Thinking Magically™| Harness The Power of Magic on Demand

“We’ve strayed into a zone with a high magical index” he said.

“Don’t ask me how.
Once upon a time a really powerful magic field
must have been generated here, and we’re feeling the after-effects.”

“Precisely,” said a passing bush.

– Terry Pratchett (The Color of Magic)

Once upon a time, I was having a very deep conversation with a scientist, a researcher of sorts, at Harvard University. We were walking about the campus and, as he was showing me about, we wandered through a garden. This scientist had seen me perform Magic before and he was quite curious as to how I was able to keep “fooling” everyone else.

I stopped before one of the flowers and asked him, “If one day you were walking by here and suddenly this rose spoke to you, would that be real or not?”

“Can the phenomenon be repeated?” he asked.

“No,” I said. “It only happens once.”

“Can it be duplicated with another flower?” he pressed.

“No,” I said. “It only happens once.”

There was a pause. He then—soulfully and with a bit of awkward arrogance—said, “Then that means only one thing . . . that I was hallucinating. The flower never spoke at all.” He was very proud of this conclusion.

I trust you realize what a profound and revealing conversation that was.

I also hope that you can easily see the two worldviews that were at play with each other.

This is what everyday will be like for you once you choose a life of Magic. You will hear nature talking. The rest of the world will think you are delusional.

Unless . . .

You have a two-fold plan. A plan that clearly defines what Magic means for you. And a plan that clearly defines why anyone should care about you and your Magic in the first place. Once you have those two elements in place, the power of your Magic is there for you at a moment’s notice.

It’s real.

It’s tangible.

It’s reliable.

Most importantly, it’s unique. My “Magic” is not YOUR “Magic.” Your “Magic” will not be your significant other’s “Magic.” That’s the beauty of all this Magic in the first place. It’s specific to each one of you.

Still, no matter how unique your brand of Magic, one thing remains constant for all of us—our Magic is intended, at its core, to help influence a course of events according to our wants and needs. Magic is intended to provide us with that which is wonderful and exciting and, yes, even the sudden and unexpected. That’s the transformational power of Magic.

So how do you set yourself to experience sudden Magic?

It begins with changing the way you plan for Magic in the first place. Yes, I used the words “plan” and “unexpected” together.

Consistently successful Magicians intend the unexpected.

They set themselves up for that which we call “Serendipity” and “Happy Accidents” and “Good Fortune.” They position and ready themselves for wonderful outcomes even if the outcome is originally not thought about, not deliberate, and even unforeseen. Magicians always remember that the Universe is conspiring for their own good. They also remember what Seneca once said: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

What does this look like for you on a practical level?

Well, being able to harness the power of your Magic on demand means you actually participate in your own life. It means being visible—to others AND YOURSELF (despite that little voice in your little head that says “I’m just a little me” and so I should be invisible most of the time). It means making an effort to actually experience life and not just think about it or talk about it.

It also means that you have to position yourself. Much like the two hot topics of branding and promotion, you must put yourself where your Magic can work and be seen and be understood (the outcome/effect, not necessarily the method used to get there). If you want to use your Magic on demand and with a sense of confidence and control, you need to really think about what Magic means to you AND OTHERS. It is the “WHY” behind everything that you do! When you position your Magic, you are crafting, in advance, what you want your experience to be and how it should be interpreted. It’s a lot of work. Most people, by the way, will skip this step and then complain that they can’t control their Magic with any elegance.

Finally, appreciate that your ideas are a dime a dozen. I live in the greater Los Angeles area. Everyone has the next blockbuster script or bestselling book. Everyone. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Not everyone is actually out writing that script or book. If they are or do, very few are out pitching them. Acting on those ideas is what’s valuable. If you want to put your Magic out into the world, that’s what you have to do . . . you DO.

Now some of you are saying, “But, I don’t know how to do that.” Relax. You don’t have to know how you’re going to accomplish everything. You just have to know WHY you’re using your Magic. And, the answer to that last question might be as simple as, “I feel called” or “I feel compelled” or “It’s something I’ve always known I was born to do.”

You need to be okay with those kinds of answers, too.

When you participate in your own life, position yourself, and appreciate the “Doing” part of success and happiness, you will finally start wielding a Magic that can be called on at anytime and anywhere. More importantly, you will have set yourself up for the unexpected and wondrous and exciting.

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