Thinking Magically™ | May The Focus Be With You

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.

                                                                            – Mark Twain

There’s an interesting malady that strikes those who delicately walk the fence between being madly creative and insanely practical.

You know the type . . . in fact, if you’re reading this, you likely have what is called a Renaissance mind! You’re the one who can be hard-nosed and pragmatic one moment and then you follow the deep emotional path of a poet the next. You’re the one who is never bored because there are so many options available for you to create. The challenge occurs when all of those so-called options become enticing all at the same time. It’s as if inspiration is flooding into you to the point where you are overwhelmed. You become concerned that choosing one alternative will result in the loss of another possibility. When this deluge of pleasures hits, you simply stop in place and your hesitation gets the better of you. In other words, you lose direction. Today, let’s get your focus back!

To begin, let’s understand that you are deceiving yourself with an insidious belief (that might have become a bad habit, as well); namely, you have reached a point where you are unable to triage the options that are available to you. Your brain has powerful executive functions that easily permit you to make up your own mind as to what’s more important than something else. The interesting thing is that these executive functions don’t simply vanish haphazardly. In fact, they don’t go away at all. Rather, for the Renaissance mind it is not a situation indicative of a disruption in the executive function force. You are just failing to get started in one direction or the other because you’re exhausting yourself with an hallucination . . . a misconception that by making one choice, something or someone more desirable will fade away. Or perhaps you have the ill-conceived notion that you have to make the perfect choice before making any choice at all. Alternatively, you have gotten yourself into a place where imagining all of the options available to you are equally pleasurable even though you know you are being totally unproductive.

Whether caused by neglecting your own power of choice or by getting lost in the overstimulation of pleasurable imaginings, it’s time to stop grappling with your mental clutter and re-order your life! Ready to instantly make that change?


STEP ONE. Write out three priorities, in order of importance, that you want to accomplish. Within the next year. Within the next 6 months. Within the next few weeks. Today. Pick the time frame that is relevant to your situation. By writing out your priorities, you bring your attention and executive function back to the Big Idea that you want driving your decisions.

STEP TWO. Write out three tasks that you can accomplish today to further your three priorities; one task for each priority. This will help you to analyze your priorities and start assigning action plans to each one of them. Remember to home in on your priorities and their attendant action plans in order of importance.

STEP THREE. Figure out what unimportant or less important things, people, and activities are capturing your attention away from your three priorities. If you want to change your life, change how and where you spend your time. If something or someone is not serving you well, it’s time to move on (at least temporarily). Now, relax . . . you don’t have to completely eliminate these hole-and-corner amusements. But, you can easily relegate them to times and places that are more appropriate for your power to produce massive results. For example, you can effortlessly schedule checking social media posts to either a specific time of the day or as a reward when you finish one of the tasks you designed in Step Two.

STEP FOUR. Set a time limit for completing your three tasks. One of the most powerful tactics you can put into play to get your focus back is to create tension that forces you into doing something. Set reasonable time limits on accomplishing or completing the three tasks from Step Two and watch your focus become laser sharp and potent. If you want to take this to the next level, put time boundaries on your three priorities from Step One, as well!

STEP FIVE. Always be ready to adapt your priorities and your tasks along the way. Getting your focus back is not about a blind adherence to a goal or action step that no longer serves you. If you need to alter your course, do so with a conscious decision that you are moving yourself in a more sustaining and compelling way.

Much of getting your focus back is about retraining yourself and adopting new habits. In today’s world, we are assailed constantly with emails, social media posts, phone calls, news reports, and on and on. Focus on the things you want to take precedence in your life rather than being the casualty of other people’s priorities.

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