Thinking Magically™ | Lighting Fires in the Ordinary Land of Weariness (Chapter 0)

(A quick note: what you are about to read is a portion of a larger project. I don’t quite know where this is going, yet. I normally don’t post “unfinished” musings. But, I’ve been writing to you for quite some time about getting outside your comfort zone and thinking outside your comfortable box so it’s only fair that I do the same thing. Here’s to being uncomfortable and thus getting more out of Life!)

A Collection of Over-Adventures
For Those Who Fancy Something More In Their Lives

Scott Grossberg

in which you learn that a saunter is better than stagnation,
breakers actually fix things, and it is possible to move what is stuck

You stand nearly motionless in the middle of a commonplace street. Common people are walking and talking and frequently laughing all around you. Then it starts. “Take a step,” you hear. “Hop. Skip. Jump.” It is both relentless and unsettling, that voice.

“Do something,” it bids from what seems like every direction.

It is almost a whisper.

“Do anything. Just move!”

Yes, it is almost a whisper.

Of course, as Luck would have it—and she always has her way, doesn’t she?—it is your own voice that faintly pesters you to set things in motion. It is your own heart that beats heavy with the thrill of something new and the terror of . . . something new. It is your own aroused skin that prickles to the point that it almost pains from the all-too-real alchemy of mischief and make-believe, chances and choices, aspirations and attachments.

You close your eyes now with a deep, dependable breath. That’s right. It’s time to be dour and down-to-earth, again. Still, you think, if you’re going to be down-to-earth, you might as well walk upon it. So, you open your eyes suddenly even as you find yourself putting one wary foot forward. Then another. Then another. What was an uncommon uncertainty deep down in your gut now turns to a celebrated compulsion deep down in your soul; as if you have been charmed, and the irresistible fascination to see what is just around the next blind corner, or inside the not-quite-so-closed box, or hidden within the pages of a found—or was this left for you—letter has possessed you. And being under such a heady spell, you really have no choice but to now turn the handle and push open the door that has just appeared in front of you. Is this a trick? Or, has the door been there all along, simply waiting for you to notice it? Either way, you cross through the doorway.

On the other side of the door, you stand—feeling a little more liberated than ever before—on a high white cliff overlooking the ocean. It’s as if you can see to that place they call Forever. You breathe in deeply and there it is: that unforgettable and unmistakable whiff of salty water.

What’s this? You notice you are not wearing any shoes. Being clearly distracted before, you must have innocently left them behind. Your mother-naked feet dig with a familiar thrust into the sandy ledge that is dotted green with wild grass. (Now don’t ask why there is sand on the top of the cliff—the sand cliff was created, of course, when some of the waves dissolved into fits of laughter and the outburst then carried the sand from the beach to the bluff. Where was I? Oh, yes.) While you tunnel with your toes, your undefended skin, no longer tingling, is instead delightfully moist from the waves’ familiar leftovers.

And what’s this? You begin to hear the steady pulse—the measured throbbing—of the legion of waves that lives far below you. The Swell Swells (as they’re known by locals) break on the shore in such a calculated and grand way that even they have forgotten that they have been lured there. Yes, the Swells have been as captured in their measured flows as you have been willingly taken prisoner by the promise of a treasure to be won.

You look back towards the door you suspiciously walked through moments before . . . wondering, for a moment, if you should go back from whence you came. But the door you entered is gone. You cannot go back even if you want to. Once you took that deliberate step forward, your peewee world changed forever. And, you would not have it any other way because change – whether in your pocket or in the world at large—is what keeps us all in the land of the living and makes life all the more interesting.

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© 2015 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Lighting Fires in the Ordinary Land of Weariness (Chapter 0)

  1. Thank you for getting out of your comfort zone Scott. You had me at the very first line. Yes, I want to hear more. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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