Thinking Magically™ | Treat Your Magic Like a Lover

Take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.
– Frida Kahlo

Magic is not a finish line

Many people I run into think that “doing magic” is an ultimate outcome — a result that you hurry to achieve. Nothing could be further from the truth. Magic, like being with a lover, is a journey, a process, an activity. If it were any other way, then the fastest performer (in both the arts of magic and love) would be the winner.

And we certainly know that isn’t the case, don’t we?

Still, we are a neurotic and ambitious bunch and most of us are unaware of the reality of love and magic.We live in a driven society that places a value on speed and appreciates quick results and treasures a swift outcome. It’s as if we’re spellbound by the illusion of immediate gratification — that thing we “feel” when we get what we think we want without delay. And in being goaded and influenced by the thought of immediate pleasure, we end up losing, ignoring, and overlooking the actual love and magic that is Life.

People — many people — have ceased to see that love is the process and activity of loving, not a climax at the end.

The use of magic is no different.

We are out of touch

We are, as a society, out of touch with reality and we continue to be rewarded for such ignorance. Is it any wonder that you see so many advertisements claiming a sure-cure for what ails you in your love life? We remain disconnected and confused because we remain enchanted by the vicious circle of our own hurried lives — never realizing that if we just slow down and breathe a little and reach out and touch a little more and caress a little more, Life becomes . . . magical.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to dare you to take an entire day — just one day — and treat it as a one long foreplay activity.

Get aroused.

Get stimulated.

Hug. Kiss. Fondle.


Then ask yourself: What’s different now? Notice how a day spent in stimulation and excitement makes you feel. Most importantly, notice how it made those around you feel.

And then entertain the notion that being a consistently successful magician is just like that — every day is spent awakening to new loves, being excited with new prospects for expressing that love, and being stirred to the point of creation.

Start a romance

I’m inviting you to start a romance with your magic. I’m requesting that you revisit your relationship with your own personal power. I’m provoking you to fall in love with the energy that is you.

In other words — don’t simply focus on the climax of your wants, wishes, and desires. If your goal is to simply and selfishly and foolishly finish ahead of everyone else or as quickly as possible, you’ll quickly run out of people who want to be around you.

Center, instead, on the activity of loving. That is magic in and of itself. Start paying attention to what you DO when you’re loving and you’ll be surprised to find that a masterful lover is really a masterful magician, as well.

I’m well aware that what I’ve written here is uncomfortable for some of you. That’s good. If this is uncomfortable, you need this concept the most in order to move you to the next level of magical mastery.

I’m also aware that all of your programming up until now may have to be rewritten. You need a magical (and loving) reboot. You’ve been thinking of your lovemaking and your magic in a certain way for along time. It’s time to put that in the Past and get on with a more empowering and playful way of seeing and doing.

Start tending to those things and people and events that capture your attention and create a desire in you that won’t let you go until you take them in your arms and in your heart and in your soul. Handling magic is like consorting with a lover —  it is about movement, touch, and passion. And it is something that is ought to be kept out in the open for all to see at all times — not stashed away as a secret to be brought out at this or that time with the hope that the fire will still be there. Eventually that fire’s going to go out unless you tend to it.

Treat your magic like a lover

Magic, like a lover, is playful.

Magic, like a lover, doesn’t have a finish line or a goal or an end point.

The whole point of magic, like a lover, is the magic.

The whole point of magic, like a lover, is not to say “I’m coming,” but to say “I’m here.”

My wish for you today is to start treating your magic like a lover. Stop cheating yourself out of the otherworldly experiences you could be having because you’re so focused on an end point. Instead, start seeing the whole point of magic — just like you’d see a lover — it’s a magic thing and you’re supposed to be doing magic all along the way.

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