The Deck of Shadows | A Review of The “Dynamic Spreads Deck”

I am the only one of us who brings in any money. the other two cannot make money fortune telling. this is because they only tell the truth, and the truth is not what people want to hear. it is a bad thing and it troubles people, so they do not come back.

– Neil Gaiman, American Gods

For those of you who give readings: “Keep the people who come to you riveted to what you have to say by finally giving a reading that uses a spread/layout that makes profound sense to their particular situation. And keep them coming back because your readings aren’t the same thing over and over again.

Wouldn’t you like that?

And wouldn’t you like to be as emotionally invested in what you are doing as you were when you first got started in the crazy business of fortune telling?

Of course you would. What reader wouldn’t?

You’re unique. Your reading layouts should be that unique, as well.

Well, we’re going to take a brief respite from my normal “Thinking Magically” articles because I’ve found something that will help you do all this . . . (and for those of you who aren’t into readings and who follow me for the motivation, transformation, and success tips . . . read on ’til the end . . . there’s even something compelling and perceptive for each of you) . . .

Many of you already work with “The Deck of Shadows“ (my oracle deck) and “The Vitruvian Square” (my unified theory of divination). Well, I’m now adding the “Dynamic Spreads Deck” by BK Reichle to my own magical toolkit. And with great delight!

When working with oracular techniques, the cards, lines, signs, and objects are essential parts of what you do. But we sometimes tend to overlook the importance of the SUBJECT of the reading and get into a rut using the same layout or reading spread time and time again and forcing that technique into the real needs of the person sitting opposite us.

The truth is . . . a well-designed, unexpected, and unusual spread/layout is just as important, as well.

And a spread that is tailored to a particular participant or setting allows you to do something else.

What is that something else?

You create a reputation for yourself of being unparalleled and incomparable. THAT’S HOW YOU MOVE FROM DABBLING TO CREATING A BUSINESS!

BK Reichle has created, in my opinion, a genuinely terrific tool for taking your practice to a more profound and profitable level.

One more thing. I am not an affiliate for this product and don’t get a commission on any sales. I’m a consumer like everyone else. I know what I like and what I don’t like. And I’m all about passing on information on other people’s creations that I think deserve a place in your success repertoire. This is one of those creations.


PROS: Beautiful packaging and design! There are 105 different cards – full color backs and various topics, themes, subjects on the face of each card. There are mini-cards included that can be used to differentiate options in a reading and set some timing parameters and scope. There is also a companion 50 page book that explains, in detail, how to use the Dynamic Spreads Deck. The cards come in a very well-made recipe-type box with flip lid, tabbed category dividers and even a loop at the top of the lid to hold your grease pencil or pen.And there’s a small white Post-It Note™ type pack included. The whole product comes packaged in an even larger and impressive game box. This just looks enticing before you even dig into the contents and opportunities.

CONS: The coating on the cards makes them sticky initially so they don’t spread easily on first use. That’s remedied by simply spreading and working with the cards a bit before your first formal use. Personally, I would have liked the cards to be a bit smaller for easier carrying. But . . . those of you who work with standard Tarot-size cards will love the dimensions.

The Dynamic Spreads Deck was delivered to my office and the first thing I noticed was the weight and size of the package. This wasn’t something lightweight or trivial I was holding in my hands. Once the mailing material was removed, I found the Dynamic Spreads Deck neatly protected in clear shrink wrap (this is heavy material, by the way . . . get your fingers or your scissors ready).

I removed the clear covering and found the box of spread cards neatly tucked between two cardboard spacing units. Behind all of that was the Companion Book. I’m not going to go into more detail because you can actually see pictures of these here:

Having produced my own oracle deck, I applaud Mr. Reichle on a JOB WELL DONE! I work with success-minded people and his cards will fit right in with their mindset. The cards simply LOOK GOOD. That’s important to me. That should be important to you.

The Companion Book is nicely laid out. It gives you a Quick Start Guide and then moves into a more detailed explanation of using the cards the way Mr. Reichle intended.

Here’s the interesting thing about this deck: the creator talks about Tarot cards and even gives examples within the pages using that particular reading tool. However, he and I have actually discussed how his product is more expansive and can be readily and powerfully used with ANY TYPE OF ORACLE device. That’s right. I don’t care what type of reading system you use, the Dynamic Spreads Deck can be used with your forecasting and, to quote James Wanless, your “fortune-creation” tool of choice. You see, this deck provides you FOCUS and DIRECTION no matter what tool you prefer to use (even if it’s your own inner vision and imagination).

For me, the MOST POWERFUL benefit of the Dynamic Spreads Deck is your ability to use the product as an reading device, itself. And, if you don’t do standard readings, this deck also helps you TELL A STORY by simply following the wording in a sequential manner (much like I designed The Deck of Shadows to accomplish).

Take all of the larger cards (not the mini-cards) out of its cardboard house, remove the category dividers, and treat the whole thing as an oracle, itself. That’s right. I want you to treat the Dynamic Spreads Deck just as you would the Deck of Shadows, Lenormand deck, or Tarot cards. Shuffle the cards so they are completely mixed (you might have to break the cards into several smaller packs, shuffle those together, and then combine the whole lot depending on your experience handling cards – think of this much as you’ve seen dealers in Vegas or Atlantic City handling large groups of cards). And then create a spread from the face-down deck using your intuition, imagination, and intention.

Many times people will come to us seeking an answer to a question they think they “want” answered. As often as not, however, what people “need” to hear about it not what they really think it might be.  The Dynamic Spreads Deck provides you an elegant way to actually figure out what needs to be discussed and the exploration and discovery can lead to some very, very intense readings without turing over one Tarot card. In fact, I’ve already done some reading in just this manner. Here’s a sample:

I had someone who had just transitioned from a very high-powered management position to a startup company. She’s very intense and people-driven (that’s why she was hired). But, she doesn’t own the new company and wants to make certain that she’s incredibly successful with her new employer. I shuffled the Dynamic Spreads Deck and pulled three cards:


How perfect for just this person’s situation! Can you see how this is a reading all by itself?

Of course, the Deck of Shadows and Tarot cards can then flesh out the balance of the reading.

Okay, for those of you who aren’t into readings but who would like to take your lives, careers, and businesses to the next level of success, this part’s for you:

One of the most important things a successful business person can do is to keep asking questions. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the work of everyday life, we forget how we got started, overlook what’s really motivating us to get up in the morning, and shy away from the bigger concerns by rationalizing we have another day to think about them. Forget fortune telling. We just want to flourish. (And for those of you in the counseling and executive coaching fields, what I’m about to say is PERFECT for you!)

I want you to imagine a deck of cards that forces you to mediate, contemplate, ruminate, and come up with answers that actually make a difference . . . to you, to your employees, and to your loved ones.

Who doesn’t want that? Right?

The Dynamic Spreads Deck can also be used as a meditative and thought-provoking business tool.  Here’s what I mean:

I have used Roger von Oech’s “Creative Whack” and ” Innovative Whack” packs before as additional creative strategy tools. Now, the Dynamic Spreads Deck gets easily added to that workflow; not just as a creative strategy tool, but as a tool for forcing me to think about those things we all should be thinking about. You’re not going to be using anything “woo-woo.” You’re just going to select a random card and apply it to your business AT THE MOMENT, and YOU’RE GOING TO PROVIDE THE ANSWERS OR ROUND OUT THE THEME.

For example, let’s assume you pulled the following three “random” cards:




Can you see how these now force me to consider my business in a new light? Perhaps I need the answer to the following question: “What is my responsibility for the way my business communicates and is that communication (or lack thereof) the source of concern?” I don’t care who you are or what business you’re in, that type of deep inquiry into the mechanics of your career will have an impact.

My experience with the Dynamic Spreads Deck has been truly impressive and positive and expansive. I put this deck to use within minutes of opening the package! I intend to keep using it in a wide variety of roles.

Yes, it’s that powerful and useful.

I highly recommend that you obtain this product. I just know it will add new impact, new dimension, and new significance to any reading situation or business setting. But . . . you’d better hurry if you’re going to be the one who’s unique. I predict others will start using this and then you’re just going to look like you’re copying someone else.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Of course, you can see more about the Dynamic Spreads Deck here:

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The Vitruvian Square | Clearing, Cleansing & Balancing

During my recent appearance on Beyond Worlds I mentioned an energy clearing/cleansing ceremony you can do with The Vitruvian Square matrix. If you click on the Beyond Worlds link, you can listen to me go through the technique with co-host Ginny Hunt. I’m going to explain the process in a little more detail here so you can instantly and easily use this terrific way to feel better and more focused.

First, you need to familiarize yourself with The Vitruvian Square layout:

In particular, pay attention to the 9 squares that make up the primary matrix (Numbers 1 through 9). Number 0 is at the very top. We will be using these 10 locations for our clearing/cleansing strategy.

STEP 1:  Sit comfortably in a chair or restfully lie down. Take a few deep, freeing breaths, and close your eyes.

STEP 2: Visualize The Vitruvian Square and its 9 Places of Power (Squares 1 through 9). Bring the three squares at the top, three squares in the middle, and three squares at the bottom clearly into focus. Continue breathing deeply as you begin to notice that each of The Vitruvian Square positions is filling with bright, white light.

STEP 3:  Bring your inner vision to focus on Square Number 1. See that square infused with white light. As you breath in and out, the light almost seems to pulse with your breath.

STEP 4:  Shift your inner vision to focus on Square Number 2. Now, see Square Number 2 infused with its own white light. This square, too, seems to have a rhythm of its own . . . yet, it is in tune with your own, deep breathing.

STEP 5:  Continue advancing your inner vision to the remaining 7 squares (Square Numbers 3 through 9). Each time your point your inner vision to a new square, fill that square with white light and notice its throbbing brilliance.

STEP 6:  When you have finished paying attention to each of the 9 Places of Power, widen your inner vision so that you are now seeing all 9 squares at one time – kind of like your inner camera has moved from a close-up of each square to a wider, larger, all-inclusive shot. See The Vitruvian Square, in its entirety, lit up with white light; the glow of each square touching on its neighbors.

STEP 7:  Now, start to notice whether there are any dark areas in your Vitruvian Square; areas that feel gloomy, or unlit, or dingy. When you discover such places, make a mental note of which numbered squares are impacted (we’ll use them later). For each shadowy area, narrow your attention, once more, and now bring your intention to bear and begin to fill any dark areas you have noticed with white light until the darkness is obliterated.

STEP 8:  Finally, widen your inner vision and zoom out one last time until you can see the entire Vitruvian Square, yet again. You begin to notice, for the first time, that there is a ball of light above the 9 square (at the Number 0) position. This ball of light is so bright and so powerful that it s sending rays of light into the 9 squares below it. Just take all of this in and notice how you feel.

STEP 9: Open your eyes and finish with a some more cleansing breaths.

STEP 10:  Take a few moments and notice how you feel now, compared with how you felt when you first started this technique. Are you more relaxed or full of energy? Are you more focused or more aware?

STEP 11: Finally, go back to The Vitruvian Square image, above, and find the correspondences/meanings for the areas that you noticed were dark and gloomy. These are areas that needed your focus and which you have now cleared and bolstered and reinforced. Be sensitive to any internal messages that these squares and their meanings hold for you; knowing that, by clearing them with white light, you have added new balance to your inner harmony.

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The Vitruvian Square | Sacred Music for Hallowed Doorways

Most of you know that my book, The Vitruvian Square: Discoveries in Divination, explains a very special way of looking at things, and people, and patterns. In this article I want to eagerly hand over to you a wonder-filled technique to easily intensify your use of The Vitruvian Square matrix, in general, and the distinct Places of Power that burn within that secure framework. So, today, we are going to create naturally irresistible and inherently seductive soundtracks for each of our Places of Power; music that, not only synchronizes with your understanding of each location within The Vitruvian Square, but that instantly calls forth for you all the elements of each Place of Power, each Plane of Existence, and each Axis of Influence.

I’ve written before about the obvious strength and ready vitality of music to summon up emotions, inner awakening, and memories. Music can seduce us, it can inspire us, and it can truly work magic – in other words, it can change the way we feel and see things in an instant! Imagine, then, how your experience with The Vitruvian Square will become even more unprecedented when you discover that there is a signature tune or song – for you – for each of The Vitruvian Square‘s Places of Power.

The whole idea behind finding your own, individual theme songs within The Vitruvian Square is to establish a congruent state of mind and an audible cue for each of the locations within our matrix. Your Vitruvian Square theme music can be used to underscore and even stimulate your current condition and state of development. Above all else, you want to establish theme songs that are significant to the importance of each of The Vitruvian Square’s 10 Places of Power.

So, how do you do this? It’s easy!

1.  Look at each of the 10 Places of Power that comprise The Vitruvian Square. This includes the “0” location.

2.  Find a particular Place of Power that seems to call out to you, or just go in numerical order. Be haphazard, or be systematic. It doesn’t matter the order in which you complete this.

3.  Once you have a starting place, ask yourself a variety of questions, like:

  • How do the attributes or correspondences of this particular Place of Power make me feel?
  • What is the true nature of this Place of Power for me?
  • What is the rhythm I sense from this Place of Power? Is it upbeat or slow? Is it dramatic or whimsical? Is it serious or lighthearted?

4.  Now, expanding on my prior discussion of Ancient Magic | Modern Tools, look through your iPod songs and find just the right tune to link with the Place of Power you are working with. Which songs have just the right mixture of lyrics and melody that, when you hear them, instantly will link with the Place of Power you are focusing on?

5. Complete this exercise so that all 10 of The Vitruvian Square’s Places of Power now have a unique theme song.

6.  Change your theme songs as new tunes make themselves known to you and if they seem more appropriate. It’s perfectly alright to refine your Vitruvian Square playlist from time to time!

If there is a particular musician or artist who inspires you, feel free to take his or her entire catalog of music and focus only on that for creating your Vitruvian Square playlist. The fact that you are using one performer can further intensify the overall meaning of the songs you use – kind of like a higher intention to the whole pattern.

There is, of course, another way to reach your final goal; make a list of your 10 favorite songs and then spend some time meditating on which one best fits in each of The Vitruvian Square’s 10 Places of Power.

So you have an example of what you can ultimately accomplish with this, here is what I am personally using at the moment:

PLACE OF POWER “0” : Being/Remembering

SONG: Highwayman (Jimmy Webb)

The Highwaymen Performance

PLACE OF POWER “1” : Beginning/Renewing

SONG: The Quest (Bryn Christopher)

Bryn Christopher Performance

PLACE OF POWER “2” : Connecting/Reconnecting

SONG: Glitter in the Air (Pink)

Pink Performance

PLACE OF POWER “3” : Creating/Re-Creating

SONG:  The Prayer (Tony Renis/David Foster/Alberto Testa/Carole Bayer Sager)

Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli Performance

PLACE OF POWER “4” : Building/Rebuilding

SONG:  Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

K.D. Lang Performance

PLACE OF POWER “5” : Changing/Replacing

SONG:  Show Me the Way (Dennis De Young)

Styx Performance

PLACE OF POWER “6” : Uniting/Reuniting

SONG:  Unchained Melody (Alex North/Hy Zaret)

Elvis Presley Performance

PLACE OF POWER “7” : Defeating/Retaking

SONG:  I Want it All (Queen)

Queen Performance

PLACE OF POWER “8” : Moving/Removing

SONG:  I’m Movin’ On (Phillip White/Vincent Williams)

Rascall Flatts Performance

PLACE OF POWER “9” : Completing/Refinshing

SONG:  I’ve Been This Way Before (Neil Diamond)

Neil Diamond Performance

Whether my song choices speak to you or not is not the issue. Rather, you can now see how readily each of the Places of Power takes on a new fierceness, importance, and intention by adding your own, intimate soundtrack to the mix. Relish the adventure you are about to embark upon!

Oh, one more thing – if you know the Tarot or Deck of Shadows attributes for The Vitruvian Square, not only will my song choices have more vibrant expression, but your own choices will be effortless.

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The Vitruvian Square | The Karma Spread (Guest Post)

Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.

– Albert Gyorgyi

Well, The Vitruvian Square Casting Cloth (a natural deepening of my book, The Vitruvian Square) has sparked an incredible amount of interest and lead to new creations in the way people use the system. Because of the really terrific responses, I have decided, for the first time, to periodically post guest content so that you can see how others are using both The Vitruvian Square and The Deck of Shadows. Today, then, I want to share with you The Karma Spread from Craig Rovinsky. It uses The Deck of Shadows in conjunction with The Vitruvian Square and is something I think you will truly enjoy.



by Craig Rovinsky

What follows is a very easy, very interesting way to do a card reading using both The Deck of Shadows and The Vitruvian Square.  I came about this approach indirectly.  A friend, Sebastian Black, told me about an idea with a three card reading.  Sebastian uses The Deck of Shadows and has praised it in many conversations with me.

Sebastian suggested a small addition to a three card spread . . . add another card above the three main cards.  This fourth card is The Unknown.  This additional unknown card easily added to the depth of the central reading.  While I have known of variations of this before (looking at the bottom card of the Tarot deck after a deal) it seemed to work incredibly well with The Deck of Shadows.

Then one day I was looking at The Vitruvian Square and I noticed the spot for zero . . .  above the cards . . . just like Sebastian had suggested.

One recommended meaning for the zero Place of Power is the concept of Karma – and so The Karma Spread was born.  Simply, the card in the zero position is the lesson you must learn at this time in your life.  The other three (or however many cards you choose) expand on this lesson.

So let me demonstrate this for you by giving an example reading using The Karma Spread.  It has been mentioned that The Vitruvian Square and The Deck of Shadows almost do the reading for you.   I will follow this approach and construct my reading pretty much straight off the key words of the cards and the square.

If you have Scott’s Vitruvian Square and his Deck of Shadows, you can follow along and will see exactly where I got the things I said.  We will start with the Karmic lesson to be learned, expand on it with three cards, and then find out what action to take by looking at The Vitruvian Square.

So I have dealt out three cards from The Deck of Shadows:

1.  Seven of Diamonds

2.  Eight of Diamonds

3.  Jack of Clubs

I have the rest of the deck face down on the zero position (at the top of The Vitruvian Square) . . . I turn it over and the bottom card now facing me is:

4.  Five of Diamonds

[SCOTT’S NOTE: When the cards are placed in The Vitruvian Square matrix, the formation looks like the diagram, below. Remember that the cards are placed on the numerical equivalent of their value. So, the Seven of Diamonds goes on the “7” square, the Eight of Diamonds goes on the “8” square, and the Jack of Clubs equates to “2.” Jacks = 2, Queens = 3, and Kings = 4.]

The Karmic lesson that you need to learn at this point in your life is to keep a sense of adventure about life.  To some degree you have lost the ability to risk, to seek variety in life.  There just hasn’t been enough movement in your life and things have gotten stagnant.

I can’t help but notice that three of the four cards are Diamonds; a clear indication that the field of adventure you need to address is in your personal finances.  While this doesn’t mean being a financial fool, it does suggest you might look at spending a bit of money in a way you hadn’t expected to, just because it is fun.

What has happened is that time has snuck up on you.  It seems many opportunities have passed you by and you find yourself wondering if those are all of the chances you will get.  It is clear from this card though that, if you go with the flow, things will begin to happen . . . much more quickly than you thought possible.

In a way, this change now is due to a maturation . . . doing adult things for adult reasons.  It makes you savor the moment  and just expand the present to forever.  This change is your destiny.  It is something you have deserved for a long time, your Karma.  Serendipity will present more challenges and opportunities but you must do a couple things first.

If you look at your Vitruvian Square you will see you are only one quality away, in each direction, from from having two powerful planes (Squares 5 and 9).  First, you are just short of completing your Plane of Values . . . finally finding out who you are.  To do this you need a little Heirophant time (Square 5) – spending some time with your own inner judge, your value system and looking at it honestly.

Once you have done that it is time to complete your Plane of Action and make a difference in the world.  To do this you need to complete the emotional work you started when you worked on your Plane of Values.  This requires you to spend some Hermit time (Square 9) to balance your values and you will be there. It is only your thoughts that are stopping you, and you will complete this phase by trusting your inner moon.

The result of all this will be the completion of your Karmic lesson for this time of your life . . . adventure.  Do these things we talked about here, and a fun and interesting life will be yours!


Thank you, Craig, for sharing this with all of us. It’s always exciting to see how others extend my creations. If anyone else is interested in providing some guest content, let me know.

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