Thinking Magically™ | The Secret of Using Magic (Pt 1)

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.

– J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan


The world is full of magic and those who claim they believe in it. Just ask any 2 year old. Heck, even ask any 3 year old (or adult) who hasn’t had the claimed belief in magic snipped out of them.

So, I’ll ask again: do you believe in magic?

Of course you do.

We all do whether we admit it or not.

As human beings, we all seek hidden meaning in the things that happen to and around us. We look for patterns (consciously and unconsciously).  And we love to be in control.

The belief in magic satisfies all those needs.

And think about this for a moment: Brian Scholl – professor in the Department of Psychology at Yale University and director of the Yale Perception and Cognition Laboratory – once said, “. . .  our visual systems refuse to believe in coincidences.” That means we create connections between our beliefs and what our eyes show us. In some cases, we actually change our beliefs to comport with what we think we see.


So it appears that at varying levels we’re all going to believe in magic to some degree or another. You can call “magic” whatever name you’d like, by the way. It’s all the same thing; that sense of being unique, that secret belief you have a super power, that intuitive ability to relieve fear and distress in yourself and others, and even that potent notion that something you do causes something else to happen.

Even those of you who claim to be disbelievers, I’ll wager, have your quaint and odd little rituals for success.

And I could take up several articles just talking about those of us who hold certain things “sacred” because of what we’ve been taught by others, discovered to to have some esoteric makeup or context that works for us, and what we determined to have some charming connection with someone or someplace we want to make part of us.

All of this, by the way, explains the magic behind placebos and why they work and why they work even when we “know.” WE ALL WANT TO BELIEVE! It seems, in fact, that the ritual behind the giving and taking of placebos is the real magic that makes them work.

With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to set out some thoughts on creating powerful, magical rituals that might help you on your way to creating a life of successes.


I’ve taken some interesting questions and answered them. Perhaps my perspectives will help you form your own answers.

At what stage in your career should you revisit your belief in magic?

Every successful business person I know and have studied and have been mentored by has something in common – they all trust their guts, instincts, intuition, and personal magic. They may call it different things, but it’s all the same. Deep down, inside, they all know they’re still little kids who believe in their own magic.

If you wait until you’re the CEO of the company to start trusting your own insights and instinctive knowing or wait until some “thing” happens in the course of your career to start being more introspective, you’re wasting some valuable time and personal resources. Most importantly, you’re exposing yourself to the risk that you become nothing more than a clone of someone else’s employment ideals, needs, and wants.

Business people, looking to advance themselves in their chosen fields – to be more efficient, more effective, more fulfilled, and successful – should start RIGHT NOW sitting down and examining their own positive self-talk skills and the degree at which they are able to imagine their own success with as much clarity and detail as possible.

If you can’t develop this ability to carefully and deliberately examine your own magical beliefs, then hunt out and hire a magical coach who can help you with that process. After all, it’s your TRUE POTENTIAL that will take you to unbelievable heights, not the dreams and aspirations and potential of others.


Next week, I’ll provide you with some more questions and answers. Until then, start revisiting your belief in magic and what such a belief means to and for you.

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