The Deck of Shadows | The “Never Never Land” Spread

Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough.

You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.

– J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan – the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up – is one of those cherished tales nearly everyone knows (in one form or another). It captures our passion, and tickles our curiosity because we all have those times, like Peter, when we refuse the summon of the world around us; that invitation – okay, sometimes it’s an unmistakable bellow – to be careful, responsible, and . . . well . . . act grown up!

The Peter Pan story obviously centers around Peter’s claim of his desire not to mature. But it also includes the theme of never-ending freshness and energy, and then goes on to explore how that desire gives way to what one is willing to give up in order to gain wisdom and, most importantly, love. And when we dig deeper, we find that Peter Pan is – at its most basic core – about the trade-off between our fantasies and the real world. Not even Peter Pan could stay in Never Never Land without paying the cost of being accosted by his nemesis.

This unique Deck of Shadows (yes, you can use other oracle or Tarot cards) layout was designed to provide someone with a brief look at where they are right now, what they desire most of all, and what is competing with them for success. We will be using 6 cards. Grab your deck,  and, as Mr. Barrie would say, let us jump on the wind’s back, and away we go:

Card 1: Peter Pan (Puer Aeternus)
Meaning: Where you are right now! This is the Eternal Child aspect of yourself, the limitless intuition you are using, your unbounded instinct, the restlessness you feel, being under the influence of your impulses, and your eccentricity.

Card 2: Peter’s Shadow
Meaning: This is what has become disconnected or detached from you, and keeps you separated from the rest of the world. This is the reason you haven’t quite been yourself, lately. This is what you already know needs to be found again to make you whole, and will not come alive until your further understanding is roused. This is the feeling/emotion you need to bring to light, once again.

Card 3: Captain Hook
Meaning: This is what poses you the greatest threat. It is what repeatedly menaces you. This is your perpetual opponent (real or imagined), it is what threatens your downfall, and what could bring about your undoing unless you stand up for yourself and fight back. It is also that which secretly fascinates you . . . because of the power it yields.

Card 4: Tinker Bell
Meaning: That which will aid you, and help you to reach your goal. This is an impactful and momentous support. Therefore, the assistance will eventually need to be counterbalanced. There is magic here, but it might start off so small that you don’t notice it right away.

Card 5: The Lost Boys
Meaning: This is that part of you that has gone unclaimed, or been left behind. As such, this is that part of you that may be undisciplined, ill-behaved, or unfinished. If you do not lay claim to, tame, and nurture this, it may eventually get away from you. In other words, this is that aspect of yourself that needs a mother.

Card 6: Wendy Moira Angela Darling
Meaning: That which will cause you to leave your innocence behind, and seek to grow. This is your heart’s desire, and what has been flirting with you for some time now. This is that yearning you should give in to, and the longing you must fulfill. Obtain this, and you find love.

When all the cards are put in their positions, the spread looks like this:

And, here is the casting technique:

Start with a shuffled deck of cards. Have one card selected and placed face up in the reading area. This is the Peter Pan card (Card #1) – the card that represents who you are right now; that combination of passionate needs and impulsive wants.

Select another card and place it under the first card. This is Peter’s Shadow (Card #2) – the card that represents what you need to connect to, once again.

A third card is now placed horizontally and across the first card. This is Captain Hook (Card #3) – the card that shows what resists and stands against you.

Select a fourth card and place this to the left of the three card pile. This is Tinker Bell (Card #4) – the card that symbolizes the helping hand and magic you will be shown.

Place a fifth card to the right of the three card pile. This is the Lost Boys card (Card #5) – the card that represents the part of you that needs to be tamed.

Finally, place a last, sixth card above the three card pile. This is Wendy Darling (Card #6) – the card that represents your heart’s desire and what will bring you love.

Use this Never Never Land spread to show yourself or someone you are reading for that all the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust. With this layout, you can find just the right awareness to bring back faith in yourself. Of course, in keeping with the Peter Pan theme, use this spread to find where dreams are born, and time is never planned. Just think of happy things, and your heart will fly on wings, forever.

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1 thought on “The Deck of Shadows | The “Never Never Land” Spread

  1. Once upon a no-time, there was a child whose name was your name and whose face and body belonged to you. Then, as you matured within the worlds you created for yourself and every other . . . you discovered that the stuff dreams were/are and will always be made of. In doing so, you began speaking into the silkened particles of air that make up *our* imaginations*. Thank you, Scott aka Peter Pan

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