Thinking Magically™ | I’ve Decided

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing,
the next best thing is the wrong thing,
and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

Let’s cut right to the chase . . .


I don’t need to know your backstory.

I don’t need to know your hurting.

I don’t need to know your excuses.

I need you to make decisions.

I need you to make choices.

I need you to pick what you’re going to do each day.

I’ve learned that most of us, while we say we want more good stuff in our lives, treat each day as an endurance test. We wake up, hope it’s going to be filled with love and goodness and fun and then set off on a journey of reaction, replies, and acceptance.

Very few of us start off each morning with a pledge that we are going to create the life we want.

How would your life be different if—upon waking and before you even get out of bed—you take a few deep breaths and, as you’re inhaling, you say the following simple dedication:

[On each inhalation]

Today, I’ve decided to find the Magic in the world.


Today, I’ve decided to show my love to the world.


Today, I’ve decided to make each moment a success.

Of course, you can create any version of these tiny statements that you want so long as they are intended to have big results.

The point is not to turn this into an exercise in the use of affirmations. (I’m a big fan of affirmations as a supportive and supplemental tool.) The idea is to get you to start resolving to have a purpose each day. And then, as part of the decision process, actually DOING what needs to be done for each of your days to make that choice a reality.

Let’s back up a moment.

How many times have you thought about all those things that would make you happier or more successful? Probably a lot. You might have wondered how you got to where you are and how things might have been different if you’d make other earlier choices. Oh, you might even have found yourself in a rare moment of resolve and declared that—tomorrow (or some other vague time in the future)—you’re going to “start that diet,” “exercise more,” “really pay attention to those you spend heartbeats on,” “learn how to finally read a balance sheet,” etc.

All this abstract thought, however, hasn’t really accomplished anything, has it?

Oh, wait, it has accomplished something: Most of us have become experts at thinking about stuff. We’ve gotten into a habit of using our minds and letting all these crazy things float in and out of our consciousness.

Unfortunately, we haven’t become experts at actually DOING what will let us make happiness and experience success.

The cool thing is that this habit of only thinking can be turned into a habit of “Saying and Doing” so easily and instantly. Only when we “Say and Do” do we start participating in the very happiness and success that we want.

The words “I’ve decided” were carefully chosen.

I’ve decided” causes you to act.

I’ve decided” causes you to shape your actions.

I’ve decided” causes you to make up your mind.

I’ve decided” takes you away from putting up with things and people that happen to you and moves you towards DOING something.

You can have all that you’ve ever dreamed about if you DECIDE to have those things and people and events in your life. When you make that decision, then you won’t stop until you DO everything that’s needed. Otherwise, you’re just allowing other people decisions to act upon you.

Here’s to your DECIDING and DOING!

Peace out.

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