Thinking Magically™ | The 6 Words a Magician Never Wants to Hear (and a strategy to stamp them out)

A good puzzle, it’s a fair thing.
Nobody is lying.
It’s very clear, and the problem depends just on you.
– Erno Rubik

There are 6 words that a Magician never wants to hear:







These words are usually spoken (out loud and in front of the rest of your audience) because you’ve failed to be mysterious, enchanting, and dexterous. These words are spoken because you’ve turned your Magic into a puzzle that cries out to be solved. You’ve actually taunted your audience into figuring out what you do rather than luring them into believing in what you do.

What are you doing to create an experience for others that is so tremendous, so magnificent, so fantastic that they don’t want to know HOW it’s done, they want MORE of what you have to give? You need a basic strategy that addresses this truth:

People – your audience – want to believe in Magic!

They want to believe that there’s something out there that can make their lives a little more grand.

All too often, however, we lose sight of the real goal of our Magic. We get so caught up in the process (how we do our Magic) that we forget about the sensation we create (what our Magic does).

I’m not suggesting that you forget your magical techniques. I am suggesting, however, that poor magical form will be overlooked by your audience if the totality of your performance is so amazing that method becomes secondary and experience becomes primary.

One of the best ways to create this magical experience is so simple:


Your audience is not going to connect with you if you let the “how” of your Magic get in the way of the “why” of your Magic. In other words, why should your audience care about what you’re doing at all? If you’re just “juggling” (my term for those Magicians who like to show off their skills and dexterity rather than entertain) or creating “puzzles” for folks, you’re inviting someone to eventually say, “I know how you did that!” Even if they’re wrong about the method you’ve used to create a result, the fact that they’ve said this implies that you’re ability to carry off your Magic with wonder is left wanting.

(Note: This article is not about those people who are just show offs and will claim they know what you’re doing when they haven’t a clue in the world. This article is about you reassessing your Magic so you stop temping people to mulling over your technique in the first place.)

By the way, your Magic does not have to be original. In fact, some will argue that there is no new form of Magic in the world and that’s it’s all been seen before.

Well, you are unique. That’s important because it means you can bring your one-of-a-kindness to an old form of Magic to create a new, different, or better outcome. No one else is able to create the YOU experience quite like . . . YOU.

If you will concentrate more on what experience of YOU really means, looks like, and has to be, you will rarely hear those 6 worrisome words ever again.

Want some help understanding how to create a YOU experience for others? Worry not. You already know this. Take some time to recognize those retailers, providers, restaurants, etc. who give you the customer/client experience that makes you a raving fan; such an enthusiast that you don’t care how they’re making you feel the way you do, you just want to feel more of “that Magic” that they do. Then take the time to deconstruct the steps that went into creating that experience for you. This includes, by the way, determining what YOU have to believe in the first place in order to be open to that type of earth-shattering, world tilting experience.

Once you understand what has to happen to your audience externally (the solution you have to bring to them) and internally (the emotions they have to feel), you will be on your way to wielding sustainable, repeatable, and powerful Magic!

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