Thinking Magically™ | Magical Intentions for Dealing with the Ordinary

You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else.
– Albert Einstein

You don’t learn to live in the world by being a magician

You learn to live in the world by being in the world.

Your magic — your personal power — might sustain you. Your magic — your confidence — might bolster you. Your magic — your wizardly prowess — might guide and even protect you.

But, in the end, we all need to live together.

Now wait . . .” you must be saying. “Scott, you’ve told us to be rebels, nonconformists, and habitually restless. Now you’re telling us all to just get along. What’s up with that?”

Oh, relax. Take a breath.

I didn’t tell you to all just “get along.”

I said we all need to “live together.”

Also, magic really isn’t very interesting if you’re only entertaining yourself. That’s actually called something else . . . and although they both start with “m,” don’t ever confuse one for the other.

Part of being a consistently successful magician involves meeting, managing, and manifesting the expectations of those around you. That can only happen when you pledge to take responsibility for everything you say and everything you do.

I want you to be rebels because I know, in doing so, you will be morally responsible for the effects of your choices and actions. I want you to be nonconformists because I know you will not tolerate convention and prescripts that are offensive. And I want you to be habitually restless because, as a magician, you already know that nothing is permanent and everything changes.

Some magical intentions for dealing with the ordinary

Doing and being all this, however, can be made a little simpler by having some strong, foundational magical intentions already in place. Here are some to consider as you make your way into and through the world —

The world deserves to be left in a better place than when you found it. And the people in it deserve your best intentions and attention and kindness.

Everyone has an opinion. But those opinions are not rules. Only you get to choose the rules that apply to you.

Start realizing that “no” is just a suggestion. And everything is negotiable.

When someone asks you how you’re doing,  tell them “Spectacular!” Then watch their reaction. As an added bonus, feel free to tell everyone, “I do magic,” and then watch what happens.

If you want people to believe in you and your magic, start by actually living like a magician. Authenticity matters. No one likes a fake.

Keep the mumbo-jumbo and magical gibberish to a minimum. Otherwise, it’s kind of like trying to teach a pig to dance. You’ll only waste your time and annoy the pig.

Learn to speak to yourself better. Only then will you learn to speak to others better. And, above all else, say and do.

When people find out about your magic, they will ask you to share it with them, do it for them, use it to get something for them, and cast it to create change for them. This is a perfectly natural response from those who are moving from the material to the magical, themselves.

Despite the fears of many and the wishes of a few, it’s not possible to over-use your magic. Use it early. Use if often. But . . . you don’t always have to be so in-their-face about it.

You will make mistakes. Get over it.

The people around you will make mistakes. Get over it.

There are always more effective and efficient ways to get things done. Keep tweaking your personal system for success.

You are here and now for a reason. The people around you are here and now for reason. That’s not a coincidence.

Always, always, always mind your manners. Say, “please” and “thank you” and “you’re welcome”  with abundant joy.

Honor your fans, followers, and friends. Remember . . . they have a choice, too.

Not everyone likes to be surprised or entertained or have wonder forced upon them. If what you want to do isn’t going to advance someone, it might be a good thing to reevaluate what you plan to do.

You get what you pay for. They get what they pay for. Value yourself accordingly.

Design your illusions and effects and manifestations for them. Not for you. Your illusions don’t work on you.

Stop being a doormat and being afraid of what others will think of your magic. Be bold.

A good magician is a good observer. A good magician is a good listener. A good magician is a good fixer. Observe. Then listen. Then fix.

There are times when you will need to walk behind someone with a broom. Don’t expect, however, that there’s someone sweeping up behind you. Clean up your own crap.

You don’t need to do everything to get everything you want. It’s okay to ask for help.

You don’t have a monopoly on anything. Nothing’s new. Others will replicate your success at one time or another. Therefore, your biggest assets are your relationships with others.

Do epic magic or go home.

We end as we began

You learn to live in the world by being in the world.

And you learn to be in the world by putting into place systems of success which will allow you to rely on their rules and their processes and their blueprints for success. Take some or all of the “rules” from above and start putting your own system to work for you.

And make certain you let us know of the successes that flow from this powerful magic.

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