Thinking Magically™ | A Meeting of the Minds That Will Change Your Life

A thousand cups of wine do not suffice when true friends meet, but half a sentence is too much when there is no meeting of minds.

                                                             – Chinese Proverb

Let’s face it, most of the time people walk around in a complete state of confusion. They are baffled by what others think. They are disoriented by the rules that sometimes seem arbitrary and incoherent. They are even scattered by their own beliefs, feelings, and designs in life. When you bring the bewildered together, most of the time the bedlam only worsens. Is there a way to easily get clarity and improve your ability to get what you want in life? You bet. And the solution is incredibly user-friendly!

You’ve heard the saying, two heads are better than one. Well, this coming new year, I encourage you to start aligning yourself with empowering people. You know the ones – those with whom you can confidently and openly share your thoughts and visions and accomplishments rather than having to defend or explain yourself all the time. In fact, I want to inspire you to start surrounding yourself with those who will serve as cheerleaders for you and dedicate themselves to being harmonious with you so you can start experiencing a life of your dreams!

The truly successful people in the world already know this astonishing secret; they have long sought out and nurtured people who have a personal alchemy and affinity with them and their goals. Now, I am not talking about cloistering yourself with a bunch of yes men! Quite the contrary, for this new type of affiliation and partnership to work you want people who can assess and evaluate with and for you. The fact that they are judging, by the way, does not mean that they are holding any judgments about you and your ambitions. What you want to start eliminating are those who have reached nothing but negative conclusions and opinions about what you want to make a reality and your capacity for doing so.

While the precise method for amassing your champions and supporters are as wide-ranging as the people reading this, one element remains constant: the people who you assemble around you for this purpose must dedicate themselves to acting in a harmonious and encouraging way towards your grand vision for your life. In other words, if you decide your primary goal for the coming year is to advance to president of your company, then it is essential you connect and meet with those who will help you to shape that future (rather than those who will tell you it’s an impossible dream). Likewise, if you decide that your important mission for the coming year is one of philanthropy, you must choose advocates and intimates who you trust to provide you with a positive influence and prompting in that direction (rather than those who will make self-serving and opportunistic promptings).

Once you begin to interact with this new level of friends and proponents of your dreams, you will find that your level of confidence increases. This change will necessarily bring with it an aura of authority in you that, in and of itself, will beckon and draw your dreams from mere desire to an actual occurrence. This, too, will increase the congruence with which you and your companions will act. As your certainty grows, so will the power of your will. And with the increase in that power, you will immediately begin to see an gathering of success! And the absorbing and exciting collateral benefit to all this is that your collaborators will begin to change and grow and increase in their successes, as well.

I can’t wait for you to experience the rush and stimulation of being part of something bigger than yourself! There is no doubt that when two or more people assemble with a raw and compelling sympathetic understanding of each other, magic happens. The group will, for lack of a more elegant way to say it, take on a life of its own. Delight in this state of affairs and breath it in with as much need as you would breath in the air! You will find that the synergy that is produced will create outcomes, results, and consequences far beyond what you would have realized on your own.

Over the next week, many of you will be making New Year’s resolutions. My wish for you in the coming year is that you resolve that you will finally and truly experience the greatness for which you were born. You will attain those heights faster by connecting and celebrating with like-minded souls!

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