Thinking Magically™ | What’s In Your Eternal Triangle?

As many have discovered, it is entirely possible (although not particularly desirable) to love two people with all your heart. It is entirely possible to long for two lives, to feel that one life can’t come close to containing it all.

                                                                                          – Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere)

Anyone who has ever achieved a consistent and sustainable level of success knows there are three main components of that success that have to be intentionally balanced and delicately satisfied; three factors whose strengths determine the magnitude of the attainment that is experienced. These three factors are:

1.  Direction

2.  Desire

3.  Recognition

Different types of success can easily be explained as distinct levels of intensity or amount of energy present in each factor at any given time. A successful outcome that springs from only one of the three factors is less likely to have long-term fulfillment nor is it apt to be continuing in nature.

Before we delve further, let’s explore what these three components entail.

Direction is the course you have set for yourself. It is the path along which you are growing, moving, and developing. It is how and when you choose to focus your concentration and energy on something or someone. The question to ask for this element: Is the success that has been achieved what I was aiming for?

Desire is that hungry feeling. It is your state of restlessness and your wanting of things and people. Desire is comprised of what arouses you and that for which you wish. The question to ask for this element is: Is the success that has been achieved what I was lusting after?

Recognition is not just about credit and glory and honor being heaped upon you. It is also a level of acceptance that you deserve the success that has resulted. The question to ask for this element is: Is the success that has been achieved something I am worthy of having?

Each of these components ultimately relies on the other two for support and potency. It is appropriate, then, that you think of these three factors as forming a triangle. Direction and Desire form one corner. Desire and Recognition form another corner. And Recognition and Direction form the third corner. Visualized like this it is easy to characterize our various states of success.

Compelling Success arises from Direction and Recognition. It is something that has a forcefulness borne of knowing one’s way combined with acknowledgment, praise, and credit. This type of success arises when one’s natural tendencies bear the fruit of acknowledgment by others. While often the most immediately stimulating, it lacks the thirst for long-term attainment.

Material Success arises from Desire and Recognition. When you have ambition coupled with other people’s approval you have success that is both visible and tangible. This type of success is immediate and deeply felt, but it lacks direction and thus is perishable.

Personal Success arises from Direction and Desire. It is one of those inside jobs – taking place primarily in your own mind. It is a combination of how one feels about where they are at any given moment and the internal confirmation of those feelings. This type of success is fueled by emotion and commitment.

The goal, of course, is to have ONE BIG Compelling, Material, and Personal Success or, in other words, Continuous Success; a complete form of success. This type of success extends its impact and influence over a long period of time. It is an experience that keeps on giving.

Once you understand the various forms that success can take, the next step for you to take is to inventory of what your own, personal success triangle is composed of and where your tendencies towards success lie. Ask yourself, “What type of success is most intriguing and interesting to me?” Then ask the question, “Is this type of success drive serving me well?” By answering these questions, you can determine your true progress and the depth of your commitment to the success you think you want. The good news is that, if you are dissatisfied with where you are in your eternal triangle of success, you can easily change your frame of mind.

Given what has just been discussed, success might not be as straightforward as you originally thought. However, it is something that can be viewed in many different lights thus giving you ample opportunities and options to gain what you intend.

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