Thinking Magically™ | Why You Should Stretch Your Wings

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
– Michelangelo

One of the magical techniques I develop with people is the ability to look at or talk with someone and create instant understanding and a feeling of sustained kinship. This is done with an internal scripting that you repeat to yourself as you interact with someone and it is as simple as saying “I Love You!” to the other person. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never met this person before or they used to be an enemy. It doesn’t matter if you are doing this remotely by phone or via web broadcast. Remember: this is an internal scripting – not something you say aloud. This inner dialogue, when used earnestly, manifests itself in your eyes, body language, and your voice. You can’t help but vibrate at a level that mandates trust and agreement.

Today, I want you to take this intrinsic “I Love You” technique to an even higher level of accomplishment and capability! Believe it or not, I want you to become an angel with protective and adopting wings! This ancient magic is so easy to carryout that you will find yourself wondering why everyone doesn’t do this . . .


STEP ONE. Find a nice relaxing place to sit or lie; a location where you won’t be disturbed for a few moments. Make it a place where you are free to breathe easy and relish the inner peace that comes with knowing that, for these few moments, you don’t need to take care of anyone but yourself, no one needs you to do anything for a moment, and every breath just brings you more tranquility than the moment before.

STEP TWO. Only as quickly as you are ready to experience impressive power and benevolence, allow your eyes to close. Take one or two deep cleansing breaths as you center your attention on your heart. That’s right. Just go deeper and deeper inside yourself and relax.

STEP THREE. Now, bring your attention away from your heart and around to your back. Imagine feeling two wings starting to grow; small at first and then maturing out and back. And now imagine that your two wings have developed into their full height and width – the leading edges (the top of your wings) reach just above your head and the outer edge (the tip that is furthest from you) nearly touches the ground. Now, start to notice some things . . . What color are your wings? How do they feel when they move? Do you notice that your wings are as responsive and flexible as your other extremities? How do they make you feel? How do you make them feel?

STEP FOUR. Bow your head slowly into your chest. As you do so, fold your wings around your body so that you are wrapped completely in them. Notice the instant serenity and shelter that you feel – both physically and emotionally. Take a moment to truly experience this state of mind.

STEP FIVE. Now, unfold your wings and bring your head up proudly. Imagine your lordly wings extending fully out behind you. Stretch them out to their full extent and notice the power that pulses through them! Take a moment and truly experience this, as well.

STEP SIX. When you are ready, shrink and contract your wings back inside yourself knowing that you can expand them whenever you desire.

You are now equipped with a very mighty and compelling tool – your personal angel wings! Here’s how you are going to use them to increase your rapport with people:

STEP SEVEN. The next time you are with someone, imagine flexing your wings and then wrapping the other person fully in them. You want to hug them protectively and tightly! You can hold them as long as you deem appropriate. Let your intuition (and your wings) be your guide.

STEP EIGHT. Now, slowly unwrap the other person from your wings’ hold; keeping your wings ready to embrace them again, as needed.

I want to underscore that this technique is for use with so-called enemies as well as friends. In fact, use this with competitors and perceived challenging people and watch some if not all of the tension dissipate.

This technique has many more applications. I encourage you to explore your new found dimension and learn how to make this ancient magic part of your everyday arsenal.

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