Thinking Magically™ | A Philosophy of Life (in 30 seconds or less)

Life is simple, it’s just not easy.

                                        — Author Unknown

What is YOUR philosophy of life? Do you know it? And if you do, can you give it to me without going on and on?  And if you can’t, why not? What’s got you stuck? More importantly, has your philosophy of life been fully fleshed out?

One of the things I’ve found in presenting my Thinking Magically “Let there be . . . MORE™” success system is that people want information quickly and compactly. This becomes especially true when I give radio interviews and there is only so much time afforded to get your point across and keep listeners engaged. Is it really possible to release a philosophy of life out into the world in 30 seconds or less? Well, yes. It is. I have one and I challenge you to do the same. You see, the more succinct you can be with others, the more meaningful you will be to yourself.

So, without further fuss, I have a way for you to take your life in a new and powerful direction (guaranteed). Here’s my philosophy of life to consider, adopt and be inspired by (in 30 seconds or less):

1.  You have a Past. Get over it!

2.  Start attending to your intending.

3.  Success always – ALWAYS – happens. Do you?

4.  It’s time to fall off the wagon. You need an addiction.

5.  Rinse thoroughly. Repeat.

That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Of course, if you want to dig a little deeper, here’s what all this means . . .

You have a Past. Get over it!

I know all about you (and many of us haven’t even met in person, yet). Let’s see if I have this right . . . you’ve been hurt in the past. You’ve been rejected in the past. You’ve been scared in the past. You’ve had pain, loss, heartache, and regrets in the past. Relax. I’m not taking any of that away from you. You get to own whatever suffering you want to keep. And when you’re ready to move on and get rapidly unstuck from a past that stays in your present and threatens your future, GET OVER IT! That’s right. GET OFF YOUR PAST!

Start attending to your intending.

Most people go through life reacting to what life throws their way. Imagine how much more enjoyable, compelling, and rousing your days will be when you respond with an anticipated outcome in mind rather than reacting to something or someone out of your control. You can easily bring your life into focus and always move in that direction when you concentrate on what you want to achieve.

Success always – ALWAYS – happens. Do you?

Think about that statement for a moment. Am I really telling you that you are always successful? Yes, I am. It means that you will always accomplish and attain something – usually what is at the end of the path you have chosen to follow or create. Let me say it again: You will always be successful. Will the success always be what you wanted. It might not. You might, in fact, be a brilliantly successful failure at something. And you just might achieve precisely what you wanted in your heart and soul. Either way, things happen. The real question is not whether success will happen but how much you are going to participate in that success happening. This part of my success system is as easy as the others – all you have to do is start doing things in furtherance of what you want to achieve.

It’s time to fall off the wagon. You need an addiction.

People are creatures of habit. We do repeatedly what makes us feel better. We do not, however, always do what is good for us. And most of you certainly do not do what is needed to be consistently and repeatedly successful or even happy. The power of a habit is that we are comfortable with them. And you know you don’t like to be uncomfortable. Why is it, though, that so many of you are so quick to continue to snuggle with non-accomplishment? Oh, you might have a brief run of prosperity or fame here and there. But it is not sustainable. Want to change all that? I want you addicted to happiness and success. I want you dependent on them. I want you to crave them. When you are addicted to success and happiness, you will do anything – ANYTHING – to get more of them.

Rinse thoroughly. Repeat.

The last thing I want you to be is complacent, satisfied, and stuck all over again. I want you RESTLESS. Always. And forever. That means going back through the four prior lessons, washing off what has gone before, and starting all over again so that you achieve an even greater level of success.

I feel a little like Goethe when he said, “Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of the things that matter least.” I have given you a proven and compelling formula for achieving what you want in life. Stop letting the things that matter least ultimately decide what happens most to you.

Know what you want . . . and get it!

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