Thinking Magically™ | The 7 Steps to Knowing Your Illusions

We need to find the courage to say NO to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.

                                                                                                                   – Barbara de Angelis

One of the considerable challenges I hear people talk about today is learning how to manage and make congruent their inner and outer lives. All too often we find our inner being monstrously at odds with our outer occupations. This can easily lead to others finding us inauthentic and disingenuous.

Recently, I saw a web posting that read, You do not have a right to other people’s opinions of you. I understand what was originally meant by this cautionary maxim. All too often, we unnecessarily complicate our lives by blurring the line between opinions and facts; accepting someone else’s attitude as the gospel of our life. Powerful magicians, however, choose a different life strategy. Living an extraordinary life is not simply about turning a blind eye to the beliefs and judgments of others and dancing off ignorantly into the light. No. Yours is a powerful life centered around transforming and revealing and remodeling the things and people around you! Perhaps, then, the saying for you should be:

You have a right to other people’s opinions of you – manifest them well.

So, what are some insanely practical methods for you to produce a preferred way of thinking in others? By carefully crafting the impressions, appearances, and dreams exhibited to the outside world. And . . . by doing so with balance in and consistency to your heart.


STEP ONE: START TO FOCUS ON THE DREAM. Make a detailed list of how you want to appear to the outside world. This will become your personal manifesto, so to speak – something that will become a very public declaration and demonstration of your intentions, purpose, and ambitions. This is the crucial stage where you clearly set forth all of those traits, beliefs, and actions you want to be visible and thus easily seen (those are two different things, by the way). Be daring. Be heroic. Be spirited. Magicians are, by definition, eye-catching and soul-entrancing!

STEP TWO: REWRITE THE DREAM. Look over your list with a detached and objective eye. How would you feel if you came across someone like the person you have described? Manifesting well is really having the ability to recast an illusion. Rewrite your list to make it even more potent for what you desire to achieve.

STEP THREE: ACCEPT THE DREAM. Say YES to the person you have described in your final list. This means agreeing to do and say and think and believe all that is necessary to outwardly display and demonstrate this person. That last thing you want is to start manifesting an outer self only to feel incomplete (dare I say, feel like a fraud) at the end of the day. Receive the illusions you want to display as part of you and you will remain congruent.

STEP FOUR: REVEAL THE DREAM. Start revealing the person you described in your list without reservation! Let all the details out that compliment what you intend to show. Influential magicians do not live solely in their heads – they are compelled to communicate who they are and what they intend in every movement they make, the clothes that they wear, the props that they carry with them, and every sound they utter. Nothing is wasted!

STEP FIVE: DEVELOP THOSE WHO SHARE THE DREAM. Actively pursue supporters and followers and turn them into passionate fans.  Manifesting is not simply an act of self-contentment; it is about greatly fulfilling those around you, as well. In fact, start wrapping your head around the concept that you are giving more than you are receiving. When your plan for manifesting is in accord with someone else’s need to have a challenge solved, there will be no end to what you can accomplish. This step is not about manipulating people. This is about caring about people and being of service to them.

STEP SIX: LEARN FROM YOUR DREAM. Learn from your mistakes and immediately fix any blunders that you will make along the way (and you will make them). And – here’s the important part – don’t be afraid to let others see or hear about your mistakes so that they can learn from you.

STEP SEVEN: DANCE WITH YOUR DREAM. In order to take your manifestations to the next, well-built level, you must continually act in accordance with the attributes that you accepted in Step Three! This means always acting in accordance with the dream you are putting out into the world even when you are by yourself (or think you are by yourself). By acting in this congruent manner, your dream becomes the truth! And that is something others will feel and become attracted to.

Now is the time to start manifesting by creating and designing the illusions you want others to see. By carefully crafting how you are seen and heard, you will gain supporters who want to share that dream with you. Most importantly, by remaining congruent with your dreams, people will come to love the person you really are.

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