Thinking Magically™ | The Meaning of Magic – Part 2 (an excerpt from The Most Magical Secret)

From The Most Magical Secret – 4 Weeks to an Ecstatic Life


by Scott Grossberg

Copyright © 2015. Reprinted by permission.


[Continued from May 28, 2015]

We copy failure.

The challenge is that most of us act like very non-magical beings. Oh, we read our fantasy books and watch our fantasy shows and listen to our fantasy recordings. We use those books and shows and recordings as a way to pass the time or distract us from reality.

I’ll ask it again: Why? Why do we do these things?

Because most people don’t have an original thought in their brains. Oh, they might think that they do. But, they’ve never even attempted it. They think the same things today that they thought yesterday. And yesterday they had the same thoughts as the day before that.

We learned to walk by watching others.

We learned to talk by listening to others.

We learned to how to read, write, and think by being in school.

We learned to make a living by repeating what our parents or friends or mentors showed us.

We learned the best way to believe from the preaching and evangelizing of others.

Regrettably, what we’ve never learned to do capably is identify the Magic of those we respect and admire and then use that as a springboard for our own Magic. While we fervently seek to hold their successes in the palms of our own hands, we regularly overlook the Magic it took for them to attain that prosperity.

The very fact that you’re reading this book is proof positive that the ordinary life you’ve been experiencing is now ending and your own personal growth into a world of Magic is quickly beginning. Indeed, if we’re going to outlast the multitude of fast-growing and fast-acting challenges of today, an acute awareness and use of Magic is essential. Real Magic is not a plaything. It is not an artifact of days of olde. It’s not some cosplay performance art nor a cheap reproduction of a fantasy tale nor some song-and-dance routine.

Real Magic is an indispensable part of a sustainable success system.

So, what’s the source of this Magic that’s so powerful? I’ll tell you.

It is you. Magic is something that you do and something that happens to you. In fact, any distinction you draw between the two is completely discretionary and artificial on your part.

Magic turns you into a stirring of the Universe so that you become its purpose.

Magic demands that you become a companion of the legends. The fables. The fanciful.

Magic transforms you into a way of life. A bearing. A path worth taking. You become a secret door that leads others to a real life.

Magic brands you as an ally of myth and shows others the truth in fantasy.

Magic allows you to seduce others with intentions that are as strong as steel and introduce them to the everyday realms that are already around them and that are as extraordinary as any miracle.

Magic nourishes and completes you with the whispered voice of hope, the hidden presence of desire, and the invisible impulse of passion.

Magic whisks you away to safety with stolen moments so that your power can be reclaimed.

Magic gives you a hunger for, a pull to, and an expectation of what really matters.

Simply, Magic demands that you don’t pretend anymore.

If you will only notice its calling. If you will only remember it. If you will only come back to it.

But Magic has a cost. Most people are unwilling to pay it.

Magic—real Magic—brings with it adversity, disapproval, criticism, struggle, and friction. By its very nature it shows the unglamorous in people’s lives.

Magic also bears witness that there are those with the creativity, imagination, courage, and zeal who can be trusted to keep the world safe and blossoming and expanding and wonderful. Magic breeds comparison and, in that scrutiny, most people discover that their lives don’t have any Magic in it at all because they’ve learned a tiresome way of living and thinking and judging and behaving. Magic teases them by saying, “You can still be extraordinary . . . If you will only rediscover the truth. You knew it once as a child. You can still remember.” And because most people are too afraid to look and sound and act crazy, they continue to be average.

Trust me when I say to you: Those few of you who decide to bring real Magic into the world will scare the hell out of all the others.

You will be different.

You will be impractical.

You will be a threat to them.

Because you will be fantastic. And idealistic. And grand. And life-changing.

When people think of you, you will shake them to their very core.

So, who is willing to pay the price of living a life of Magic?

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