Thinking Magically™ | Got Your Good Mojo Working?

If some of the people who write about mojo came with me for a week, they would drop dead on their feet.

                                                                                    – William Hague

Good mojo is the magic that lives in you . . . that superpower we all have that lets us take a chokehold over our destinies and which is irresistible when listened to. Good mojo is the stuff of dreams made real through essential action. In some regards, your good mojo is the most authentic part of you because it is what makes you feel vital and compel you to achieve. When your good mojo is operating properly, you have a sense – deep down in your spirit – that you are bulletproof; that you are different, special, and exempt from low spirits and unhappiness. Having one’s good mojo well in hand, then, is not simply a transitory perception, it is a pervasive way of thinking that has dramatic and mighty consequences. Most importantly, your personal good mojo is forceful in direct proportion to your expectations about how the world works.

Still . . . everyone has their down days or what has been called bad mojo. Whether physiological or psychological (or a little of both) in origin, even those who embrace positive thinking and passionate living as a daily habit experience stress, self-doubt, and concern. The difference is that consistently successful people and those who have created sustainable abundance know that bad mojo is simply here today and gone tomorrow unless they give in to its power and let it seize their outlook. Winners know how to transmute their bad mojo into good mojo and you’re about to learn that secret!

When I work with people on personal and executive coaching, I routinely find that, for someone’s good mojo to be at the forefront and act as strong and potent magic, there has to be a balance of four primary ingredients: wealth, love, health, and possibilities. To create and maintain this balance of parts – and to regain or jumpstart your good mojo – give the following steps a confident whirl:


STEP ONE.  Confront Your Bad Mojo. The last thing you want to let happen is for your bad mojo – your bad mood – to twist and turn out into something even more negative and ill-serving. One of the fundamental stress workarounds suggested by coaches is to catch yourself and your negative thinking/circumstances and face it head-on. This confrontation with your bad mojo helps prevent you from moving into a victim mentality. One of the fastest ways to do this is to keep asking yourself: Is the story my bad mojo is telling me (about work, about love, about health, and about life) real?

Then, consider the following – Excuses or results. Pick one! A result-oriented mindset banishes bad mojo faster than anything else!

Finally, use an magic spell to neutralize your bad mojo – INSTANTLY. Here’s one to consider and it comes from Jim Henson’s movie, Labryinth: My will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great. You have no power over me. Simply hold your bad mojo in mind and say these words to it.

STEP TWO.  Let The Bad Mojo Burn Itself Out. If confronting your bad mojo does not intuitively feel like it will serve you well, then the next step is to stop struggling. Simply acknowledge that you are in a bad mood or stuck or things don’t appear to be going your way. Just accept the apparent realness of your situation. Then, repeat the following magic spell to yourself: This, too, shall pass! One you recognize and embrace your bad mojo, it has a tradition of suddenly becoming unusable by that part of you that invited it in in the first place and quietly goes away.

STEP THREE. Get Your Good Mojo Moving. Life is about moving forward! Whether you confront your bad mojo or let it burn itself out, start doing little things that help inspire you. I have written before about using this powerful spell: Everything happens for a reason and it serves me! You might also want to create your own personal manifesto along the lines of Lululemon’s famous offering ( and as I wrote about in an earlier article ( Additionally, find an inspiring and soul-stirring theme song and play it LOUD! And remember to move and exercise to get your blood (and your good mojo) moving.

No one need lose their good mojo forever. These three steps provide you with fast and easy ways to get your good mojo back so that you can make your dreams come true with more power and success than ever!

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