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If you have an important point to make,
don’t try to be subtle or clever.
Use a pile driver.
Hit the point once.
Then come back and hit it again.
Then hit it a third time – a tremendous whack.
– Winston Churchill

Many of us have been talking for a long time.

Many of us don’t stop talking.

The fact that we talk a lot doesn’t mean that we’re getting any better at it.

In fact, in today’s world of text messaging, Tweets, and emoticons, many of you are actually getting worse.

When you think about what we do as Magicians in today’s world, a large part of the manifestation, creation, and transformation process really all comes down to receiving, processing, and giving information. I’ll even go so far as to ask you to consider that the power of your Magic is intricately dependent on your ability to manage the words you say and the words you allow in.

To put it another way, you must manage the way you are heard and seen and felt and acted upon (including how you, yourself, filter your own self-talk).

You must manage what you hear and what you see and what you feel and what you act upon.

You must devote yourself to using the correct words in the correct order to transform and bend reality.

You must commit to learning to bypass your and others’ critical faculties (that part of a person that says “no,” “this can’t be done,” “B.S.,” and any number of other negative filters that keep you from moving forward and accomplishing your goals).

Here’s the interesting thing. While you believe you have such filters to protect you, there are specific words and phrases that savvy marketers know how to use to get around those filters.

Imagine that I’m in front of you and that I ask you to gently close your eyes for a moment.

That’s right.

Just let your eyes close.

Now imagine that you are in a place of deep peace. Just for a moment, you don’t have any obligations to anyone else and no one needs you to do anything.

Then . . . imagine that I begin with, “Once upon a time . . .”

Even as you read those “Once upon a time” words, a new state of mind takes over. You can’t prevent it because you’ve been wired since childhood to let “Once upon a time” instantly transport you to another place and time. The phrase speaks of milk and cookies, story time, and adventure. The phrase implies that there’s more out there. It infers that you can be more than you are.

Other examples include, “Would you like to play a game?”, “What if . . .?”, “Long ago in a galaxy far, far away,” “These are the voyages,” and “It was the best of times.” Most of you, when you hear or read these phrases are intrigued, curious, and open to the amazing things you suppose are going to happen next.

Since your imagination has been triggered in such a compelling and effective way (because I have captured your attention), your critical faculty has been bypassed. And there’s really nothing you can do about it. That’s the power of such wording.

So, what does all this mean for you?

You can start using the same types of phrases to program and create Magic for yourself and others. You can actually start controlling the tone, content, and outcome of conversations, interactions, and meetings by simply giving more thought and planning to the words and phraseology you throw out into the world.

Here are some simple steps to follow to start creating smarter communication templates and recipes:

1. Start creating self-talk scripts to repeat to yourself that are powerful, positive, and profound. In the event that first person affirmations and mantras aren’t working for you, rewrite them in the second-person. For example, “I can. I will. I dare. I am.” becomes  “You can. You will. You dare. You are.” For those of you experienced with some level of self-hypnosis you will quickly recognize that this second-person type of scripting is identical to well-written hypnotic commands.

2. Write out a list of power words that work for you and your band and your message. Of course, this means you actually have to start using them. Some examples of such word might be: powerful, passionate, best, fantastic, brilliant, amazing, conquer, because, remarkable, increase, discover, suddenly, instantly, etc.

3. Pay attention to what you are feeling before speaking. When you control your feelings, you are able to control how you are perceived. You can control your feelings by learning to control your imagination. While words certainly have power, your emotional state has power over the way your words come across to others.

4. When you find yourself afraid or angry . . . just shut up.

5. Learn to speak in threes. The Rule of Three is well-known and often touted as one of the most influential things you can learn to wield. It requires that you express your thoughts, concepts, and ideas in groups of three. It is said that the using the Rule of Three makes you unforgettable, emotionally appealing, and just plain fun to listen to.

If you want to control your audience, then learn to control how you speak. Effective Magic requires effective communications!

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