Thinking Magically™ | Ways to Control the Heartbeat of Destiny

An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place, or circumstance. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

                                                                                                                                   – Chinese Proverb

In many cultures and spiritual practices, there is the irresistible conviction that we are all decisively and intensely connected. This defiant coupling of energy, intent, and purpose has been called many things by mystics – aka cords, etheric cords, the red string of fate, etc. Scientists even have their own enigmatic version of this in their Superstring Theory (if you consider these powerful, vibrating strings as making up the entire universe and fastening, if not creating, all of what we call reality). Imagine how your life would be different if you had the ability to use these notions and instantly send feelings of peace, love, and relaxation to yourself and others!

Today we are going to engage in a thought experiment in order to investigate our invisible attachments to the universe. If you agree to play along, you should be aware that you are not thinking about these etheric cords – you will be affecting them through creative visualization designed to influence your thoughts and expectations. The intention here is to first experience tranquility, grace, and pleasure yourself and then to propel it to someone else through the etheric cords that connect you to that individual.

To begin, I want to introduce you to a sensational quick coherence technique from – something called heart breathing:

STEP 1:  Focus your attention and intention on your heart (for those of you who work with chakras and are used to moving your breath and focus between the various areas, you are only working with the heart chakra for this technique).

STEP 2: Breathe deeply. Most people can easily sense their breath as it flows in and out. Using your mind’s eye, imagine now that your breath is going in and out of your heart.

STEP 3: Keeping your focus on your heart breath, conjure up memories of times when you experienced peacefulness, intimacy, and calmness.

STEP 4: Take a moment (and that’s really all that is needed) to experience what’s different now that your breath has taken up a deep and gentle residence in your heart.

These four steps can be used any time and any place to give you instant, understandable, and palpable serenity! And so . . . let’s take this to the next level and unshackle your breath and design from your body.



STEP 5: Now focus your awareness on someone you love. They don’t have to be in the room or even visible. Just bring them into your mind’s eye. Don’t worry about the details as much as just mentally aiming at the other person’s essence.

STEP 6: With the other person in your intention, now visualize a cord stretching from your heart to their heart. The two of you are fixed to each other by this delicate, exquisite, and unearthly cord. Take a moment and contemplate this connection.

STEP 7: Just as you felt your breath move into your heart before, now imagine and feel and experience your breaths in and out moving along your etheric cord so that you are breathing life energy and essence into the person on whom you have been focusing. With your breath, feel your tranquility, passion, and energy flowing along this cord into the other person and filling them up with the most irresistible and empowering nectar of life.

STEP 8: Bring your attention back to your own breathing and move back to normal, waking consciousness. The connection you have established with the other person and the energy, joy, and enthusiasm you have sent them will remain.

STEP 9: Thank your heart for serving you so well! You heart center is all about being of service. Make sure you reward it with gratitude.

EXTRA CREDIT: For those of you who meditate, take The Heartbeat of Destiny technique and use it as follows:

REPEAT STEPS 1 THROUGH 9 WHILE SEATED. Instead of sending your breath and intention into another person, you will place your right hand on the ground and imagine an etheric cord running from your heart, down your right arm, out the palm of your right hand, and into the core of the earth. Raise your left hand in the air with your left palm facing towards you. Imagine another etheric cord running from your heart, up your left arm, out the fingertips of your left hand, and into the heart of the universe above you. Now bring your attention gently back to your heart and focus your breathing on that area. Expand your heart breath now out into the two cords that run into the ground and up into the sky.

Take pleasure in this forceful experience!

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Magically™ | Ways to Control the Heartbeat of Destiny

  1. Great share mate. Learning how to move our attention, and let it be centered and directed by the heart… beautiful. Not sure if that is EXACTLY what you had in mind, but that is how I am blessed by your post. Have a great day!

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