The Deck of Shadows | Hands of Truth

Truth is what works. – William James

Here is a video tutorial for a fascinating and powerful technique that relies on the ideomotor responses of the person you are working with. (Hint: you can use this, yourself, for some spectacular changes and making new discoveries).

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7 thoughts on “The Deck of Shadows | Hands of Truth

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed listening and watching you provide another technique for “Thinking Magically”. I hope you will keep infusing us with more wisdom(s)

  2. I tried this without cards and noticed that every time my left hand is going down after a while. I am wondering, will this not influence the reading?

    • Without the overlay of seeing the faces of the cards, you may, in fact, be noticing that your subconscious is already calibrated/programmed to lower your left hand. Of course, this may also be a physical factor – in other words, your left hand might be a tad weaker than your right hand. The interesting thing will be to see the results once you place a face-up card in each hand. If your left hand continues to lower no matter what, then this technique just might not be the right one for you to use on yourself. However, really give this a chance by including the face-up card component to the handling (no pun intended).

      If you’re still having some challenges, let me know and there might be some other “work arounds” we can arrive at.

  3. Hi Scott,

    My deck arrived yesterday. Thanks! I am really looking forward to diving in with it.

    In regards to the “Hands of Truth”- one quick question. Why does the reader select the 2 cards for the sitter? In my usual style of reading (Tarot) I fan the cards across the table and the sitter (querent) chooses whatever number of cards the reading will need. My primary reason for doing this is to allay suspicion that I am “forcing” the cards, as happens with sleight of hand card tricks. Thus not only is the deck thoroughly randomized by my shuffle and cut, but the sitter furthers that, by her own choice of the cards for the reading.

    Thanks for the input. I am always willing to learn and push my conceptual boundaries and understandings.

    all my best to you,

    • Paul – Thanks for writing. I can’t wait to hear how you and your new “friend” get along. As far as choice of cards and workflow, this is just my preference and the way I work. I usually don’t let the sitters choose their cards (there is one exception but that’s beyond the scope of your question). I don’t know why anyone would think you are forcing cards or doing any sort of sleights with them. You’re providing a reading and changework. That context, alone, should move you and your sitters onto more important matters. However, you can certainly allow them to choose the cards if that suits your style.

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