Thinking Magically™ | The Most Complicated Secret

Every person who wins in any undertaking must be willing to cut all sources of retreat. Only by doing so can one be sure of maintaining that state of mind known as a burning desire to win – essential to success.

                                        – Napoleon Hill

I do a fair amount of life and success coaching. As you might imagine, most of the time we create someone’s definite major purpose. From there, it becomes relatively easy to help people then move forward with getting what they want most in life because the magic is poised to happen once someone’s intent is fixed in place. What happens, however, once you reach your goal (or any level of major success for that matter)? How do you maintain balance so that your experience of success continues to advance and encourage you onward to even more prosperity? The fact is that teaching someone insanely powerful life strategies for achieving a desired outcome does not necessarily keep them seduced by victory once that victory is attained. A vicious cycle results and we then have to come up with a new definite major purpose all over again.

I have found it far better, therefore, to create two compelling strategies for someone at the same time – one that brings you to attainment and one that encourages you to even more potent results after the initial conclusion is reached. This is all built around two mighty principles that employed at the same time: (1) stay restless and (2) stay hungry for success in all its forms.

Staying restless and hungry (far different than being displeased and aggravated) is an on-going mindset. It is expressed beautifully in the lyrics to the musical Kismet:

Why be content with an olive when you could have the tree ?
Why be content to be nothing, when there’s nothing you couldn’t be ?
Why be contented with one olive tree when you could have the whole olive grove ?
Why be content with a grove when you could have the world ?

Staying restless and hungry is about constantly wanting more from life. It is the outlook that will ultimately sustain and nourish you. But, keeping this type of mindset is one of the most complicated secrets to learn. Even John Lennon once wrote, “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” There will be speed bumps you encounter on your path. Other people will impose their own agendas on your day. Twists and turns to your plans will arrive. Will they trap you? By planning ahead of time for post-success triumph, you guarantee that you are equipped with the frame of mind needed to keep you on persistent road to success. I don’t think transient success serves anyone well. Do you?

So, here are some ideas for you to consider and techniques for you to immediately put into use so that you feel awesome and experience success ALL THE TIME!

1. Uncover and celebrate the real reason you wanted your original goal in the first place. Was it to nurture your family? Or to have more free time? Whatever the reason, that reason still exists even though you have achieved what you originally thought was the goal. There is always something bigger that is inwardly driving you onward and upward.

2.  Enjoy seeing results. Notice I did not say “a result.” While you were on the road to your original goal, you looked forward to the challenges and eventually celebrating reaching a desired outcome. Start looking at the desired outcome, however, just another point along a bigger road of success. You want to create a mental attitude that expects one success after another.

3. Stay flexible and embrace new stuff.  As you experience success, things and people are going to necessarily change. Opportunities are going to come your way that you never envisioned before. Be open to reinventing yourself everyday. Be open to letting things and people go their own ways. Life is never boring. Don’t ever let yourself fall into that trap.

4.  Get help, hope, and wisdom along the way. General George S. Patton once remarked, “Americans love a winner and will not tolerate a loser. Americans play to win all the time.” This type of winning mentality, however, is more easily retained and exploited when there are others cheering you on. I have mentors, consultants, and confidantes. So should you. Your best thinking got you to where you are. By collecting and calling upon people whose advice you respect, you are given their added ammunition and new perspectives to take your dreams beyond what you ever imagined. Go out, right now, and find a coach who can take you to the next level!

Developing and maintaining a success-after-success lifestyle can be ambitious and challenging. It is all about having a strategy. It is all about balance. Most importantly, it is all about staying committed to continually taking action. So, go ahead, and make yourself a promise that you will start looking at one awesome accomplishment – not as the only goal but – as an important component of enjoying life. Once you accomplish one thing, move on to the next major goal. It’s that simple!

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