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The best way to follow your dreams, is to put GPS on the back of your eye lids.

– Michael Phelps

We’re well into the start of 2013 and I’m certain you have set epic goals and daring dreams for yourself! Let’s use today to make certain that you stay on the best course to making your wishes come true. To do this, I want you to realize you have a powerful GPS unit built into your very being; a success navigation system, so to speak, that infallibly provides you with directions to get from where you are to where you want to be. Your success navigation system gives you which paths are available to get you to your desired goals. It suggests better routes to accomplishment to keep you from crowded alternatives. And it provides you with the shortest way between two points.

Your success navigation system only has a few, simple rules instructions to follow:



IMPORTANT NOTE: In the interest of getting the most effective outcome and to reduce distractions while you are on the way to your dreams, you should always plan a route before you start out!

STEP 1.  Determine the specific destination at which you want to arrive and write it down. Be clear. Be concise. Be specific. You don’t want to arrive in the general area – you want to land smack dab in the middle of prosperity.

STEP 2.  Follow the directions you are given in turn-by-turn order. Just as your car’s or smartphone’s navigation program speaks to you, you have an inner voice that will give you essential, exciting, and stimulating suggestions on the next step to take. Further, as you start out on your stepwise journey, there will be external confirmations given to you. Remember, though, you must take this journey in the order in which you are given the directions.

STEP 3.  Actually put your foot on the gas and move forward. The best GPS unit in the world is worthless unless you take action and travel towards your destination.


After you plan a route to success, you may want to change the destination. Rest assured that you can choose to change your route at any time and without the need to completely re-plan the entire journey. In fact, once you focus your mind around the selected destination, changes in the route along the way will only result in your personal GPS  . . . recalculalting! Not until you decide to change the ultimate end point will your personal GPS stop pointing you in that direction.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Be aware that when a new path to success is calculated based on a change in the route you are taking, you might be asked to turn off your present life path immediately and take a fresh approach.

Now you must be wondering who has programmed the map, the course, the journey in the first place? How can you be sure the sequence of instructions you are given to interpret and execute is accurate? The good news is that most of us are already wired for success! If we will simply get out of our own way and let that internal voice lead us in the direction we need to go, prosperity affluence will happen. Many of us, however, seem compelled to sabotage the path to success we are gifted and don’t know how to break the disheartening habit of nonachievement. Of course, there are ways to reprogram your settings – the conscious and unconscious parts of ourselves – to be absolutely certain we become a heat-seeking achievement missile. Among other spectacular techniques, hypnotherapy and change work will let you marvelously take your personal GPS to the next level of effectiveness and efficiency. Many of the articles I have previously offered actually provide you with some of these advanced settings. Naturally, you can always contact me if you have questions about personal coaching and instruction. Or . . . seek out a local hypnotherapist or success tutor. There are times when an objective eye and outside input are all you need.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This will delete your personal success target.

Two things will eventually happen. You will reach your intended goal and want a new finish line. Or, you will want to change your intended goal altogether.

STEP 1.  Destroy the writing you did before that set out your prior destination. Alternatively, you can do this with a deep visualization technique: imagine the paper on which you wrote down your prior destination or the computer screen you saw as you were typing your target out and see yourself erasing or deleting the words until you are left with a blank piece of paper or screen.

STEP 2. Repeat Steps 1 through 3, above.

One last thing to remember: there is no way to turn off your personal success guidance system. It is working all the time whether you want it to or not. The only thing you have control over is where that GPS device is pointing you. So . . . use your guidance system wisely by always, always, always knowing what you want. And, there is no right or wrong in the personal destination you set so long as it serves you well!


There are times when you might feel you need help managing your personal GPS device and choosing the best destination. Network with others who will support your dreams and desires. Better yet, find some mentors to work with so that you can model their successes.


Relying on your personal GPS success system still means that you need to live your life with attention to the details and care for yourself and others.

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