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I am unbelievably grateful for the contact I receive from each of you. As you might imagine, I am sent my fair share of email, PM’s, IM’s, and letters. I have to balance responding to each of them, individually, against other activities in any given day. I assure you, though, that I do read everything you send. And . . . eventually, you will be sent a message from me either personally or in a more public forum (perhaps like this). Every now and then, though, I receive something that strikes me as extraordinary and which addresses situations that arise for all of us as part of humanity and from which we can draw inspiration as a group.

Let me tell you a story about one of those times.

After my last lecture in London, we met a marvelous young woman – a waitress in one of the London restaurants we visited. She has wonderful plans and an adventurous spirit. I gave her a reading and demonstrated a few things to her and some of her friends. She subsequently sent me a message outlining her hopes and dreams, and asking for some suggestions. I decided to write back to her and, in that email, was compelled to share with her a most incredible technique – a magical incantation, if you will – that I have not written about before. One that, will no doubt, dominate your dreams and direct your hopes once you allow its stunning force to envelop you and you discover how powerful this truly is.

I intend to share it with you, as well. But first . . .

. . . here is a portion of what was sent to me:

I decided I was going to message you to say thank you for tonight, and that I thought the things you demonstrated were amazing. Then I started thinking more and more but how things like that don’t happen everyday, and what fate might have to do with it. And then I looked on your website I was quite taken aback by the whole thing. You see I just finished my Philosophy degree last year, and I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. The first plan was to go back, get a masters and be a philosophy teacher, but then I decided that I wasn’t certain that’s what I wanted. One dream I was certain of was that I wanted to travel the world and experience as much that life had to offer as possible. I never really felt like I had a passion in life, one thing I wanted above all to aim towards, but recently I’ve come to the realisation that life in itself is my passion. . . . [H]elping people achieve their goals and dreams is my ultimate passion in life. Making a difference to the world one person at a time. . . .  I decided that traveling the world as much as possible and just meeting so many different people is the way to go for me, at least until I figured something else out. One of the key things for me also was that I’d eventually end up writing a book about it all.

So you see tonight was quite an intense experience for me. I don’t know if you get emails like this all the time, or if there’s hundreds of people like me out there. But I just had to message you because I thought of all the tables, in all the restaurants, in all of London, you sat at mine. And to me that means something. From what I’ve read on your website it just kind of seems like we have similar dreams, perhaps where you inspire with magic I want to inspire with words. I’m not really sure of anything, and maybe this is all nonsense, but the kind of person I am, and the way I see the world, this could be an opportunity to learn. An opportunity I couldn’t possibly let pass me by, without at least trying. . .

Imagine for a moment what you would responsibly write back to this young woman if you received her letter. How would you cheer her on and champion her intentions?

What follows is a portion of how I chose to answer her; some ideas that I believe you will now find as valuable as I have found them to be! Please take all the time in the world to read and then easily appreciate and benefit from what follows. Naturally, I would love for you to put this to use. I’m certain you’ll agree that you won’t be disappointed in the results you achieve!

. . . I am so pleased to read that you enjoyed our short time together. I believe life is meant to be full of wonder and awe and . . . well, magic! How cool that you experienced that. Don’t lose that feeling as it is something you can draw upon in the future whenever things seem to be going less than how you expected it to go. There is always magic to appreciate if we just take the time to notice it. It’s kind of like happiness – it always exists, we just forget to look for it at times.

I think it’s WONDERFUL that you want to serve mankind in the manner you have set out. Your life experience is something you will always be able to use as a metaphor for others. I do believe, by the way, that the best way to get a message across to a larger audience is telling them “why” you are doing things – not just explaining a goal. Most people, in my experience, take “goals” with a grain of salt. As such, I have made it my life’s work to provide people with tools that will empower them and remind them that they have enough magic, dreams, and gratitude to accomplish anything. By showing them these tools, they can then move forward confidently and fearlessly. . . .

Above all else, I dare you to live life courageously. Do Epic Shit with your life! And don’t ever let anyone tell you something is impossible.

If you don’t mind, I want to share with you a secret weapon that I personally use. I haven’t shown this to anyone formally before, so I hope you’re excited to be the first! I have not set out everything I have discovered about its potency. But, I will reveal some tidbits that should spark your own imagination to embrace the concept and run with it.

The original idea has appeared in many places. Among others, it was written in 1899 by Helen Wilmans . . . simple words that I urge you to turn into a daily mantra: “I Can. I Will. I Dare. I Do.” This incantation is nearly identical to the old magical phrase (some call it the Four Powers of the Sphinx [or The Witch’s Pyramid, or The Four Cornerstones of Magick]), “To Know. To Will. To Dare. To Keep Silent.” You can use this very powerful spell (for lack of a better word), to do ANYTHING. For example, if you are focusing on being well, you could say to yourself, “I can be healthy. I will be healthy. I dare to be healthy. I am healthy.” If being fearless is your aim, you could say, “I can be fearless. I will be fearless. I dare to be fearless. I am fearless.” Just give this a try. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.

Since you are a student of life’s patterns, I want to explain some of the background of this strategy, if you don’t mind. The following is based on my belief that Essential Magic comes from three ingredients; namely, meaning, conviction, and wonder.

I Can = To Know (Meaning): If you know anything about medicine wheels and energy patterns, this is a concept that comes out of the East (the symbol of inspiration, creativity, communication, thinking, and the element of Air). This is all about knowing yourself and your abilities. The entrance to the Temple of Delphi reportedly had the following phrase written down: “Know Thyself.” In my radio and personal appearances, I often urge people to “Know your Illusions, Destroy your Delusions.” We all have masks we put off to the public and outside world. However, learn to clear away the lies you tell yourself . . . Once you do so, your power to move around in the world will be immense.

I Will = To Will (Conviction): This energy comes out of the South (the symbol of faith, health, intuition, and the element of Fire). A magician’s true power of transformation lies in their intention and desire. Please know that the quality of your manifestations is the quality of the communication and consistency you have with yourself. Be congruent with your beliefs, wants, and needs. And have strategies in mind. Stop asking yourself, “What if this doesn’t work?” Rather, I dare you to start asking, “What if this does work?” Suspend your own disbelief and keep asking yourself, “What is the theme of my life?”

I Dare = To Dare (Wonder): This energy comes from the West (the symbol of emotions, compassion, feelings, and the element of Water). Always challenge yourself, your beliefs, and what your eyes are showing you. Let your imagination carry you away to impossible heights. This is the component of the spell that separates out those who rely solely on positive affirmations and those who actually accomplish their dreams. No positive thinking in the world will achieve results as quickly as just getting off your ass and taking the risk of actually doing the Epic Shit I talked about earlier. Dare to make your life significant.

I Do = To Keep Silent: This energy comes from the North (which is the symbol of wisdom, prosperity, possessions, sensation, and the element of Earth). This final component to our magical spell is . . . simply . . . taking action (not just talking about it to yourself or others)!

I trust this helps to guide you to your full potential. I want you to be seduced into a greater adventure. I want nothing but success for you! I only ask that you keep me posted on your successes. . . .

All my best. And . . . stay magical. It was an honor to share with you.

The power behind this technique is the actual recitation of the words – either in your head or out loud – and your firm intention behind what you seek to summon. This is not just an intellectual exercise. I offer this to you so that you are able to enchant and delight and charm. Enjoy!

© 2010 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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