Thinking Magically™ | Tools for The Day that Does Not Exist

Samhain is that incredible time often called The Day That Does Not Exist; the time when the barrier between life and death is thin, if there at all. This is the time of the year when resources – of all types – are purposefully and steadily stockpiled in anticipation of the upcoming Winter months (both figuratively and literally). With that in mind, I thought today would be an outstanding time to cast a spell by offering some tools that can help you to effectively escape from magic burnout – those feelings that you have lost your focus, ambition, and enthusiasm; those times when YOU need to be – you must beenchanted, again, so you remember that doing what you love is doing what you love.

1. Frame your magical intent one purpose at a time. There are times when envisioning mighty, sweeping goals is tremendously stimulating and certainly drives you forward. There are other times, however, when you still need to sensibly commit yourself to putting one wizardly foot in front of the other to get where you want to go. A desire for a grander goal is important; the need for an immediate triumph, no matter how small, can actually be what you need. Magic is all about transforming realities. Give yourself the gift of recognizing the little achievements and magical moments in your life as well as the colossal ones.

2.  Practice seeing your amazing purpose. Your magic happens for a reason. It is not whimsical, unpredictable, or wanton. Give your most special attention to polishing and perfecting the elegance of your daily ceremonies and rituals. And discover what those practices are really saying to you. Spend a day completely absorbed and engrossed in all things magical – those things that empower you, lift you up, and help you to feel full of awe!

3.  Spend a little more time being divinely selfish. There are two kinds of people in the world; those who believe that making the world around them a better place will, in turn, make them a better person, and those who believe that making themselves a better person will, in turn, create a better world. Which are you? There is no wrong answer. Nor are there any judgments being passed. Rather, I just want you to invoke your own power, once again, by figuring out what really compels you forward in the first place. I want you to love yourself and your magical abilities, all over again. In fact, I challenge you: the next time you have a decision to make, ask yourself, What does my heart tell me to do?

4. Describe your magic. Want an eye-opening and bewitching experience that is guaranteed to evoke your own inner power? Sit down in a quiet place and write down all the details about your magic. Perhaps you will find that your personal world of awe and wonder is based around the concept that there is a mystical force that holds everything – and I mean everything – together. Maybe you will find that your magic is built on the belief that everything is chaos until you exert your will. You might discover that your magic is centered around nature and the elements. Or, you might uncover that your power builds on the power that is found in all things. Once you start to discover where your amazing abilities come from, write out a magical manifesto – a proclamation that will now show yourself your magic.

5.  Do your magic now! Playing a waiting game with yourself – telling yourself that you will accomplish something tomorrow or find that spark a little later – is just an excuse for being unfulfilled and disappointed. Get out there and brandish, wield, and make use of your brilliant magic NOW! That does not mean going faster, though, because the next suggestion is . . .

6.  Take things a little slower.  All magicians have those feelings of I want it, and I want it now. However, it could be that you are just trying to move heaven and earth too fast. I find that magic works best when you pace yourself with goals  that you believe in your heart to be attainable. If you decide to run a marathon, if wouldn’t be too advisable for you to go out tomorrow and participate in that race unless you have prior training, and conditioning, and you are in good health. All the wanting in the world won’t replace the dividends of planning and conditioning. It’s certainly okay to expect a lot from yourself. And it’s also perfectly fine to learn to distinguish between those things that need your attention now, as opposed to those that can rank a little lower in importance. You don’t need to accomplish all the magic at one time!

7.  Vampire or Victim? Pick One. Think about this, for a moment: the decision to change your life and the world around you brings with it the concepts of control, mastery, and potency. What are the dynamics of your own magic? What do you want your energy and power to project? When you think of a vampire, you find that they have an air of mystery and quiet control about them. They are intensely involved in the things and people around them. And they are very sensitive to the energy of others. Similarly, when you think about it, really think about it, the decision to be a magician – the preference to bend reality – is to resolve to truly experience your own existence and be at the helm of your own Future. Remember the delight and wonder you first had when you discovered that magic might be afoot. By the way, this is not about preying ruthlessly on others. It is, however, about choosing not to be a casualty of life or other people’s choices.

8.  Deserve your magic. Of course you want to be a magician! But have you ever stopped to ask whether the magic you wish to handle wants to be you? Have you earned the right to receive such arcane knowledge? Once you answer these questions, you will know if you are worthy of your own dreams. Go ahead, ask the questions. You will be amazed at the answers.

9.  Always believe. Be what I call divinely paranoid. Have confidence and faith that your universe is conspiring for your own good. The heart of a magician lives and breaths, not only for outcomes, but for the practice of doing the magic, itself. When you are feeling low or the passion is lacking, take the time to revisit the meaning, the message, and significance of just being alive. Accept nothing less than significance for your life.  You are remarkable enough to accomplish your magical goals – or you wouldn’t have those ambitions in the first place. Go ahead, your magic cries out for your biggest dreams and your wildest imagination. Just believe. Just. Believe. It’s been said before, Believing is the Magic.

So, on this Day that Does Not Exist, be gentle with yourself and remember to be truly at peace with your Past, your Present, and your Future.

Just some thoughts. Enjoy.

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1 thought on “Thinking Magically™ | Tools for The Day that Does Not Exist

  1. “This Day that Does Not Exist,” is just what the Samhain ordered for one such as I~
    Thank you for being as true to your beliefs as I am mine.

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