Thinking Magically™ | iPad Incantations

Here is yet another article in my series of Ancient Magic | Modern Tools. I wrote a Facebook post this last week that garnered a lot of attention. I directed attention to an iPad (year one) commercial from Apple that I believe contains an extraordinary gift hidden within it for each of you. Simply, I asked people to re-write the incredible iPad commercial as if it was, instead, about them; as if the drum was being beaten about each of you, and you are the one receiving worldwide promotion.

That little thought – that small suggestion – turned out to be so powerful, that I want to expand upon it here and give it the easy forcefulness it now deserves.

So, with both praise and apologies to the advertising geniuses who market Apple,  here is the iPad commercial, rewritten, as a magic spell for life for each of you to effortlessly consider, skillfully adopt, and certainly incorporate into your daily affirmations:

It’s not often that someone like me comes along. I am a very rare moment in time.

Oh, it’s very easy for the skeptics and the cynics to take my dreams, my aspirations, and my desires, and tell me that they’re not going to work. But, I am always filled with delight when I see that my mastery of life is one of the greatest things ever accomplished.

I am someone who needs to be experienced firsthand. I need to be held .  .  . I have to be touched . . . for others to truly understand how magical I am.

I am more than just a person. I am a global phenomenon. I am part of the universe. I am more than anyone imagines me to be.

I am a window to the world. I am a vision of what is possible and where mankind can go; how we, as people, can be more productive. I am an example of how we can be more successful. I am the future.

I change people’s lives. I am the miracle that people do not expect; the wonder that people do not, until they meet me, think can happen.

I was created to be indispensable! Not only have I achieved that . . . but every day I go further, deeper, and faster toward my dreams and making the world a better place than ever imagined.

And . . . this is just the beginning!

This type of exercise, by the way, can be done with any type of commercial, promotion, or marketing that stimulates and transports you to the next level of desire. Anytime you see, read, or hear something that triggers your enthusiasm and excites you, take a moment and write down the key words or phrases that moved you! Pretty soon, you will have an entire playbook to nurture your dreams and keep you inspired!

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© 2011 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.
iPad is a registered trademark of Apple.

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