Thinking Magically™ | Your Real Charm: 5 Keys to Creating A Sense of Urgency

I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do.

                                                                      – Leonardo da Vinci

Everyone has dreams, desires, and wants. Few actually pursue them with a brilliant intensity and a dedicated fixation to ensure sustainable and dependable results. I have found that moving from telling yourself that you ought to do something to a way of thinking that you are compelled to do something is the difference between having the potential for prosperity and experiencing monumental affluence in the twinkling of an eye. But, before we explore how to create a a sense of urgency that is so coercing that you can’t help but achieve more than you have now, let’s examine what I am not writing about.

A sense of urgency that is serving you well is not:

1.  A purpose that arises from a sense or feeling of self-satisfaction or complacency;

2.  An appreciation that a situation is merely significant or weighty;

3.  An understanding that resides in your comfort zone.

You will notice that the three situations listed above have something in common – they are all soothing or open the door for commiseration. I don’t want you making excuses for defeat. For today’s exploration, I don’t want you either satisfied or relaxed. Rather, I want you to take massive action because you are discontent and perhaps even a little vulnerable. I want you to run under a deadline (real or imagined). I don’t want you merely exposed to life, I want you to mightily participate in your own success. And I want you to do so with a sense that your entire being (and doing) is dependent on gaining your heart’s desire! In other words, I want you to make winning your important goals a matter of life and death!

Now establishing a sense of urgency is not simply diving into a goal with an artificial feeling of desperation. Nor is it simply creating forward momentum without some action plan. Neither of these flawed techniques will validate or sustain you on your path.


STEP ONE: SET A GOAL. Set a goal that, once accomplished or achieved, will change your life for the better forever. This is a goal from which there is no turning back once you start out on the path to its success. You will soon discover that merely seeking this goal creates a situation where your life will never be the same merely by starting out towards the outcome. I have mentioned the Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG) concept before and you should take the time to review for some more ideas.

STEP TWO: SET A TARGET DATE. Deadlines are how massively successful people conjure their dreams. Setting a completion date for your dreams also transforms your goals into something understandable, explainable, and you remain answerable for meeting that cutoff point. So, on to the next step, because you are already running out of time . . .

STEP THREE: START NOW. You’ve created a goal and set a target date for completing, attaining, and succeeding in your objective. Now . . . START OUT! You don’t have the luxury of delay, uncertainty, or thinking twice. Be devoured by your own enthusiasm, passion, and necessity. This is the time to start making things happen. Whether it is writing down your action plan on paper (and getting it out of your heart and head), sharing your dreams with another person who will hold your accountable, or starting out on your new exploit, you are now charged with impossible deeds not listless talk.

STEP FOUR: SPEED TO YOUR DREAM. You’ve invested your emotions, your energy, and your time in the first three steps. There is a insatiable power behind you that is propelling you to incredible success. It can’t be helped. Your job now is to maintain and sustain your trajectory knowing that your course will lead you to a fantasy life. Understand that good enough might be adequate for some, but you are not looking for a passable life. As such, you will not be buying in to other people’s levels of toleration. Stay conscious of your goal, target date, and deeds. By constantly behaving with urgency – even during the little steps – you will be keeping yourself and your dream alive.

STEP FIVE: CELEBRATE! Happiness needs to be shared. Once you achieve your goal, it’s time to pay tribute to yourself. And I mean in a big way! Your have transformed your life and the world around you by doing everything and anything that was necessary to bring your dream to reality. Now it’s time to share your triumph with others and relax . . .

. . . but not for too long! Your next dream is just on the horizon waiting to be born and take you to new heights of invention and ambition.

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2 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Your Real Charm: 5 Keys to Creating A Sense of Urgency

    • Hey, Adam. Sounds like you only have one situation that is urgent. I have three. Please hold your request and instead send me YOUR Visa number. It will stay between us. I won’t pass it on, I promise.

      Seriously, though, congrats!

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