Thinking Magically™ | The One Hero Everyone Must Have

I don’t believe it.

That is why you fail.

                                                             – Leigh Brackett, Lawrence Kasden, George Lucas
The Empire Strikes Back

I have written many times before about selecting mentors to create real magic in your life. In fact, here are a couple of prior articles you might find interesting:

However, these questions have recently come up: So who needs a hero, anyway? Why should I have a role model? Can’t I just do it all myself?

Perhaps there are those of you who can do it all by yourself. But, I don’t believe anyone is ever too big to look up to someone else.

The real question, of course, is could you go even farther in the direction of your dreams by modeling the successes of those who have gone before you? Remember, whether you wanted to or not, from the moment of your birth, you observe what others around you do and model what you see as a way of discovering new ways of acting, feeling, and thinking. Most of us, in fact, are in a constant state of revelation and breakthrough – whether by watching movies or television, reading books, or interacting with our friends (and enemies). And . . . because we are able to mirror what we see so well, we can learn new abilities and powers faster by adopting the successful traits of those we simulate.

Heroes are not simply inspiring, they encourage us to see, experience, and feel in ways we might not otherwise have thought possible. They prove to us what is achievable. And, they validate for us a preferred and doable future. More importantly, truly potent heroes help us to fashion a life that is continuously successful, consistently nourishing, and powerfully rewarding.

What I’d like you to today, then, is set up your life for monumental results by coming up with ONE – just one right now, my friends – role model; someone who represents great strength, achievement, and epic results for you! And here’s the strategy you are going to follow:

STEP ONE. Answer the following question: If I could wave a magic wand and add any attribute, skill, or quality to make me more successful, this is what I would want?

STEP TWO. Answer the following question: What person – living or dead, real or fictional – is the perfect example of the attribute, skill, or quality I discovered in Step One?

STEP THREE. Learn all you can about the person you identified in Step Two. Use the internet to find out what makes them tick. Find out if they have written an autobiography or someone has written a biography and read that.

STEP FOUR. From all the information you have gathered, make a detailed list of the strategy and tactics for success your hero – your role model – has followed.

STEP FIVE. Start following the same strategy and tactics you just wrote down in Step Four! Model the formula for prosperity to a tee. Keep to the details your hero used. Your role model didn’t use shortcuts – neither should you!

STEP SIX. Keep asking yourself, What’s different now?  as you put Step Five into play.

Here’s the really interesting thing about discovering and using an heroic role model – your unjustified fears and aversions to risk lessen (if not completely disappear altogether). Of course, this requires you to be truly honest with yourself in answering the question in Step One.

You will notice that I did not ask you to determine which hero or role model you are most like now! Rather, these six steps are designed to refashion you with skills, attributes, and characteristics you don’t yet believe that you have but which you feel would move you closer to the success you desire so much. Take the traits of your new role model and passionately incorporate those that will serve you well into your daily routine, thinking, and beliefs. Then polish those new features until they become second nature for you, too!

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