Thinking Magically™ | @#%& Fear . . . Success is an Attitude

Turning pro is a mindset. If we are struggling with fear, self-sabotage, procrastination, self-doubt, etc., the problem is, we’re thinking like amateurs. Amateurs don’t show up. Amateurs crap out. Amateurs let adversity defeat them. The pro thinks differently. He shows up, he does his work, he keeps on truckin’, no matter what.

                                                                            – Steven Pressfield

Most of us have faced it at one time or another. FEAR. The belief that some pain, danger, or unpleasant struggle is about to happen. And because we will do all that we can to avoid that imagined distress, we are easily led away from the dreams we would otherwise accomplish. Our lives, then, become defined by what we fear not by what we dream about. No wonder most people are frustrated and in a rut. What if there was a CONTROL-ALT-DELETE button for your brain; a way to reboot yourself out of alarm and into answers? How would you life be different if you had better control over the results in your life?

We start with the understanding that success is an attitude. Your dreams follow your mindset. Even the way you speak, walk, and stand are affected by your mental state. Most importantly, your attitude is really like a self-fulfilling prophecy – it dictates how you are going to react in any given situation. The curious thing in our society is that we train people to do the physical aspects of a career but spend precious little time showing them how to think about and think at those callings. A magician understands that, in order to be massively successful and consistently prosperous, their outlook is the most important part of the toolkit. And that outlook must encompass at least the following five concepts:

1.  Be Bold. Sustainable success is not boring. Consistent success is not an accident. And fulfilling success is not for the weak of heart. In your heart and in your head, you must view yourself as unstoppable. Don’t wait for circumstances to align in your favor, make them happen. Now is the time to be unforgettable and unpredictable. And, for goodness sake, ask for what you want. The rest of the world is not capable of reading your mind correctly. I’m not asking you to be selfish or greedy. But I am asking you to know what you want in your life and settle for nothing less.

2.  Always Be Determined. When you know what you want, then you have an obligation to be successful in attaining that goal. One of my favorite authors, Richard Bach, wrote this: “Anybody who’s ever mattered, anybody who’s ever been happy, anybody who’s ever given any gift to the world has been a divinely selfish soul, living for his own best interest, no exceptions.” This divine selfishness is often misinterpreted as a suggestion for everyone to be egotistical and self-serving. On the contrary, powerful magicians are self-loving and self-assured so that they can turn their magic loose on the world. Those who effectively manifest what they want in this world know that they must stake their claim over what they want, ensure they are continually moving towards that divine right, and bring all their passion to bear on moving in the direction of their dreams.

3.  Know That You Can Only Be Beaten When You Give Up. Everyone loses at some time in their life. There is a difference, however, between being losing and moving on and losing and carrying it with you. Professional athletes miss shots, swings, kicks, and moves all the time. Yet they maintain their steadfast confidence. The impressive magicians in this world believe in themselves. They have unshakeable confidence that they can manifest everything they put their minds to even in the face of a momentary loss. You, too, can learn to control your beliefs and thus affect what you bring to fruition. Success is so much more than just getting out and doing things. Success is also the feeling and enjoyment that comes with it. If you insist on dwelling on the losses you experience, that negative mindset will affect all your ensuing activities.

4.  Make decisions. Nothing will grind your ability to manifest success to a halt as much as being indecisive. Choose what you want to bring into your life and then intentionally choose a course of action that will bring you to that result. Most people, however, can’t make decisions because they overthink a situation, get mired in fear, or believe they have a dilemma. Here’s an interesting quote from Andy Andrews (The Traveler’s Gift; Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success) to consider: “Successful people make their decisions quickly and change their minds slowly. Failures make their decisions slowly and change their minds quickly.” Success is not only an attitude, it is a habit. And those who are the most successful in making their dreams come true are continual and habitual decision makers. Remember, too, that if you don’t make decisions, they will be made for you. Take control.

5.  Choose to always win. People who view themselves as winners do so by choice (yes, they’ve made a decision – see item 4, above). You must develop a powerful and positive self-view that is non-negotiable to the outside world. The most effective and compelling magicians create their success by creating an internal self-talk (a mantra, so to speak) that basically says, “Success is the only option.” With that firmly in mind, what will you do to ensure your success?

Now, stop being a victim of your own fear and indecision. There’s more to life than that. Choose, instead, a life filled with well-deserved self-respect, spectacular deeds, and massive results!

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