Thinking Magically™ | Happy. Go. Lucky. – Powerful Steps to Being Carefree

In my solitude, many miles from men and houses, I am in a childishly happy and carefree state of mind, which you are incapable of understanding unless someone explains it to you.

                                                                                                        – Knut Hamsun

How would your life be different if you were cheerfully not bothered and happily unconcerned in general? I’m willing to bet that – for most of you – this would be both an insanely great creative state to be in and it would permit you to be vastly more capable than the current toolkit of emotions, behaviors, and thinking you revert to on a day-to-day defensive basis. For this reason, I’m going to share a formidable technique that will instantly bring your non-resourceful states to their knees; one that is so easy to employ, you will find it difficult to forget.

While the following technique might seem like a daydream, it is actually a specific and well chosen sequence of events that are designed to lead to you to a feeling of being carefree and appreciative. It triggers all of your primary senses – visual, auditory, feeling.  And, it is choreographed in a specific order such that I ask you not to take any shortcuts in the steps.

OBLIGATORY WARNING: You should not use this method unless you want to be nicely lighthearted, satisfyingly fortunate, and slightly euphoric. This technique has been known to dramatically shift the way you think about the world, others, and your own life. And, there have been reported spontaneous instances when this approach to your daily living has been thought to fill every cell of your body with gratitude!

This all comes, of course, from a place inside you where you know you are right all the time in all situations and with all people. Bold? Ballsy? Intrepid? You bet!!!! You will be conjuring up a personal relationship with your unconscious mind – that part of you that is always running in the background and which magically manages the internal programming to which you seemingly answer, react, and respond. This is what I want for you. And, after all, this is what you want for yourself. You will be moving from a state of reactiveness to a proactive mental balance and control – a way of being and a way of doing that will take you to new levels of conviction, courage, and energy.


STEP ONE: Imagine you are inside a theatre where live stage shows are given. The audience lights are still up and the stage lights are down – the show has not yet begun. You are the only one in the theatre and you have free run of the place. You can sit anywhere you’d like. You can say anything you’d like. No one wants anything from you at the moment. No one needs you to do anything. An instant sense of peacefulness is noticed as you take a moment and let that tranquility flow to every cell in your body.

STEP TWO: There are seats in the front row – right up near the edge of the stage. Take one that calls out to you.

STEP THREE: Imagine floating out of your body . . . now . . . and drifting to the back row of the theatre where you can look forward to the front of the theatre and now see the body you left sitting in the front row excitedly waiting for the show to begin. Stay floating in the back of the theatre until I tell you differently.

STEP FOUR: The lights in the theatre dim as you watch your body in the front row shift a bit in its seat. As the audience lights lower, the stage lights come on. You can just make out the silhouette of your body now against the bright stage lights.

STEP FIVE: Music starts to play – intense, pulsing, and deeply moving; the kind of music that inspires and vibrates and compels the soul to dance and sing! And . . . now . . . you see a performer come onto the stage. Wait a minute – the performer looks like you. And you notice that your body in the front row is leaning forward having recognized the resemblance, as well. From the back of the theatre watch the performer who looks like you dance and move freely and passionately to the music. The performer who looks like you doesn’t even notice nor even care that there might be an audience watching. The performer is lost in their own world, consumed by the music, the bright lights, and the fiery obsession to be as free as possible. You notice how the performer is intimately in tune with their body, how their face reflects perfection and passion, and how they just don’t care what anyone might think. Oh, to have that confidence and joy and airy spirit!

STEP SIX: Now . . . while the performer is still moving and dancing and playing on the stage, float from the back of the theatre into your body in the front row. Notice how your body feels at that moment, looking up at the performer who appears so happy-go-lucky!

STEP SEVEN: Float back out of your body in the front row and into the performer’s body on the stage. Notice how you feel as you enter the performer – the energy, the eagerness, and the entitlement to be on that stage. Notice the emotions running through you and the elation and arousal that is yours! Notice that the performer looks out from the stage and sees nothing but the bright lights and basks in that glow knowing that they are perfectly where they need to be and that all is right with their world.

STEP EIGHT: After you take all the time that you need to fully treasure the feeling of the performer, float back out of their body and into your own body sitting in the front row of the theatre. Then stand up and walk up to the edge of the stage and extend your hand to the performer. The performer stops and walks over to you. You make eye contact and, as your hands touch you audibly thank the performer for the lessons that you have learned and the confidence you have been given.

STEP NINE: Now . . . as you continue to hold hands with the performer, notice how the performer is suddenly starting to float and merge into your body. The two of you become one. Your consciousnesses become one. Your happiness becomes one. Your self-confidences become one. You now carry with you that worry free attitude and know, with every fiber of your being, that you will never see the world the same again.

I urge you to go through this little visualization exercise three times a day for seven days. Once upon waking. Once at mid-day. And once upon retiring for the night. Notice the difference even on your first run through of this conjured adventure. Then, notice what is different after you have completed the exercise twenty-one times!

This visualization starts with a disassociation element and eventually immerses you into the heart and soul of a performer. Don’t worry about how you should feel along the way. Just go through the exercise and let the story unfold (it might be a little different each time). However, always remember that you are as much the director of the show as you are an observer. You are free to change what you are seeing at any time along the way. All that I insist is that, at all times, you remain delighted and carefree along the way.

Now, go out and conquer the world with your newfound appreciation of the power of your own imagination!

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