Thinking Magically™ | OK, You’re Magic . . . Now What?

Personal power is the ability to stand on your own two feet
with a smile on your face in the middle of a universe
that contains a million ways to crush you.
— J.Z. Colby (Journey)

Do you suffer from Sudden Magic Syndrome?

This is the last article of the year and I want it to be something really special for you. So . . . today’s article is for you if:

• You realize there’s something greater than you that is helping to direct your life but you’re not actively participating in that direction
• You know in your gut that you can do anything, if you could just figure out what it is
•  You’ve had plenty of inspiration and epiphanies and Holy Shit moments but they’ve never really transformed into anything tangible
• You know magic is real — and keep saying to yourself, “Now What?”

Let’s talk about “Sudden Magic Syndrome” shall we?

Now, don’t try and look SMS up. No one else is going to mention or reference or catalogue or analyze it. I invented it out of whole cloth.

And yet it adequately describes what I see with people I work with — they suddenly realize their own personal power — their own magic — and they become consumed with that clear and very distinct understanding.

And then nothing more happens.

The newly awake certainly start out with brave goals and lofty courses. But that magical turning point in their lives when they realize their own value and power vanishes in the wake of inaction. You see, most new magicians seem to expect that magic is just going to happen to and for them. It doesn’t and it won’t — not with any sustainable consistency.

I don’t want that for you.

So, today, I’m prepared to share my personal tips and tricks that will prepare you for that sudden awaking (or reawakening) of magic in each of you.

A new generation of magicians is in the offing

With more information available to people than ever before and with magic evangelists readily available, people are deeply and profoundly and excitedly exploring the possibility that magic can be real and that such magic can be wielded to create the life of their dreams.

A new generation of magicians — those who’ve consciously started managing and manipulating their own personal power — is being born.

And they’re formidable. And they’re inspired. And they’re purpose-filled. And they’re finding their own abundance.

Yet when it comes to actually living the life of their dreams, they’ve never been taught the course that will keep them focused and centered and resolute. They’ve never been shown how to take the spark of their magical awakening and turn it into the fire of results. Instead, they’ve been left to cope with feelings and energy and health and wealth that they’re simply not prepared to be in charge of. In fact, many of the magical people I see are likely to selfishly hold on to their magical feelings as much as possible in an attempt to guard and defend those new feelings against a world that they’ve previously only seen as taking and not giving.

While most of us would love to believe we would use real magic in the proper way and in a giving manner, that simply doesn’t happen.

The selfish hoarding of one’s personal magic then leads to personal conflict and indecision and frustration. That then takes you to feelings of being lost in the world or absent from being in the Now. One’s personal magic eventually wanes and . . . POOF! . . . you’re back at the beginning.

I don’t want you to lose your magic. Especially when you’ve only just begun.

Let’s move our attention, then, to ways to prevent being caught off-guard once you suddenly realize your own personal power —

Fighting against the collateral results of magic

What if you suddenly woke up tomorrow and found you had magical powers? What if you — on the spur of the moment — discovered that your life is no longer filled with “x” — you now have “y?” What do you do with that?

Careful what you’ve wished for . . . because now you get it. Every time. Your life has stopped being one where you keep wishing (“what if such-and-such happened . . .”) and it has turned into one where your dreams and your realities have become one giant adventure.

Amazing, huh? Wouldn’t that change everything for you?

Well, it changes what you “can” do. For most, it won’t change what you “will” do. In fact, most of you will come to face the challenge: “What the hell do I actually do with this personal power of mine?

If you want to be truly prepared, start with one or more of these magical tips —

1.  The use of magic requires change

If you want personal power, then you’re going to have to accept that you have to be able to command and manage and direct that personal power. To quote the original Spiderman comic in which the saying first appeared: “. . . with great power there must also come — great responsibility!

The use of personal power — the acceptance of personal power in the first place — requires you to make different choices and judgments than you would otherwise. And most importantly it comes with the understanding that the world around isn’t what’s changing — YOU ARE.

2.  Magic doesn’t make stupidity disappear (it makes it worse)

I know you’d like to believe that coming into your own will change the irritations around you and soothe your annoyances. Here’s the thing — how you handle challenges now is exactly how you will handle challenges with your personal magic. And that personal magic makes things more intense. That means you’re going to see stupid people and things and events everywhere.

Perhaps it’s time to start exploring why you’re seeing such stupidity in the first place and fine-tune your shit filters.

Oh, by the way . . . you might want to start focusing on your own stupidity first.

3. Magic requires a success system

To become a magician requires that you have direction and purpose and intention. In other words, you need a plan of action for your dream life.

Here are some prior articles to help you craft your own success system:

And don’t forget to build in accountability and a personal audit in your success system. Perhaps this is the time for you to get the perfect coach or mentor to help you polish and tweak your life’s work.

During my last keynote speech, I told attendees that their success was all about their worldview, their actions, and their decisions.

I told them that they have personal obligations to put a dent in the world. And I talked with them about what magic — personal power — really means in terms of having more freedom.

I urged them to become the stewards of their own success.

I now pass on that challenge to you: I dare you to be happy!

I can’t wait to read about your continued magical awakening.  Post your comments or create a new conversation on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn and together we can create even more magic in the world.

Remember, though, it all begins with an inner transformation and dedication to making magic a habit.

© 2014 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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