Thinking Magically™ | The 11 Traits of Believable Magic

“I can believe things that are true and things that aren’t true
and I can believe things where nobody knows if they’re true or not. . . .
I believe that life is a game,
that life is a cruel joke,
and that life is what happens when you’re alive and
that you might as well lie back and enjoy it.”
– Neil Gaiman

Do you have what it takes to be a wonder-worker?

Would you like to trust in your magic, again?

Can you wield an enchantment strong enough to make your dreams come true?

Will you place enough faith both in yourself and in something greater than yourself to carry you to the end?

Are you enough?

Is your magic enough?

All of these questions, by the way, beg a far deeper and more important question:

Is your magic capable of being believed?

To be a consistently successful magician, you must be congruent. Your decisions, actions, and emotions must correspond to what you believe and vice versa. If you aren’t magically congruent—if you think, do, or feel in such a way that denounces your magic—then you’re just sending yourself internal messages that conflict with what you want and you will fail.

One of the ways you can start creating believable magic is to take note of your own characteristics. Here’s a list of the top attributes I have seen in those who systematically create the life of their dreams:

1.  They are clever, well-informed, and quick on their feet. Magicians are puzzle solvers. And they love a good challenge. Everything is a game to them—and they won’t give up until it is won or solved. They know themselves well enough to go with the punches when necessary and know how to punch back when appropriate.

2.  They are imaginative, inventive, and flexible. Magic is born of nothing if not from creativity. Magicians know how to use their creativity to not only invent a method or practice of getting what they want but to stay supple as the world works with and through them.

3.  They develop their own rules for success and are disciplined when it comes to using them. Magicians don’t like to be told what to do or how to do things. Oh, they’ll listen to those masters who’ve gone before them and then they’ll take those techniques and instantly twist and turn them to their own liking. They are unique and will fight to the death to keep that uniqueness.

4.  They are focused, stubborn, and somewhat compulsive. Once a magician puts a goal in their sights, very rarely do they let that focus go. And don’t try to persuade them off the path they’ve chosen. That won’t go well. It’s that strong motivation, in and of itself, that heralds the successes that they’ve already accomplished and will yet achieve.

5.  They are restless. Once an effect is perfected, magicians are quick to move on to another effect they want to create and bring to life. It’s not that they aren’t happy with what has already been accomplished, it’s just that they want more. They want new stuff. New outcomes and creations and manifestations are their lifeblood.

6.  They are conquerors, fighters, and lords of their own domain. Magicians are, at their core, warriors. After all, they’re battling against what the rest of the world tells them is “real.” It is a magician’s ability to bring their brute force and will to bear on any situation that distinguishes them from everyone else.

7.  They love learning new things and becoming an expert at them. Remember the discussion about restlessness, above? Well, magicians don’t just want new stuff—they want to become masters of it. This means they’re willing to put in the private time and effort to become completely proficient at whatever new “thing” comes their way.

8.   They enjoy the Arts. Magicians love to express themselves. Indeed, if you look at the type of magic they demonstrate to the world, you will see themselves reflected in what they do and achieve. Because magic is an expression of the magician, magicians love anything that provides them with other avenues of manifestation and reflection.

9.  They are unearthly, spiritual, and love rituals. Magicians are not tethered to the world. They can certainly be religious, but not always. They are, however, always on a path of personal transformation. They give great deference and respect to their subjective experiences and find meaning and ecstasy in those experiences. For that reason, they tend to have personal customs that, once discovered, are used time and time again to ensure continued success.

10.  They are respectable, reputable, and trustworthy. Magicians have a life theme that can be easily recognizable. They follow patterns that are authentic and so can be trusted. Magicians understand that they are responsible for what they create. And they bring honor to the magical profession.

11.  They have an ancestor who was magical. Most magicians can point to a family member from their past who demonstrated or evidenced similar qualities and characteristics and traits that they have—even if they and their ancestor never met before.

We tend to think of magicians as eccentrics and loners. There’s much more to successful magicians than what might first catch your eye. Above all, they and their magic are believable.

So . . . do you believe?

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