won’t make sense to the other person and they’ll say something to you).

3. Put your checklist/action steps into play. That’s right. Actually start using it. Early and often. And be prepared to fine-tune it as you go along your path to results.

Feel free to post your own checklists and how you account for magical details in your comments. You never know. You might be helping someone else manifest a dream that will change the world forever.

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Thinking Magically™ | I appreciate you (and how to pass that on)

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing.
It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.”
– Voltaire

William James once wrote, “The deepest principle in human nature is the craving to be appreciated.” If that is the case, then we, as Magicians, owe it to ourselves and our audiences to learn the best methods for showing other appreciation. After all, when we are done with our presentation (of whatever sort it might happen to be), we want our audience to clap for us and show us “their” appreciation. It is only fair—and I suggest mandatory—that we first show the audience that we appreciate them.

So, how do you show others some magical appreciation?

First, treat your audience with respect. Show them that they are significant. If you’re interacting with others simply for the money, eventually they will see through that and you’ve lost them. If you’re interacting with others simply for your own esteem, they will see through that quicker than if you just want money from them. An audience can feel (experience) when you are being personal with them, providing them your energy, and changing your presentation just for them. When you let an audience know—perhaps by simply telling them so—that they are unique and that you’re treating them as unparalleled with any other audience, you are doing them an honor.

Second, deserve your audience’s attention. Do your homework. Get to know your audience’s motivations, needs, wants, fears, and hopes. Let them know that you understand them and that you, too, have been through similar life events (or you are going through them right now). And use the word “we” a lot! I want to be part of someone’s team, not lectured to.

Third, show them that you know what will benefit them the most. If you’re intent on treating your audience with respect and have done your homework about them, then you know what will help them achieve a particular goal or outcome. Everyone you meet is, at some level, continually asking “why should I care what they are saying/doing/showing me?” or “what’s in it for me?” Rather than waiting for them to fathom out the answer (and perhaps get it wrong), do them the favor of explaining how they will profit, gain, or get some direction right up front. This frames what you will be doing and helps them to anchor what they want with what you are saying/doing/showing.

Fourth, don’t sleepwalk through what you say, do, and show. I can’t begin to tell you how many Magicians I know have been “magishing” for so long that they have pat lines, trite sayings, and tired routines. There are times when working with robotics has its place. But . . . at least for the moment, robots don’t show me any real appreciation. Robots run programming. One of the most powerful ways of showing an audience that you are “here and now” with them, is to reference things that are going on “here and now.” Talk about current events. Better yet, talk about current events in their lives (remember that homework you did?).

Fifth, say “thank you.” Tell your audience that you appreciate the time, energy, and money they’ve spent coming to see and be with you. They are a great many things that others could be doing rather than being with you. Let them know that you understand the choices they’ve made and realize what an honor it is for you to have an audience in the first place.

Sixth, let them know that you care about them. This, of course, implies that you really do care about your audience. If you don’t really care about your audience, then I recommend a different line of work than being a Magician. Magic, as I’ve often said, requires an audience. That means you have to care about and care for your audience just as you would your skills, your props, and your time.

Finally, learn how to create a mind-blowing experience for your audience each and every time. This means managing your message. Are you respecting your audience enough to tailor your words, actions, and tone of voice to THEM? When you tailor your words, actions, and tone of voice to THEM, you not only take your audience on a magical journey with you, you tap into a human connection that demonstrates your respect for them.

So, there you have it. Seven amazing tips that will show others that you appreciate them. Use these. Make them second-nature. Become one with your audience. And then go out and put your own magical dent in the world!

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Thinking Magically™ | Listen To Your Audience. They Will Tell You All You Need To Know.

“I made mistakes in drama. I thought drama was when actors cried.
But drama is when the audience cries.”

– Frank Capra

The biggest mistake that Magicians make in developing their craft is that they don’t keep asking:

“What’s in it for my audience?”

“Why should they care about what I can do?”

“Why does my Magic matter at all?”

Consistently successful Magicians all go through a transformation cycle. They start with the wonder, seeing someone else DO Magic and wanting to replicate that for themselves. Then they start to learn tricks, illusions, and sleight of hand. They become really good at what I call “juggling”—manipulating cards and coins and other objects. They run the risk, however, of getting so caught up in the “juggling” and how “cool” it can look, that they forget what the Magic is really all about.

The really good Magicians work through their “juggling” phase and move onto the most important part of their magical life cycle—recognizing that Magic is all about the AUDIENCE.

The best Magicians certainly have a skill set and magical toolkit to support them. But, some of the best Magicians are horrible technicians. They bring to the table, though, their marvelous AUDIENCE management powers. They have moved from juggling props to ownership of the whole setting.

Once you get to an appreciation and understanding and possession of your AUDIENCE, you truly define who you are as a Magician.

The problem for most of us is that we don’t know how to get from liking the concept of being a Magician to living the life of a Magician. In other words, we don’t know how to move from where we are to the place where we truly appreciate, understand, and possess an AUDIENCE. Many of us don’t even know that that scenario looks and feels like.

And so . . . many so-called and hopeful and aspiring Magicians get stuck at the “juggling” phase. In the business world I see it all the time—the leader or manager or executive who gets so caught up in all the latest managerial or technological tricks that they lose sight of the bigger and more important picture—providing solutions for their AUDIENCE.

In today’s world, you must be new, different, or better to capture your AUDIENCE. Otherwise, you’re just a knock-off, a poor imitation, or—worst of all—boring. Without new, different, or better, you and your Magic are the “same old thing” and nothing will lose an AUDIENCE’s attention faster than that.

All any AUDIENCE has to do is Google what they see you do to find out who else might be doing the same thing.

All any AUDIENCE has to do is backchannel the information you’re imparting to see if it’s accurate or duplicative.

All any AUDIENCE has to do is do a quick search on Amazon for the genre you specialize in to see who else is an authority in the field and then see if they should be listening to them rather than you.

All of this is going to happen to you once you put you and your Magic out there.
And, in doing their Google search, backchannel investigation, and in looking for people with more authority than you, your AUDIENCE will jump to many conclusions about you.

They’ll immediately say either to themselves or to you, directly: “I know YOU. You’re the one who does [fill in your particular brand of Magic] and [I know how you did that] [I saw that on “America’s Got Talent” already] or [so-and-so already wrote a book on that very thing], and you’re not really relevant to my life right now.


I know because I’m constantly doing those very things every single day to see who the people are who are in my life or who need to be in my life.

That’s why I can tell you that there’s a way for you to relevant and be new and be different to your AUDIENCE.

That’s why I can guarantee that if you will do one thing—and one thing only—you will capture your AUDIENCE’s imagination, heart, and interest.

It’s called giving your AUDIENCE solutions to their problems.

When you provide solutions as a Magician, you not only captivate, you own your setting.

Think of it this way . . .

You’re reading this article because you recognize how important an AUDIENCE is to your magical trade. You’ve continued reading because you want a solution to the AUDIENCE challenge. And you get the fact that an AUDIENCE can be fickle and quick to change allegiances and that you need to seize and keep their attention.

While you understand these challenges intellectually, no one else has given you a simple solution that can instantly be implemented and easily applied.

In fact, your understanding has tripped up many a fine Magician because, while they, too, appreciate the puzzle we call an AUDIENCE, they—unlike you—don’t move beyond the mental processing into real-world application.

So . . . How do you create a sustainable, repeatable, consistent magical lifestyle, business, and career?

You put yourself in the position of your AUDIENCE. That’s right, stop being a Magician for just a moment and ask yourself what you would have to believe if you were an AUDIENCE member such that, by the time you got done doing your “thing,” you (as the AUDIENCE member) believed that you couldn’t live without you or what you have to offer.

In other words, what is the experience you want to create for your AUDIENCE?

When you start asking your AUDIENCE what they want to feel and be and see and do, then you will have command of real Magic.

That’s the reason I wrote “The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life” and why I created The Most Magical Secret Facebook group.

Now you’re armed with one of the most valuable keys to success and happiness. Go out and make it a magical week!

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Thinking Magically™ | Think You’re Cut Out To Do Incredible Magic? Find out

The following pages are not intended to make the young reader
either a cheat or a trickster;

there is nothing perhaps so utterly contemptible in every-day life as trickery and deceit,
and we would caution our young friends not to cultivate a love of deception,
which is only allowable in such feats of amusement,
because it is in fact not deception at all, when everybody expects to be puzzled,
and is only left to find out the mystery the best way he can.
– How To Become A Magician (1882)

What does Magic mean?

What is the path of a Magician?

Is Magic real?

Can Magic be contained and controlled?

How can Magic be used to create good in the world?

What’s the point of Magic in the first place?

Have you ever considered any of these questions?

Have you ever wondered how answering even one of them will change your course through Life forever?

These questions and the answers you provide are part of the framework for doing incredible Magic. Finding your own answers, however, requires that you initially give up something of yourself; that you relinquish the safeness and sameness of reacting in the world and that you take on the mantle of someone who chooses, instead, to make things happen.

Doing incredible Magic is about personal transformation.

Not many are willing to pay the price, go through the pain, or face the unknown. Most people are unwilling to manifest their own magical path. They would rather not be so unique.

Doing incredible Magic does not offer you the ability to be commonplace. You will not be “flying under the radar.” Instead, you will be changing lives and filling yourself and others with outcomes. That can be quite scary for many because creating outcomes also means being responsible for the consequences of your choices and actions.

Whether you are doing your Magic simply to entertain or to make a dent in the world, it’s helpful to have a set of rules for doing incredible Magic. Here are some suggestions for creating your own rules so that your Magic is, indeed, incredible:


1. Set the tone and flavor of your Magic. Is it light? Is it funny? Is it deep? There are as many flavors of Magic as there are Magicians. In fact, I recommend you take a hint out of the Ben & Jerry rulebook and come up with a great name for your Magic.

2. Create a list of the props, tools, items (including your Object of Affection), and other physical objects that are necessary for your Magic to occur.

3. Make a list of all the outcomes you want your Magic to manifest. Then, start narrowing that list down until you get to the ONE incredible outcome desired above all else.

4. Put together your own Declaration of Magic (here’s the link to the one I created:  Once you have this set of general rules, you can start drafting the specific rules that have to be in place to make the general rules effective, efficient, and achievable.

5. Give yourself permission to win your game of incredible Magic. Most of us set ourselves up to fail. Magic is about succeeding.

The last thing you want is to guess your way through a life of Magic. And you certainly don’t want to be frustrated and angry. By creating a set of magical rules for yourself, you automatically bring strength and consistency and power to your Magic. Without a set of rules, you can easily return to a common life of forgettable deeds.

By the way, every Magician knows that rules are meant to be broken. But, you have to know your rules, first, before you can break them with confidence. Once you have that knowledge, then feel free to tweak and add to the rules. The adventure of continually adjusting your magical rules is what will keep your interest!

Now go out and make it an incredibly magical week.

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Thinking Magically™ | The 6 Words a Magician Never Wants to Hear (and a strategy to stamp them out)

A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing.
Nobody is lying.
It’s very clear, and the problem depends just on you.
– Erno Rubik

There are 6 words that a Magician never wants to hear:







These words are usually spoken (out loud and in front of the rest of your audience) because you’ve failed to be mysterious, enchanting, and dexterous. These words are spoken because you’ve turned your Magic into a puzzle that cries out to be solved. You’ve actually taunted your audience into figuring out what you do rather than luring them into believing in what you do.

What are you doing to create an experience for others that is so tremendous, so magnificent, so fantastic that they don’t want to know HOW it’s done, they want MORE of what you have to give? You need a basic strategy that addresses this truth:

People – your audience – want to believe in Magic!

They want to believe that there’s something out there that can make their lives a little more grand.

All too often, however, we lose sight of the real goal of our Magic. We get so caught up in the process (how we do our Magic) that we forget about the sensation we create (what our Magic does).

I’m not suggesting that you forget your magical techniques. I am suggesting, however, that poor magical form will be overlooked by your audience if the totality of your performance is so amazing that method becomes secondary and experience becomes primary.

One of the best ways to create this magical experience is so simple:


Your audience is not going to connect with you if you let the “how” of your Magic get in the way of the “why” of your Magic. In other words, why should your audience care about what you’re doing at all? If you’re just “juggling” (my term for those Magicians who like to show off their skills and dexterity rather than entertain) or creating “puzzles” for folks, you’re inviting someone to eventually say, “I know how you did that!” Even if they’re wrong about the method you’ve used to create a result, the fact that they’ve said this implies that you’re ability to carry off your Magic with wonder is left wanting.

(Note: This article is not about those people who are just show offs and will claim they know what you’re doing when they haven’t a clue in the world. This article is about you reassessing your Magic so you stop temping people to mulling over your technique in the first place.)

By the way, your Magic does not have to be original. In fact, some will argue that there is no new form of Magic in the world and that’s it’s all been seen before.

Well, you are unique. That’s important because it means you can bring your one-of-a-kindness to an old form of Magic to create a new, different, or better outcome. No one else is able to create the YOU experience quite like . . . YOU.

If you will concentrate more on what experience of YOU really means, looks like, and has to be, you will rarely hear those 6 worrisome words ever again.

Want some help understanding how to create a YOU experience for others? Worry not. You already know this. Take some time to recognize those retailers, providers, restaurants, etc. who give you the customer/client experience that makes you a raving fan; such an enthusiast that you don’t care how they’re making you feel the way you do, you just want to feel more of “that Magic” that they do. Then take the time to deconstruct the steps that went into creating that experience for you. This includes, by the way, determining what YOU have to believe in the first place in order to be open to that type of earth-shattering, world tilting experience.

Once you understand what has to happen to your audience externally (the solution you have to bring to them) and internally (the emotions they have to feel), you will be on your way to wielding sustainable, repeatable, and powerful Magic!

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