Thinking Magically™ | Time-Builder Techniques – Been Ahead For So Long It Looks Like The Past to Me

Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in.

                                                                                – Henry David Thoreau

The Aymara are an aboriginal group from the Andes and have lived in that area for over 2,000 years. They have an important way of referencing time that illustrates how time may be thought of quite differently than what you are used to; an exceptional manner of speaking and thinking that puts the future behind them and the past in front of them. Hence, it has been written that the Aymara call the future qhipa pacha/timpu (back or behind time), and they call the past nayra pacha/timpu (front time). They gesture or point ahead of them when referencing the past. They indicate behind them when referencing the future.

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers have attempted to re-explain time. And, in ancient Greek and Buddhist thought, time is even considered a grand illusion. Perhaps the lesson here for the rest of us is to realize that we can easily rethink and reassess how we view time in order to make our observations and passage in/through it serve us incredibly well. There is no reason you can’t mix, blend, and fuse time to perform at a magnificent level!

In order to use the concept of and play with time to your advantage (you become a time-builder, of sorts), let’s start by deconstructing what you currently believe (if you don’t know what you believe, it’s a little more challenging to change to something preferable).  Most people have spent a great deal of time and energy convincing themselves that there is a well-defined difference – a bright line – between what is known and what is not known. Most believe the past to be known (something/someone/some event you are already aware of) while the future is not known (it is filled with the unfamiliar and undiscovered).

Hold that thought for a moment!

Now ask yourself whether you have ever used the conflicting phrase –  right before your eyes – to describe what is known (which, in a spatial context, puts the known ahead of you). If you have availed yourself of that expression, then you can easily see the internal and programmed conflict under which you have been operating for so long (in one visual and well-constructed sense you have put the past behind you while in another equally compelling imagining it is in front of you). If things that are known are actually in front of you (spatially, again), then the future (what you claim not to know) is actually behind you. Naturally, I must ask whether your entire life has really been spent withdrawing from your past and merely backing into your future?  Likewise, perhaps you are not retreating into the future as much as standing still and being condemned to be repeatedly rear-ended by an advancing future for the rest of your life.

I invite you to reorder the way you process time! Perhaps it will serve you well to regard the future as being behind you; something that is already accomplished and done and is now supporting you. For all you know the future is complete and that ideal future is reaching into what you call the past and present to make sure that it (the future) happens.

Or you might ponder this: while time may remain sequential in one sense – a beginning, a middle, and an end – perhaps it will passionately serve you to think of time as a cobweb of moments; you are at the fortified center of the web with events, people, things all radiating out in a spiral fashion and interconnected fashion. Take a moment and imagine what would be different for you if you were the one spinning the web of time, always waiting in the center for what you want to be caught (essentially time bubbles becoming stuck in your personal web). And further imagine that you are not confined to the past, present, and future being in any one direction – instead, time simply happens and because everything is connected, you can easily move back and forth along the vertical and horizontal planes and at any angle in between.

For those of you who consider reincarnation feasible, then also consider the implications of the foregoing on your beliefs. And even if you view time as simultaneous, your ability to catch time for your own personal use is significant.

I also challenge you to take a moment and question whether there is a true bright line for you between what is known and not known; a realization that might cause you to rethink what you are familiar with (and claim to not know) about the future. You might be more acquainted with the what lies ahead than you first imagined.

EXTRA CREDIT:  For those of you who are readers, take the time (pun intended) to create your own Back to the Future or similar type of reading; a layout based on the premise that the future is knowable and dictates what the past will be.

When you truly stop and consider the ramifications of what I have hinted at here, you become aware that it is the Self (you) that is moving along a particular path in time and that the Self is deciding on the metaphors it will use for that journey. Start making a choice as to how you will use time to leap ahead and make powerful choices. Starting choosing a new time construct that will give you more confidence. And begin to play with time in order to conjure the life of your dreams!

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