The Vitruvian Square | Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing

During my recent appearance on Beyond Worlds I mentioned an energy clearing/cleansing ceremony you can do with The Vitruvian Square matrix. If you click on the Beyond Worlds link, you can listen to me go through the technique with co-host Ginny Hunt. I’m going to explain the process in a little more detail here so you can instantly and easily use this terrific way to feel better and more focused.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with The Vitruvian Square layout:

In particular, pay attention to the 9 squares that make up the primary matrix (Numbers 1 through 9). Number 0 is at the very top. We will be using these 10 locations for our clearing/cleansing strategy.

STEP 1:  Sit comfortably in a chair or restfully lie down. Take a few deep, freeing breaths, and close your eyes.

STEP 2: Visualize The Vitruvian Square and its 9 Places of Power (Squares 1 through 9). Bring the three squares at the top, three squares in the middle, and three squares at the bottom clearly into focus. Continue breathing deeply as you begin to notice that each of The Vitruvian Square positions is filling with bright, white light.

STEP 3:  Bring your inner vision to focus on Square Number 1. See that square infused with white light. As you breath in and out, the light almost seems to pulse with your breath.

STEP 4:  Shift your inner vision to focus on Square Number 2. Now, see Square Number 2 infused with its own white light. This square, too, seems to have a rhythm of its own . . . yet, it is in tune with your own, deep breathing.

STEP 5:  Continue advancing your inner vision to the remaining 7 squares (Square Numbers 3 through 9). Each time your point your inner vision to a new square, fill that square with white light and notice its throbbing brilliance.

STEP 6:  When you have finished paying attention to each of the 9 Places of Power, widen your inner vision so that you are now seeing all 9 squares at one time – kind of like your inner camera has moved from a close-up of each square to a wider, larger, all-inclusive shot. See The Vitruvian Square, in its entirety, lit up with white light; the glow of each square touching on its neighbors.

STEP 7:  Now, start to notice whether there are any dark areas in your Vitruvian Square; areas that feel gloomy, or unlit, or dingy. When you discover such places, make a mental note of which numbered squares are impacted (we’ll use them later). For each shadowy area, narrow your attention, once more, and now bring your intention to bear and begin to fill any dark areas you have noticed with white light until the darkness is obliterated.

STEP 8:  Finally, widen your inner vision and zoom out one last time until you can see the entire Vitruvian Square, yet again. You begin to notice, for the first time, that there is a ball of light above the 9 square (at the Number 0) position. This ball of light is so bright and so powerful that it s sending rays of light into the 9 squares below it. Just take all of this in and notice how you feel.

STEP 9: Open your eyes and finish with a some more cleansing breaths.

STEP 10:  Take a few moments and notice how you feel now, compared with how you felt when you first started this technique. Are you more relaxed or full of energy? Are you more focused or more aware?

STEP 11: Finally, go back to The Vitruvian Square image, above, and find the correspondences/meanings for the areas that you noticed were dark and gloomy. These are areas that needed your focus and which you have now cleared and bolstered and reinforced. Be sensitive to any internal messages that these squares and their meanings hold for you; knowing that, by clearing them with white light, you have added new balance to your inner harmony.

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