Thinking Magically™ | Calling on Your 12 Sacred Guardians (Part 2)

I like to believe that I’ve got a lot of guardian warriors sittin’ on my shoulder . . .

                                                                                                      – Patrick Swayze

Last week I wrote about an active imagination technique that guided you through the creation of powerful protectors for the 12 life themes we all share:

1.  Travel/Adventure
2.  Health
3.  Personal Growth/Education
4.  Love/Relationship with Others
5.  Creativity/Self-Expression
6.  Faith/Religion
7.  Work/Career
8.  Lifestyle/Possessions
9.  Money
10.  World Situation/Environment
11.  Paranormal Abilities
12.  Philosophy of Life

Today, I want to take this method to the next incredible level by showing you how to take your invisible champions and put them to work in a dynamic way so as to make your dreams come true. This will require you to consciously enter into a dreamworld and interact with your guardians.

You will recall that your 12 guardians require that you recognize, receive, and embrace them in order for them to be of service for you. This involves you creating a mental construct whereby you actually interact with your fanciful guardians (Note: I don’t want you to be delusional, but I do want you to be able to channel the real force inside you). This procedure is necessary so that you can easily bypass the critical part of your consciousness and start connecting with your subconscious in order to get powerful answers and direction.


STEP 1. Give each of your 12 guardians a name or title – something that you can use to distinguish each of them from the other. Each of these guardians is a separate entity for your subconscious to interact with. For this next step in the process, you will still be primarily observing what happens while your imagination creates images that connect you with your personal needs, wants, goals, desires, and – as Carl Jung maintained – the collective unconscious.

STEP 2. Choose one of the 12 guardians. Close your eyes and visualize this guardian standing in front of their door (this is similar to what you did in last week’s exercise). Now approach the guardian, this time with a specific intent in mind. For example, if you are moving towards your Money Guardian, perhaps you have obtaining abundance in mind. Or, alternatively, you might have increasing my financial condition as your intention.

STEP 3.  Speak directly to your chosen guardian BY NAME or BY TITLE. The use of your guardian’s true name (the one you have created) gives you a greater access to them. Now, observe what happens next.

STEP 4. Explain to your guardian what you would like them to help you achieve. So, using our earlier example, you might say, I wish to increase  my financial condition and I would like you to help me do that. (Note: YOU ARE NOT MAKING A DEMAND.) Pay close attention to the reaction from your guardian to your wish. Are you asked to do something? Are you given anything? Are you asked to eat or drink anything? Does your guardian touch you in any way? Is anything said back to you? ALL OF THESE ARE IMPORTANT! YOU MUST FOLLOW YOUR GUARDIAN’S COUNSEL AND DIRECTION IN EVERY DETAIL.

STEP 5. Inquire of your guardian whether they have understood your wish and whether they will fulfill the request. Wait until you are given a sign of confirmation and agreement. If you are not given such a sign, ask what needs to happen or be said or be done for this confirmation to occur.

STEP 6. Now show your gratitude to your guardian in advance of their help! Without your stated appreciation, your guardian will not do as you ask.

STEP 7. Now say goodbye to your guardian. Again, pay attention to what happens during this farewell as there is often a message of protection, peace, or attainment that is given to you before you depart.

STEP 8. Open your eyes and let your guardian do their work in their own time and in their own way! Upon going to sleep each night, again upon waking, and periodically through the day you might feel the impulse to check in with your chosen guardian. Go ahead and do so, but not to badger or keep an eye on them. Your brief visit will simply be to reinforce and reward the bond you have now made with them. Trust that they are doing what they need to do for you every moment of the day and night. You are merely acknowledging them at this step.

STEP 9. Repeat with each of your other 11 guardians on an as-needed basis. At the very least, perform Step 1 and give each of your guardians a name or title.

The more you practice these steps, the better your imagination becomes in allowing you to interact with your 12 guardians. And, once you get to know your 12 guardians extremely well and on a personal level, they will do all that they can to award, increase, and integrate your desires into your reality.

Now . . . go out and let your fantasies appear . . .

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