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I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.

                                                                                       – Marilyn Monroe

Well, we’re on our way into 2014. And, I thought it might be fun to revisit my Top 10 favorite posts of 2013 so that you have them all in one place. So, here we go (and bear in mind this is kind of like picking which of your children is your favorite):

1.  From January 13 – A Letter From The World’s Greatest Snake Oil Salesman

This is one of those articles that started out rather tongue-in-cheek and turned into a very serious discussion. It centered around this rule -“When you combine a burning desire with epic action, you are unstoppable!

2.  From March 31 and April 7 – Calling on Your 12 Sacred Guardians (Parts 1 & 2)

What if there was an active imagination technique that would take all the important areas of your life and get them moving in the direction of your dreams . . .  is that something you would want to know more about? Well, here is the technique that allows you to connect with your own creativity and create 12 guardians to serve you!

3.  From April 28 – Why You Should Stretch Your Wings

One of the magical techniques I develop with people is the ability to look at or talk with someone and create instant understanding and a feeling of sustained kinship. This is done with an internal scripting that you repeat to yourself as you interact with someone and it is as simple as saying “I Love You!” to the other person. In this article, I take the “I Love You” technique to an even higher level of accomplishment and capability!

4.  From July 7 – The Four Horsemen of Failure

There are four fabled riders who are destined to loose disaster upon the world; the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. And while manipulation and readying for this supposed global catastrophe is best left to visionaries, there is a private kiss-of-death within most people that needs to be handled now. You see, most people have a gap in their lives; that ever-widening crack between where they are and where they want to be. This gap keeps us from living out our wildest dreams and it is filled with what I call The Four Horsemen of Failure. Read all about it!

5.  From September 22 – Your Definite Major Purpose Formula

Successful people make plans. Big plans. Those who consistently achieve what they want might not know precisely every step it will take to get them to their goal, but they never fail to move forward in that direction. The affluent know what success means for them and set their life boundaries and business strategies accordingly. They are inspiring to be around. They exude passion. And they waste little time with anything or anyone that might seek to conquer them. This article shows you how to create a grand design for your life.

6.  From November 10 – @#%& Fear . . . Success is an Attitude

Most of us have faced it at one time or another. FEAR. The belief that some pain, danger, or unpleasant struggle is about to happen. And because we will do all that we can to avoid that imagined distress, we are easily led away from the dreams we would otherwise accomplish. Our lives, then, become defined by what we fear not by what we dream about. No wonder most people are frustrated and in a rut. What if there was a CONTROL-ALT-DELETE button for your brain; a way to reboot yourself out of alarm and into answers? How would you life be different if you had better control over the results in your life? Well, here’s how to get just that.

7.  From November 24 – What Were You Built For?

Once you reconnect with the part of you that is incomparable and unusual – that inborn piece of you that sets you apart from everyone else – your ability to accomplish your dreams will skyrocket. Interested? Read on.

8.  From December 1 – A Philosophy of Life (in 30 seconds or less)

One of the things I’ve found in presenting my Thinking Magically “Let there be . . . MORE™” success system is that people want information quickly and compactly. So, without further fuss, this is my way for you to take your life in a new and powerful direction (guaranteed). Here’s my philosophy of life to consider, adopt and be inspired by (in 30 seconds or less):

9.  From December 8 – It’s Time to Get an Addiction

One of my five keys to success goes like this: “It’s time to fall off the wagon. You need an addiction.” When you hear the word “addiction,” most of you immediately think of something harmful; a dependence on something that has adverse consequences. But step back from that belief for a moment. You see, an addiction can be something else. How do you move from your current state of mind to being addicted to success? Here are the three steps for creating the mindset you desire:

10.  From December 29 – Develop a Dazzling Destiny for 2014 – Choose Destiny. Make Fate.™

Learn to achieve your dreams by making the Fate that will happen. After all, you love feeling like a winner and you will do anything at all to keep from feeling like a loser. In this article, you learn the rule: We always play with triumph in mind and will not entertain excuses. It is this sacred frame of mind that helps us bask in the light of victory and casts every alibi back into the darkness.

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