Thinking Magically™ | If You Can Hit Your Marks, Things Will Be Glorious

“I will take my rightful place on stage
and I will be myself.

I am not a cosmic orphan.
I have no reason to be timid.

I will respond as I feel;
awkwardly, vulgarly,
but respond.

I will have my throat open,
I will have my heart open,

I will be vulnerable.
I may have anything or everything
the world has to offer, but the thing

I need most, and want most,
is to be myself.

I will admit rejection, admit pain,
admit frustration, admit even pettiness,

admit shame, admit outrage,
admit anything and everything

that happens to me.
The best and most human parts of
me are those I have inhabited

and hidden from the world.

I will work on it.

I will raise my voice.

I will be heard.”
– Elia Kazan (An Actor’s Vow)

I know you have dreams and desires and outcomes you want to manifest.

What are the marks you have set for yourself and that you have to hit along the way to ensure what materializes is what you intended?


That’s right.

Just like an actor, you have some landing-points to set for yourself. These marks will affect your ultimate focus and the make-up of the Magic you ultimately create.

Let me digress and tell you how this was driven home for me recently . . .

I’m appearing at a very large conference in November and the organizers asked if I’d be willing to shoot some commercials and promo spots to help advertise the event. When I arrived at the studio, all I needed to do was change clothes and meet with the Director and Director of Photography. Everything else was already tentatively in place – the cameras, the lights, the boom mics, the backdrop.

Even the marks were there – you know the ones, the bright green gaffer’s tape on the floor showing me the “T” I was to stand at for one scene and the “X” I was to walk through for another.that the Director of Photography needed me to hit at certain places in my scripted (and sometimes unscripted) performance.

There they were. As bright as anything else on set. I couldn’t miss them (at least that’s the idea of having them so prominently displayed on the floor in front of me).

For rehearsal, all I did was stand on the “T” and the “X.” Why? Because all of the lighting and the camera framing were being orchestrated and focused on and around those two spots. The camera and lights were tweaked one final time as I stood on my marks to ensure the end product was the best we could all collaboratively deliver.

The one thing I want to drive home to you is this: in order for me to deliver the desired on-camera performance and be in focus and have an end product everyone was happy with . . . I had to hit my marks exactly. That’s where the lights were shining and on which the lens was focused.

Creating marks – or landing-points – for yourself and your dreams of success and happiness is the surest way to keep you from drifting off-course. They are an indisputable method for keeping your focus, knowing precisely what’s going on when you come to that mark, and not turning into a lost soul.

Let me put this a different way. I challenge you to think about a big goal you want to accomplish. Now take the time to figure out some of the micro-steps along the way that you know you must hit or complete in order for the larger goal to be reached. Those micro-steps aren’t suggestions. Those are critical waypoints. All too often, most people—if they can even figure out a definite major goal or purpose—don’t have a clue about the route they will take nor the points along that path.

By learning to hit your mark, landing-point, or waypoint effectively, efficiently, and consistently, allows your dreams to come to life. These marks also keep you from getting distracted with all of the other things that are thrown our way.

How do you assign your marks? Here are 4 simple steps to consider.

STEP ONE. Determine your focus. What do you want to achieve, manifest, make appear, create? Imagine what that outcome looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, and how it’s different than where you are right now.

STEP TWO. Determine some of the steps you know have to be taken on the path from here to your dream. You don’t have to know every step along the way. But, there will be those waypoints that you know need to be achieved in order for the larger goal to be reached.

STEP THREE. Determine what those waypoints or marks look like, feel like, smell like, taste like, and how they’re different than where you are right now and different from the end result you seek. How long should it take you to get to each of these marks? How long should it take you to get from one of these marks to the next mark? How long should it take you to get from the last waypoint to the end result?

STEP FOUR. Write down, in detail, your focus, your marks, and your end result. Use this as a blueprint or roadmap to lockdown your direction, your concentration, and the clarity with which you see your end result.

Consistently and sustainably creating a Life of your dreams involves more than wishful thinking. You must participate in the planning of the course that will take you from here to there. Planning the production of your dreams can be fun and exhilarating. All you need to do is start thinking of the marks you must hit along the way, ensure that you actually enter and hit them, and then move onto the next waypoint with confidence.

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