Thinking Magically™ | 7 Things I Would Like Every New Magician To Know

Give me the new thing and give it to me now.
I don’t want that old thing –
I’ve seen it, heard it, bought it, slept with it, loved it,
but now I’m bored with the old thing and I’m gagging for the new stuff.
– Arthur Smith

We are drawn to Magic by the enticement of wonder.

By the rush of excitement.

By the promise of power.

By the allure of mystery.

By the thrill of knowing a secret.

By the fascination of leaving a legacy of amazing deeds.

By the temptation of a new way of life.

We are drawn to Magic because we want and need and desire a transformation. Sometimes the transformation is small. Other times, it is huge. Sometimes it has a minor impact. Other times, the earth seems to shift on its axis.

Whatever your reason for choosing a life of Magic, here are 7 things I would like you to take to heart.

1. It’s all about focus. There are so many different ways you can manifest your magical intent and create your desired outcomes, that it can be a dizzying experience. There will be times when you become so deep-rooted in your intention, that you lose your attention. When you lose your attention, you lose focus. When you lose focus, your Magic becomes just as fuzzy. If you must remember one thing, let it be this first thought. It’s always about focus. Do whatever you must do to keep that focus all the time. Every waking moment. Every second.

2. Answer the question: “Why do you want to do Magic in the first place?” I don’t know which of the items from the list above spoke to you but one of them did. Perhaps you even had what you think is an unique reason for choosing a life of Magic. Until you can answer this question, you can’t answer the question: “Do you deserve the outcome you seek?” Only when you know deep in your heart that you are deserving, will your Magic flow freely and become an intimate part of your success and happiness strategy.

3. Know that much of the magical process involves coming face to face with ideas that are horrible. Do you really think that everything that comes out of your imagination is God-given, spectacular, flawless stuff? You and I both know that isn’t the case. Most people gloss over this fact. I want you to embrace the flawed and frightful and irritating creations that flow out of you. You’ll be astonished how that awfulness can then be transformed into things of beauty and charm. Or, you’ll know there’s no saving the crap and move on. Either way, embracing your horrible ideas is one of the best ways of becoming magnificent.

4. You can’t afford to wait. Get going. Now. Every Magician needs to practice their technique, their craft, their skills, and their abilities. There comes a time, though, when enough practice is enough. I can’t tell you how many so-called Magicians are still practicing because they don’t think they’re good enough, yet. At that rate, they’ll never be good enough because they’re not out in the world actually doing anything at all. They’re just practicing. That’s not you. Learn what you need to learn. Practice until you have some competence in wielding your Magic. Then get going! Time is running out.

5. No one is going to make you happy or rich just because you’re a Magician. In fact, no one’s going to make you anything. They going to expect you to entertain THEM. Magicians are few and far between. Magicians represent a world of make-believe and escape and entertainment. The challenge is that people are going to claim that they will enliven you or pay you just because of that. You need to discover the value that you bring to the world and to other people. Only then can you place a dollar amount on that value. Others will either pay that amount or they won’t. The power you wield is that you get to choose whether to take less than you’re worth.

6. Create a habit of health. What good is wanting to live a life of Magic if you’re not around to enjoy it? What good is choosing the life of a Magician if you can’t fully experience it? You need to do something everyday to enhance your well-being.

7.  If you can’t be true to yourself, your Magic will be false. Magic is pretty cool. It has an air of mystery about it. It is something pretty special. It is something most people don’t understand but wish they did. So they’re going to look to you for a variety of things. Realize, everyday, that your Magic is an extension of you. You’re going to be fed lots of pretty, flattering, and empowering lines along your path as a Magician. A lot of it will be B.S. Start, right now, committing yourself to being authentic and don’t fall for the rhetoric that is usually designed to make others money or help them fix a problem they’re too lazy to solve on their own.

A life of Magic is exciting. You can help to keep that life going on a consistent and effective basis if you’ll simply heed the 7 things I’ve outlined, above.

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