Thinking Magically™ | The 9 Habits of the Most Successful Magicians (Part 1)

Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.

                                               – Confucius

People who transform reality do things a little differently. Others might see them as unusual or out of the ordinary. Naturally, they are often denounced as being unorthodox in their approaches to things. They are certainly looked at as being spooky when things go their way and thought of as mysterious when they make things happen for others. But make no mistake, these manifestations of success and triumph are neither a miscalculation nor serendipity. The tools that the consistently prosperous and affluent use with great mastery are a combination of awareness and meticulous application of patterns that work.

How would your lifestyle be different if you could regularly appreciate, understand, and wield the same skill and enchantment? Would you like to have not only a buoyant life but a lucrative and well-timed life passage?

If this sounds like you, then read on. Here are some of the customs and practices I know some of the top movers and shakers routinely draw upon.

Remember, they aren’t lucky, they are determined!

They are highly successful magicians because . . .

1.  They have no tolerance for twists of Fate.

Magicians – those who have the talent for and are skilled at remodeling and rebuilding reality – have little tolerance for and certainly do not labor under the belief that events and things and people happen randomly or arbitrarily. Irrespective of their religious or spiritual beliefs, they know that everything happens for a reason and that every outcome serves them well in the end. This first practice teaches us that the world is ours to massage and influence and steer in the direction of our dreams.

2.  They are certain of their uncertainty.

Magicians also sense that there is something more than just themselves motivating and guiding the world around them. While they can certainly bring their massive determination and ambitions to bear on just about anything, they inwardly know this MORE – this higher backbone of life – may have something far different in mind. This acknowledgment that a magician’s will is not always the last word on an outcome has nothing to do with a resignation in the fickleness of life. Our second practice, then, helps us to know, beyond question, that there is a destiny that is partnering with us and always for our own excellence, growth, and enlightenment.

3.  They take a Renaissance-mind approach to life.

Magicians who experience massive success do so because they are able to excel in an assortment of fields – from science to the arts. Think of potent role models like Leonardo da Vinci, Steve Jobs, Winston Churchill, and Richard Branson. Not only do people like this dream big, they take massive action to change their world (and yours, too). They continue to be curious. They continue to explore. They continue to experiment. They have a wide-ranging vision that can naturally withstand periodic setbacks and criticism. This third practice directs us – perhaps most importantly – to not be afraid to be wrong because we know that each failure moves us closer to the right answer.

4.  They’ve made peace with the outcome long before the end result.

Magicians understand that their positive intentions and their bold strategies are often-times more important than the payoff that ultimately arrives from those designs and plans. This is not to say that they don’t develop an end result. But, massively successful magicians hold the conviction that everything that happens, happens for a reason and a purpose – even if what happens is not what they originally planned. As such, they have a serenity about them as to the after-effect of their mystical machinations. They recognize that what might appear random to others is really a systematic plan of the Universe to move them from the material to the spiritual. Our fourth practice, in other words, affirms that consistently effective magicians are open to all of the outcomes that might present themselves! They have an unbeatable intention, skills of the highest quality, and ideal goals in mind and then . . . they let life flow towards them.

5.  They know how to be spellbinding.

Magicians know how to hold people, places, events, and things as if they were under a spell. They understand how powerful it truly is to be charming and take every opportunity to fascinate, tempt, and entice. The world around them is treasured as one would value and adore a lover. And with that same devotion, effective magicians condition their personalities so that everyone and everything around feels that they matter. In fact, magicians know how to inspire, incite, and drive emotions because they also know that a person’s beliefs flow from their passions. One of the most irresistible tools a magician wields is their story-telling abilities; having a story with a point or at least having a point with a story (there is a difference). And always, always, always be entertaining! This fifth practice teaches us that, when you are entertaining, you are interesting. And when you hold their interest, you are fascinating and compelling.


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