Thinking Magically™ | Why You Can’t Help Failing (and what you can do about it)


I don’t, I don’t believe it.

That is why you fail.

                                  – George Lucas (Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back)

Each of you reading this has a personal obligation . . . a responsibility to be a success. You already know that. You’ve felt it in your gut for so long now that you can taste it. You know that prosperity and achievement are just ahead or just around the corner. And then something or someone happens and you fail to get what you want. Then you get side-tracked or disheartened or lose faith in yourself. Then you stop moving towards your success. Why do you keep doing that?

The answer is simple – you can’t help it. Even John Lennon once said, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” The real goal for us today is to create a firm mindset that allows you to powerfully, consistently and effectively keep moving forward with your “other plans” even when life is happening all around you. Or to put it another way, today is all about learning how to keep (and sometimes recover) the belief in your dreams of success and make those a reality. So this actually begs the question: DO YOU BELIEVE? In your dreams. In yourself. In your success. In what you want to accomplish.

All of us, at one time or another, stop believing. The challenge is not in preventing disbelief from occurring. The challenge is in making certain that your doubt and uncertainty are annihilated if and when they appear. Unfortunately, most people eventually give in to that doubt and uncertainty. They have adopted the following internal dialogue (even if they don’t recognize it at a conscious level): “Someday I’m going to [FILL IN YOUR FAVORITE DREAM] . . . or I’m just going to get tired of trying.” Read that negative self-talk again and pay attention to the failure message it is actually stating. The good news is that your brain is like a computer that can be programmed to erase the self-distrust and lack of certainty. This means you can easily program yourself for “Success Thinking” and that new way of sending yourself internal cues can spell the difference between triumph and failure for you. You can stop the hazy thinking that prevents you from seeing your way through to your success and replace that with true depth and precision about your victories.

So, the reason you can’t help failing is that you keep your desires in your head. You need to stop thinking about success and start a pattern of success behavior. That’s right. You actually have to do something. And you must hold yourself accountable for each step you take along the path of success. These small steps become measurable goals and will keep you motivated and inspired when you run into a speed bump or detour. By the way, one of the fastest ways of creating this “pattern” is to emulate someone you believe represents the precise success goal you want to achieve. I’ve talked about this before when I’ve asked you to create role models:

I also want you to take to heart the belief that consistent success doesn’t happen by accident – Success is a Conscious Decision. You have the ability to obtain, achieve, and reach for more than you ever thought possible. All you need to do is believe. Stop undercutting yourself. Stop giving up. Stop making excuses for yourself and others. Stop being a doormat.

Thank about it. I’m offering you the chance to be a massive success. Are you willing to accept that for yourself? When you’re ready, here are some quick steps to keep you focused:

STEP ONE. Get a clear vision of what success looks and feels like for you. The more explicit your vision of success, the easier it is for you to hit that particular target.

STEP TWO. Take a moment every day to experience the victory you have imagined. Take yourself into the future and immerse yourself in the life of your dreams, paying particular attention to how that vision is different than where you were before you embarked on your daydream.

STEP THREE. Constantly measure where you are and what you have accomplished. You want to continue to hold yourself accountable for the small steps you are taking in the direction of your dreams.

STEP FOUR. Love what you do. When you bring your passion to the success game, distractions won’t affect you and obstacles become fun little challenges.

If you want to handle failure, then you have to clearly define what success means for you in the first place. In fact, you can’t know if you’ve failed unless and until you know what achieving success looks like. You can always adjust your path or ultimate goal. More importantly, you always have the power to adjust what failure means for you. I invite you to be like Thomas Edison when he said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

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