Thinking Magically™ | Calling on Your 12 Sacred Guardians (Part 1)

A man’s character is his guardian divinity.

                                                                         – Heraclitus

What if there was an active imagination technique that would take all the important areas of your life and get them moving in the direction of your dreams . . .  is that something you would want to know more about?

Shakti Gawain, in her spectacular book, Creative Visualization, explored 7 life themes around which you might want to set goals. I increased her deep perceptions to create 12 all-embracing life themes – motifs that also serve as a solid framework for my invisible circle of confidantes:

1.  Travel/Adventure
2.  Health
3.  Personal Growth/Education
4.  Love/Relationship with Others
5.  Creativity/Self-Expression
6.  Faith/Religion
7.  Work/Career
8.  Lifestyle/Possessions
9.  Money
10.  World Situation/Environment
11.  Paranormal Abilities
12.  Philosophy of Life

There is another way to extend these 12 themes to magically design a successful life; namely, imagining that there is an invisible, sacred guardian overseeing each and every one of these life topics; 12 protectors who  serve as your very own champions! If it’s more comfortable for you, you can replace the sacred guardian label with personal guide or even infinite energy descriptors.

Using the technique that follows, you will be connecting with your own creativity and fantasizing images, people, and things. The key to the process is to daydream. In other words, you want to let your mental pictures reveal themselves to you rather than you consciously creating the pictures.

Take the time to get to know your 12 guardians intimately and they will, without exaggeration, serve you from here on out!


STEP 1. Choose one of the 12 life themes from the list above. As an example, let’s choose Money. Whether you are sitting comfortably or lying down, close your eyes and imagine a door . . . a door that, when opened, leads to all the wealth and riches you desire. As you approach the door to open it, a guardian for the Money door – and that door, alone – appears to you. Now watch and remember all that happens. Notice how your guardian is dressed. Pay attention to what they say and what they do. Who or what are they? Are you given something? Are you shown anything? How do you behave? Do you express gratitude? And what is the door they are guarding like? Take as much time in this magical reverie as needed and only come back to the here and now when you are satisfied that you and this guardian have befriended one another and that your guardian has assured you that they will be of service to you forevermore.

STEP 2. Get a journal and write down your experiences with the guardian you just encountered. Put down as much detail as you can remember and make certain to express the emotions you felt (and perhaps still feel). Once you complete this step, this fanciful guardian will be there to serve and sustain you in ways we will discover a little later.

STEP 3.  You’ve reunited with one of your 12 guardians, you have 11 to go. You don’t have to meet them all in one sitting. In fact, take some time between each imaginary journey so that you can ponder the great gifts and visions you are being given. When you are ready, go back and meet the remaining guardians. Make certain that you write down your flashes of insight and discoveries!

EXTRA CREDIT: Draw pictures of the 12 guardians and doors you have encountered.
The 12 guardians you have recognized, received, and embraced are there to be of service for you. They thrive on answering your beck and call. They know they are responsible for watching over each of your life theme areas and providing you with just what you need to thrive in each of those areas. Whether you desire to think of these guardians as the source of inspiration, a type of guardian angel, or just a means of providing yourself with a good old fashioned pep talk, you now have an army of heroes who can be called upon at any time and anywhere that is needed.

Next week, we will take this technique to the next level as we learn to put the magic of your 12 guardians to work . . .

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