Thinking Magically™ | How Much of Your Magic is Emotionally Engaging?

Passion is the highest level of emotional engagement.
Passionate customers can’t imagine a world without the brand, service, or product,
and they would rather go without than switch to a competitor.
Passionate customers want to feel like they receive individualized service,
or even that they are the only customers of the brand.
Passionate customers are the most valuable of all to your organization,
and they should be recognized as such.
– Tom Rieger, Gallup Business Journal

Every magician worth their salt knows that how others interact, react, and respond to one’s magic is indispensable to manifesting lasting results. In fact, consider for a moment what magic would be like if you were only manifesting an outcome for yourself. Ultimately, that’s not very satisfying. To put it another way, being a magician is as much about managing other people’s emotions and experiences as anything else.

When interacting with others, you might want to keep in mind that we have moved beyond people merely assessing the features and benefits of our skills, abilities, talents, and creativity. Now, we have the people we interact with asking things like:

Does [fill in your name here] do what he/she says he/she says he/she will do?

Does [fill in your name here] make me feel better?

Does [fill in your name here]’s magic represent my vision of the world?

Does [fill in your name here] make me proud and excited to be associated with him/her?


How often do you hear people make a promise and then they fail to fulfill that commitment? We want to be secure in the relationships that we build and be able to rely on what we are told. If you want to really make a difference in someone’s life, keep your promises. Be their go-to guy or gal. Show others that there is no difference between their beliefs about you and their experience with you.


Most people go through life afraid of something. Whether their fear is rational or not is irrelevant to what a magician does. Your job, among others, is to listen to someone, zero in on what pain is driving them, and then to reassure them, relieve them of that pain (if only for a short time), or reach them on such a deep level that they are spurred to a better course of action.


People bring all of the stories they have told themselves with them when they see you. They measure your outcomes, successes, and goals against their personal experience. Belief is a funny thing. It’s less about knowing and more about a “feeling.” Many—if not all—beliefs are grounded on first impressions and bolstered by some random event that seems to confirm that first impression. You have an image that either supports a belief in the magic that you do or you have an image that exposes you as a fraud. Be authentic. Have integrity. And give others something they can believe in.


The top brands in the world know that their customers use, consume, and display their products because, on one level or another, that product already is or is quickly becoming a reflection of the customer. Just take a moment and think about the branding and positioning of great companies like Apple, Google, Starbucks, and Disney. Reflect on what companies like this do to make their patrons proud of being at, using, and telling others about their business. It all begins, of course, with you being proud of your own magic in the first place.

Would you like to start creating magic that is emotionally engaging? Here are 4 steps to take right now . . .

1.  Give first, take second. Ask yourself what you would give back to others (your immediate community, your friends, your loved ones, the world) if you got everything you wanted. Then start giving that back right now. All too often we say to ourselves, “I’ll do this when I get that.” Here’s a magical mind-shift for you. Start saying, “I’m giving this now whether I get that or not.”

2. Choose your friends wisely. You’re running out of time to manifest your dreams. You always have been. We let far too many people waste our heartbeats and take up our time. Start to examine those friends who support you and keep you motivated as opposed to those who suck the life out of your magic. My guess is that you spend more time on those who are psychic vampires than on those who are spiritual cheerleaders for you.

3.  Stop being a doormat. Most people have a line they draw only to let that line move and shift when actually faced with a conflict or difficult choice. Further, most others become emotionally and physically challenged when confronted with the wishes, demands, and desires of others. Start asserting yourself. Start drawing firm lines in the sand. Start setting personal boundaries.

4.  Start being mindful. Consistently successful magicians are attentive to themselves. They know what they need to be happy, encouraged, excited, and entertained. They don’t need to draw distinctions between work and play because they understand that each moment is a chance to define who they are—whether at the office or at home or out in the world.
You’ll notice that these 4 steps are all about you. That’s because getting you emotionally engaged in yourself is the first step to making your magic emotionally engaging for others. Now . . . Go out and share your magic!

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