Thinking Magically™ | Think You’re Cut Out To Do Incredible Magic? Find out

The following pages are not intended to make the young reader
either a cheat or a trickster;

there is nothing perhaps so utterly contemptible in every-day life as trickery and deceit,
and we would caution our young friends not to cultivate a love of deception,
which is only allowable in such feats of amusement,
because it is in fact not deception at all, when everybody expects to be puzzled,
and is only left to find out the mystery the best way he can.
– How To Become A Magician (1882)

What does Magic mean?

What is the path of a Magician?

Is Magic real?

Can Magic be contained and controlled?

How can Magic be used to create good in the world?

What’s the point of Magic in the first place?

Have you ever considered any of these questions?

Have you ever wondered how answering even one of them will change your course through Life forever?

These questions and the answers you provide are part of the framework for doing incredible Magic. Finding your own answers, however, requires that you initially give up something of yourself; that you relinquish the safeness and sameness of reacting in the world and that you take on the mantle of someone who chooses, instead, to make things happen.

Doing incredible Magic is about personal transformation.

Not many are willing to pay the price, go through the pain, or face the unknown. Most people are unwilling to manifest their own magical path. They would rather not be so unique.

Doing incredible Magic does not offer you the ability to be commonplace. You will not be “flying under the radar.” Instead, you will be changing lives and filling yourself and others with outcomes. That can be quite scary for many because creating outcomes also means being responsible for the consequences of your choices and actions.

Whether you are doing your Magic simply to entertain or to make a dent in the world, it’s helpful to have a set of rules for doing incredible Magic. Here are some suggestions for creating your own rules so that your Magic is, indeed, incredible:


1. Set the tone and flavor of your Magic. Is it light? Is it funny? Is it deep? There are as many flavors of Magic as there are Magicians. In fact, I recommend you take a hint out of the Ben & Jerry rulebook and come up with a great name for your Magic.

2. Create a list of the props, tools, items (including your Object of Affection), and other physical objects that are necessary for your Magic to occur.

3. Make a list of all the outcomes you want your Magic to manifest. Then, start narrowing that list down until you get to the ONE incredible outcome desired above all else.

4. Put together your own Declaration of Magic (here’s the link to the one I created:  Once you have this set of general rules, you can start drafting the specific rules that have to be in place to make the general rules effective, efficient, and achievable.

5. Give yourself permission to win your game of incredible Magic. Most of us set ourselves up to fail. Magic is about succeeding.

The last thing you want is to guess your way through a life of Magic. And you certainly don’t want to be frustrated and angry. By creating a set of magical rules for yourself, you automatically bring strength and consistency and power to your Magic. Without a set of rules, you can easily return to a common life of forgettable deeds.

By the way, every Magician knows that rules are meant to be broken. But, you have to know your rules, first, before you can break them with confidence. Once you have that knowledge, then feel free to tweak and add to the rules. The adventure of continually adjusting your magical rules is what will keep your interest!

Now go out and make it an incredibly magical week.

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