Thinking Magically™ | Stop the Madnesss – Rules of Thumb For Right Living

Stop the madness! Are you out of your mind?
– Kevin O’Leary

Today I’m offering you an arts and crafts project; a personal creation gizmo that you can carry with you at all times and which will serve as an immediate shot in the arm at just the right moment. Intrigued?

Read on . . .


•    Blank business cards (you can get a variety of these from your local print shop or office supply store)
•    Pen or other writing/painting instrument (alternatively, you can print from your computer on the card stock)
•    Your positive thinking


If you scan a newspaper, watch television news, listen to the radio, partake in social media exchanges, or get RSS feeds, you are exposed to bad news, dire predictions, tense and angry conversations, and negative agendas on a daily basis. And . . . if you interact at all with other people, you will inevitably run into the whiners and cry-babies of the world. How do you stop all this negativity from embedding itself into your way of thinking?

There is one easy and powerful strategy for staying positive: create a series of fundamental Rules of Thumb For Right Living (personal operating principles) that you can look at thoughtfully. These are written reminders of how you want to behave. What you write down will be your generalizations of those ways of being that you accept as true for you! They are the reasoning behind what you do. In other words, your operating constructs about how to behave will direct the choices that you make!

Your set of written reminders might contain:

1.  A description of a profound assumption

2.  A code of conduct, courtesy, or knightliness

3.  An ideal for good behavior

4.  A mantra, motto, or slogan that creates or represents transformation for you

Here are some examples collected from a variety of sources to get you going on your own:

Trust your instincts

Follow your bliss

Make play a priority

Nice matters

Question everything

Believe the impossible

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

Challenge yourself everyday

Excellence is a habit

Think before you speak

Inspire others

Live in the moment

Always give more than you promise

All you need is love

The best is yet to come

And my own Thinking Magically favorite, of course:

Stop Wishing. Start Having!

The key to making these as effective and potent as possible is phrasing them in the positive! Remember, these are intended to be an anti-negativity inoculation.


STEP 1. Take a separate piece of paper and write out as many fundamental operating principles as you can. Don’t worry if it’s not exhaustive. You can always add more later (or take some away for that matter).

STEP 2. Take your blank business cards and write out your Rules of Thumb For Right Living (one per card). Be as imaginative and artistic as you want. Add drawings or photos or other types of artwork if you so desire. If you want some inspiration, check out one of my favorite places: (click on the Portfolio link). Of take a look here at the Creative Whack Pack:

STEP 3. Assemble all of your written Rules of Thumb For Right Living into a transformational and motivational deck of cards. You can put a rubber band around them or put them in a business card case or wrap them in a piece of cloth . . . anything that makes them handy to access.

STEP 4. Use the deck every day to reinforce your principles, arouse your intuition, and keep sane! There are no rules for how you review your card(s). Perhaps one day you use it as a divination deck. Another day you might spread all the cards out and read yourself a story. Still another day you might pull just one card in response to a particularly challenging situation. Enjoy the journey!


Carry some blank business cards with you. When you encounter someone who might need a pick-me-up, use the inspiration of the moment and write out a fundamental operating principle giveaway! Hand them the card and brighten their day. You can even turn this practice into a random act of kindness, leaving your mysterious, handwritten cards about (do not litter) for others to find!

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© 2013 by Scott Grossberg. All Rights Reserved.

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