Thinking Magically™ | The Four Keys to Upgrading Your Personal Space

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.
– Mark Twain

As the owner of a small dog (Presley), it is always fascinating to watch the way she behaves when she puts on her alpha female persona. Her bark gets lower. She stands rigidly on all fours. She is fiercely focused on whatever she is intent on intimidating . . . and she has no idea she is a mere 6 pounds and less than a foot tall. She is roughly the size of a football. But for the few moments that Presley is standing tall in the face of “danger,” she is the size of a mountain. She owns her space! From her body language to her tone to her laser-like clarity of purpose, my dwarf dog dominates the situation (that is until she suddenly realizes she isn’t that big after all and then runs away).

Today, I want for you more freedom from doubt and absolute sureness of purpose.

To move you in that direction, you will start doing one simple trick; an insanely powerful method of immediately making you confident. How would you life be different if hope stopped being your strategy and you were self-assured, instead?

THE FIRST KEY. Make a habit of repeating the following sentence to yourself early and often: I expect ______________________ [fill in the outcome you desire at any particular moment] and I deserve no less.

THE SECOND KEY. Start recognizing the personal space you are in. This is the area immediately around you that you consider yours.  To put is another way, if someone were to invade your space, this is the area of which I am speaking. The size and shape of this space is not the same for everyone. Your “personal space” will also vary depending on a situation. For most of us, your personal space is about an arm’s length away. It is that place where you feel comfort, peace, security, and power. If you don’t feel those things even in your own personal space, the first thing to focus on is instilling those beliefs at this smaller level.

THE THIRD KEY. Once you become conscious of your personal space, it’s time to start expanding the public space you own. This can be done as simply as visualizing your personal space (your comfort zone) growing and inflating up and out. As you sit there reading this, take a moment and just direct your attention and intention to your personal space and imagine it moving out 5 feet further than where it would normally be. That’s right. Feel the comfort, the peace, the security, and the power swelling up as your personal space increases. Imagine moving around in this bigger – substantially less confining – space! It’s a pretty fantastic state of mind, isn’t it? For the next 7 days, practice expanding your personal space in various private and social situations so that you become a master at growing what you own at your sole discretion.

THE FOURTH KEY. Now the real magic happens! You are going to transform your extrapersonal space (the area outside your reach) into your personal space (the space normally reserved for intimacy with family, friends, and lovers). You’ve seen people who do this, already. They are the ones who, when they enter a crowded room, are instantly noticeable. These are the people you see other people look at as they pass by them on the street. This has nothing to do, by the way, with celebrity, money, or good looks (those might be the by-products, in fact, of this Fourth Key). To become a master for the Fourth Key, you very simply start acting with ignorance; the intentional turning of a blind eye to wasted feelings of fear and insecurity and the deliberate snubbing of someone else’s personal space. [Now please note that I am not suggesting you become rude or a predator or hoity-toity.] I am encouraging you to move through the world with a winning attitude ALL THE TIME – that mental state that urges you to be a superior performer and pushes you into a go for it all frame of mind.

With these four keys to success firmly in place, you are now ready to triumph in all your endeavors. Use these four keys as your faithful protection against . . . everything!

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  1.  Love your blog today – glad to hear it worked great w. Andrew on the show

    fyi on the retreat


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