Thinking Magically™ | Most People Roll Their Eyes at Abundance (Part 2)

Not what we have
But what we enjoy,
Constitutes our abundance.
– Epicurus

Your view of the world is constantly shifting

Last week we talked about the basics for acquiring a taste for abundance. Simply, it all comes down to realizing that you have a continuously variable view of the world and what’s possible (and what’s not possible). Because of this ever-loose worldview, what you used to believe was unattainable (e.g., abundance) can easily be transformed into living an abundant life.

All it takes is a lot of dedicated elbow grease. (Notice that I did not say all it takes is wishing or hoping or thinking or praying.) If you want a life of abundance, you have to work at it.

Today, let’s explore some solid methods for making abundance a reality for you.

But first . . .

Abundance doesn’t exist in a vacuum

You need to know that abundance doesn’t exist independently. It isn’t something that is unrelated to something else. Rather, it’s a combination of your experiences. That means — and this is really important to understand — you have to gather together and hoard a large variety of experiences. As the old saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.”

You’ve read this far because you want something different in your life. That means you have to start doing things differently.

Part of living a life of abundance is learning to ignore, dismiss, handle, and shrug off the negativity you will encounter. You must have the intention to turn a blind eye to all the counter-productive irritations that come your way in order to enjoy Life’s benefits.

Let me put it a little more bluntly — if abundance is something you want, then you must commit to seeing that abundance in the first place.

In fact for you polarity responders out there, here’s a little challenge for you: Force yourself to see abundance in every little thing for 21 days. After the 21 days, tell me what’s different now.

In addition to simply dedicating yourself to having abundance, you must also be discerning and use good judgment about what is and is not abundance for you. That only comes by increasing what you know, experience, feel, and want about abundance. Life can be very subtle in what it has to offer. Likewise, abundance is sometimes found in the most unlikely of places and at the most (apparently) haphazard of times.

Simply, abundance becomes less scarce the more you simply embrace it.

How to acquire a taste for abundance

If you’re going to acquire a taste for abundance, you should know what it means. When you live with abundance, you are basking in and savoring the fullness of Life. You are loving where you are with respect to prosperity, health, relationships and opportunities. You are no longer focusing on or being a victim of feelings of absence, deficiency, emptiness, or letdown.

Living a life of abundance is, without a doubt, a complete change in your worldview. And when that worldview transforms, so will the way you make decisions about . . . everything.

So, are you ready for a life of abundance? Here are some suggestions for getting started on an entirely new way of thinking and living and loving and dreaming.

STEP ONE. Slow down a little. Most of use are moving so fast that we have never taken the time to actually appreciate comprehensiveness of everything and everyone around us. If you’re going to live a life of abundance, you must take the time to fill yourself up with richness around you. So . . . take a breath . . . that’s right . . . now take another deep one . . . and just look around you and see what’s out there. How do things and people act and react? How do they interact with each other? Really examine them. Trap them in your memory and start comparing things and people so that you can really notice how they make your feel. Pay particular attention to that “Spidey sense” that tells you when something or someone isn’t right (even if you can’t put specific words to what you’re sensing).

STEP TWO. Do new stuff. In noticing the world around you, you might have some initial thoughts about what you like and what you don’t like. Living a life of abundance means you’re going to be surprised ALL THE TIME. So set those preconceptions aside for the sake of making new discoveries. You must expose yourself to a wide assortment of experience, things, people, and events to increase your ability to truly discover what you enjoy and what you don’t. The world — despite the wishes of many — is not black and white. And don’t relegate yourself to experiences and people who are easily accessible. Some of the most pleasurable experiences will come from those that are exclusive and require work to live through.

STEP THREE. Discover what pleases you. Abundance is not a one-size-fits-all situation. What enchants you, what you admire, what captures your fancy, and what captivates you is unique. Start writing down what you desire, what makes you feel better, what brings you success and what makes you smile. And refer to your list often — not just to supplement it — to relive the memories.

STEP FOUR. Experiment with Life. Once you discover what pleases you, start investigating new aspects of that happiness. The last thing you want to do is create a life that runs on auto-pilot. Always have a certain discontent and restlessness. Be bold with your pleasure. Be strong in your intent to have fun. Be disloyal to the “same old thing.”

With these four simple steps, you can quickly produce a life of abundance — one that is deeply lived and one that is profoundly enjoyed. I can’t wait to read about the new love, happiness, security, serenity, and graciousness that you meet long the way.

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