The Deck of Shadows | Creating PEACE

Thank you for all the kind comments and inquiries about The Deck of Shadows.

Because there are so many of my decks now being used, I want to empower you with a concept I always use. This is one of those secrets that, once taken to heart, will result in astounding readings and rapport with the people who receive your insights and thoughts. You see, I have a belief about what goes into a successful reading. I believe it is less about what we say, as much as it is about how and why we say things. I believe a favorable reading environment comes about when you, as a forecaster, understand the motivation behind giving a reading in the first place. Oftentimes, readers become so entangled in rules and layouts that they forget there is a deeper art to be acknowledged.

So, what is this Great Secret?

Simply . . . bring PEACE to your readings. You can do this quite easily by committing yourself to the following principles for use with any Sitter/Querent:

Promote their dreams and aspirations

Ease their fears and concerns

Account for their failures and losses

Confirm their suspicions and hunches

Empower their quest

In other words:

Promote their dreams and aspirations Each and every one of us has ambitions and cherished desires. As readers, we are in a unique position to encourage those around us so that we contribute to their further growth and fulfillment.

Ease their fears and concerns Alas, there is nothing more powerful in most people’s lives than the fears that control them. If you can comfort and allay those imagined pains – those anticipated future ills – you help to provide much needed relief. I believe that readings should help to de-stress, not add distress!

Account for their failures and losses – Most people, when faced with their own lack of success, or confronted with things and people who have been lost to them, fail to realize some of the root causes for those events. Many people, when presented with failure or loss, will deny their own involvement and distract themselves from their own responsibility. Accounting for one’s failures and losses is not about blame. It is about making a statement, as a reader, that transforms a particular chain of events so that it is relevant and understandable, and thus it becomes a true life lesson.

Confirm their suspicions and hunches – It is human nature to believe our own thoughts. Very rarely, do you meet someone who distrusts themselves! As such, we all have impressions, intuition, and and instinctive knowing that are constantly flowing through us and – consciously and unconsciously – shaping our actions and beliefs. As readers, we can delve deeper into someone’s doubts and notions, and either corroborate or negate what has previously been taken to heart and which might no longer serve someone well.

Empower their quest – If I bring nothing else to a reading, it is this! I want the people for whom I am reading to recognize their unique qualities, abilities, and gifts. And, I want their own mightiness to be used to create a life of dreams. In giving readings, then, I believe we are in a singular position to transfer power back to the people we are reading – the power to not only to complete their adventures, but the power to recognize their dreams in the first place.

Imagine, now, how much more potent and remarkable your readings will be with this simple, little exercise in reader-awareness. Think, for a moment, how you will immediately touch the hearts and souls of the people for whom you are reading by remembering to bring them PEACE. This technique has admirably served me well for a long time. It is with great anticipation for your own, personal success that I now pass it on to you.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

© 2010 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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