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At the end of the day, how long it takes to form a particular habit doesn’t really matter that much.
Whether it takes 50 days or 500 days, you have to put in the work either way.
The only way to get to Day 500 is to start with Day 1.
So forget about the number and focus on doing the work.
– James Clear

That’s right. I’m throwing down the gauntlet. For years now I have been provoking you, teasing you, urging you to participate in your own success. Now, I’m just going to be blunt about it.

Do you want success or not?

That’s not really a fair question . . . you see, everybody is successful at what they do. Some are just more successful at only being “good enough” or “failing” or “sleepwalking” through Life. We’re all successes. We’re just not all successes at what we want to be successful at.

So, let me ask it a different way — Do you want positive, profound, and powerful success or not?

You might be thinking that everyone will immediately scream “YES.” It’s true that lots of people want this type of attainment. Most, however, are not willing to actually do anything to make it happen. (What? You thought it was just going to be handed to you?) Most are content to say to themselves and others: “I’m a good person. I have good intentions. I think good thoughts. treat people fairly and I work hard at my job. But nothing seems to go my way.

The difference you need to know

The difference between really consistently successful people and the rest of the world is that really consistently successful people see the end they want to reach before starting out on their journey. Oh, their destination might change along the way, but that’s a conscious decision that they make. In the beginning, they have an imagined future they’re headed for before they take the first step. The rest of us usually fall prey to what Bill Watterson so amply described: “The truth is, most of us discover where we’re headed when we arrive.

So, here’s my challenge to you — I dare you to create a fully dressed, expansively imagined, and vividly designed future for yourself!

Just how great can you push your imagination while ignoring everyone else?

How much farther in Life can you really go if you want to?

Who would you be if you had everything you want?

Most of us are failures at dreaming

Most people are not good dreamers — we are good havers and endurers and toleraters. We have become excellent excuse-makers. In fact, take a moment and ask yourself how many little lies you have created for yourself so that you don’t actually have to get off your ass right this moment and do what’s necessary to be the success you’ve always dreamed about.

Are the consistently successful people you know about smarter than you? Probably not.

Are they more creative than you? Probably not.

What they are, however, is harder and more intense workers than you. They go out and do epic shit. They work hard at being their version of whatever success they have conceived. And they take great delight in their achievements and yet remain restless so they just keep DOING MORE.

Most consistently successful people don’t pay any attention to — or they certainly don’t get mired down in — the setbacks and obstacles and challenges they encounter. They don’t complain. They don’t believe in bad luck. They believe in themselves and their visions and their outcomes.

I challenge you . . .

I challenge you to start basking in your dreams of success.

I dare you to savor the process of success.

I appeal to the child in you who remembers what it’s like to have superpowers.

I want you to have the courage to ignore the adult fears that keep whispering (if not screaming) that “you’re not good enough” or “you’re not deserving enough” or “you’re not being realistic.

I personally guarantee that you will find the demands of working through this challenge fairly unimportant and insignificant when eventually compared against the ultimate letdown and frustration that being ordinary brings. You don’t want to be ordinary, do you?

You see, what I’m really challenging you to do is see yourself in a whole new light — in a whole new way — in a whole new possibility. I’m challenging you to realize that you are in a state of never-ending change. And I’m challenging you to fashion the destination to which that unending transformation is leading.

Charles Du Bos once wrote: “The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.” Are you willing to make that sacrifice? Are you willing to set aside your Past in order to enjoy your Present and celebrate an ecstastic Future?

To put it another way: If you know yourself to be a magical being — filled with power and charm and pleasure — then why would you continue to pretend to be something that you’re not? If you are a magician — one who intentionally creates and transforms and manifests outcomes — then you are a magician. And all the deception you’re doing to yourself and others is only going to bring you frustration until you start being authentic.

If you’re going to manifest your intentions, then start looking like someone who manifests their intentions. If you’re going to create futures, then start acting like someone who creates futures. If you’re going to have abundance, then start thinking like someone who has abundance. And if you’re going to transform Life into a world lived on your terms, then start being that transformation in every breath you take and every movement you make.

Stop being an imposter

Stop being false.

Stop copying failure.

Stop making excuses.

And so, in the end, we come to this inquiry —

Can you rise up to the challenge of being who you would like to be and can be if there weren’t any rules in the world?

Magicians don’t follow the rules of others. They make their own rules. They know the Universe is pliable and yet it always conspires for their own success — if only they imagine that success in the first place and then take massive action to make it real.

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